1. They already did Nuketown! I can't remember if it's airsoft or paintball though. Either way, great fun until you get lit up. I still have bruises from the beginning of the month...

  2. Looks like a combo of Dust_1 and Dust_2 bombsites. Miss that game. Used to play sooooo much and in all the competitive leagues like CAL, CEVO, and CPL

  3. CSGO is still alive and well if you did want to revisit them. I think even many of the older Counter Strike's still have a decent player base

  4. The quality of the whole thing and the post processing and all of that could be done in Unreal, but I think its more likely that its just a render in Blender or something

  5. I don’t like that reality and artificial are becoming difficult to distinguish. But then again good video game graphics lol. That’s insane.

  6. Its a real place, a set for a movie about Cross Fire, a cheap and shitty asian CS knock-off. Yes, they copied Dust 2 for the game AND movie.

  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this is a high quality render/ recreation in another engine masked by a low quality video and shaky camera work to look more real.

  8. This is a physical set location that was used in the 2020 series Cross Fire. In can be seen in the first 5 minutes of the first episode.

  9. Yeah this is dust2 which was part of the CS 1.1 release in 2000. This inspired Black Widow, which was based on the 1.6 version of this map

  10. I agree, instantly recognised it. Possibly the new CrossFires they are working on? Probably just a fan unreal project though.

  11. Bro, I saw the exact same place in a dream that I had and I had a gun. I do not know why what you are showing is an exact replica of the place in my dream. I am creeped out.

  12. Despite it looking somewhat like a Counter Strike map, it's actually from an old F2P Tencent FPS game called Crossfire, which ironically does take a lot of inspiration from CS. The map's name is Blackwidow.

  13. I've never even played the game and I swear the only footage I've ever seen of it is from this exact spot. Is there only one map?

  14. I've never played CounterStrike before and I still recognized it instantly. EDIT: Hah, and apparently I'm wrong.

  15. I just read one comment 5min ago and since I became an expert on the matter and I'll say this is a render and a checks notes camera effect to make it look like a human filmed it

  16. Backflash. I remembered my good old time in the 2000s. Awesome place, was this redisgned from the game for paintball players?

  17. I can't believe no one has guessed this yet. This is from battlefield 3 or 4. I can't remember exactly which one. But those sight lines are iconic.

  18. Just got a million dollar idea; recreate classic maps from counterstrike for air soft games. People would go nuts to experience that, only thing is it would cost so much to build..

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