1. I was going to ask the LGBTQIA+FF7 community if Cloud is, in fact, a twink in this context, but now I realize how absurdly obvious the answer is.

  2. They removed anything that could be seen as remotely non consensual in the remake, so no, it was not part of it.

  3. Not sure how you got photos of my bachelor party from both my first and second wedding but please delete them

  4. Basically the name "FF7 remake" isn't actually meant to imply a straight retelling of the original story, the original timeline is being "remake'd" into something else entirely. The shadow things are basically "forces of fate" trying to prevent the original FF7 timeline from being changed. They end up

  5. It was always gay. For whatever reason bodybuilding is associated with homosexuality in Japan, at least that is what I "learned and never verified" when I was like 12.

  6. This is exactly how I feel about JRPGs. Use to love them when they were cartoony looking. For me the style does not translate to realistic graphics.

  7. Seems like Minecraftish or DQ: Builders graphics would fit but they would need to make a JRPG that allows building and exploring alongside lairs, caves, cities, villages and towns.

  8. How many of you actually enjoyed the new ff7? I couldn't even put in a full hour. The combat is just so fucking dumb. Waited all those years for what imo is a shitty remake

  9. I haven't played the FFVII remake, but damn, it sure looks like they got the Honey Bee Inn that the developers always must've imagined.

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