1. I turned on my Xbox and loaded dying light 2 last night. Then sighed….then sat there for a moment and then went to bed.

  2. Everyday. Sad thing is I just upgraded my pc and I can't be bothered to play now. I think this is also partly due to not having any game I really want to play and I've replayed the ones I already own so much that it's like eating pasta for the fifth day in a row.

  3. I think we replayed cos we dont have to put effort on learning the mechanics. We resort to what we are already comfortable with. Thats why I havent started my dishonored 2 and keep playing Apex. I havent bought new games in 2 years cos thats how bad my burn out is. Im gonna have 1 month off this year, and we are not flying anywhere. Planning to play one new game. Heres hoping.

  4. Have you considered playing some relaxing / no pressure games to get back in the swing? I only ask because I fell into a rut where the ONLY thing I would do to relax would've to watch shows/movies/YouTube. It got kind mind numbing, so I forced myself to add something my mind could do, either gaming or crosswords, for a bit every night and I'm glad I did.

  5. Do you have other hobbies? I recently opened a YouTube channel. I make videos on movies and gaming. It keeps me busy and I really enjoy video editing. Try a new thing.

  6. Used to work a pretty exhausting job. I loved it, but yeah when I'd get home I was too tired to really play anything. Probably what got me into watching all kinds of game reviews and stuff regularly now. I'd watch them until I'd finally fall asleep.

  7. I uses to work at a pretty exhausting job too, but i hated it, ppl were too mean and they were bad humans tbh. Had zero motivation to turn my computer on.

  8. When I had a job that kept me insanely busy, all I would do was watch let’s plays. It was so much easier to fit in let’s plays than actually trying to play myself. Now I’ve got a job that’s stressful, but less busy, and I probably spend too much time at the computer playing games, but it’s my one opportunity to check out.

  9. Yup. I'll spend an hour looking at my library not able to commit to one. Then ill just turn on YouTube or twitch or both.

  10. Don't get into strategy games! Else you'll find staring at maps to be the most exciting gameplay of all your life!

  11. God this is every day for me now I have so many games I want to play but just don’t have the energy or motivation to get invested in anything right now

  12. I do the same thing. Can't wait to get so time to play, find the time, and browse through my library utility I give up and watch something

  13. Most of the time me too. I don’t like twitch because it makes me envious of them gaming for a living. Makes me wish I tried back when it 1st started. Im still happy for them and sub to a few. Ugh lol

  14. I do exactly the same every day. Worst about it is wasting my time watching YT/Twitch makes me feel worse than playing videogames.

  15. Never thought of this. Absolutely right. I love swimming and see it as a leisure activity. But I absolutely have to force myself by promising to go with a buddy or the kids. If it is just me, I will just stay at home.

  16. I do this hardcore. I think it's a symptom of depression. Sometimes I get mad at myself for looking at my phone and tell myself I need to play more videogames.

  17. Took a 4 hour round trip after work to buy one of the only Series X in the country, about 2 days after launch. I have managed to get a decent amount of playtime, but to be honest it's nowhere near as much as I'd imagined.

  18. Went to my brother's house yesterday, he was in line on Amazon for a new Xbox Swries X 2 days ago. Got it next day, set it up, showed it off, said it'll be collecting dust soon. He's got three non adult kids and an adult kid living with him... I kinda wanted to steal it. Then remembered I have two kids and don't hardly use my Xbox One, lol

  19. Naw this ain’t dumb because that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling pretty much the last 2 years.

  20. You in your early 30s? I can't tell if this is just something that happens as you get older, or if it's actually a symptom of something going on in society.

  21. Also, you quickly become wise to how utterly shallow the content and endgame of almost everything is. Most games released had a budget and dev bandwidth to develop the first half of the game, and to just polish the first level. Very few have a rich endgame worthy of me returning to that would be stimulating and fulfilling.

  22. I think losing a group of friends you used to game daily with takes a huge chunk out of your motivation to play. I had a group of 5 friends who we played CS:GO daily a few years ago and they all flocked away and I’d kill to hang with them again. Life got in the way for all of us.

  23. I was kinda in the same boat. What I did to get out of it was just bullshit and joke with people in games and eventually I found a guy who was in a discord group with a bunch of other people. Now I play all the time with em all and it’s nice having a new friend group to play games with as a lot of my irl friends stopped playing as much. If your end goal is to have fun playing games maybe just find people who also like the games you like and play with em. And these guys on discord also like running game nights on jack box and tabletop simulator and it’s the best time I’ve had gaming in a while.

  24. Word, I used to be able to sit and just spend all day gaming. Now that I'm in the mid 30s I'm starting to get to the old person level where if I sit for too long my left leg will start aching, or my back, or my head. Buuuut lately I've been powering through it, it can be hard. People give me flack for using a controller on PC but there's just times I want to sit back and mind-numbling play games.

  25. I do this too but even if I put on something to watch I end up scrolling on my phone. I swear my attention span must be shot.

  26. 99% of people who aren't millionares spend 99% of their free time browsing either reddit, Facebook, YouTube or netflix. Thats it guys, it doesn't get better from here on out.

  27. I've just gotten to the opposite side of this. I'm so sick of 'low effort' content that I've basically stopped watching most things. I've probably played more story based games in the past 2 months than in the past 4 years. It's been a great change of pace.

  28. Welcome to adulthood. Having free time is no longer enough, you need to have free time AND be in the mood. Both things hardly sync up

  29. For me it’s that my wife or kid needs something 5 minutes in. So why start if I need to get up every 5 minutes.

  30. Can relate. When I go to work in the morning I look forward to play some games in the evening. Once it’s evening I am too tired or lack any kind of sense/motivation to do so. I also found it more difficult venturing into new game concepts than I used to and just keep playing old familiar games. Shit i'm getting old...

  31. Same here. I’d love to get into strategy games but I don’t have the patience to learn a new game style for me. So I just keep falling back on RPGs and JRPGs to pass the time at night.

  32. I can relate. I haven't picked up a new game in years. One reason is I don't want to download 500 gig and wait for it to finish...

  33. Welcome! The water's fine! Except for the piranhas. And by piranhas I mean work, insurance, kids, fights with the spouse about how to raise them, what's that spot on my back and is it bigger than before, parents getting old and dying, friends fading away, sibling estrangement and of course taxes.

  34. Hello there friend. It gets better when the kids get older: you get to thoroughly enjoy blue turtle shelling them in MarioKart or getting objectives done in co-op missions ( they have faster reflexes). I like gaming with my kids.

  35. This is how I found my passion for games again too. I used to always want to be 1st and have the best items. Now I've realized the thing I'm looking for is just to relax. I play a lot of no mans sky. Just spend some time decorating my base, or looking for new animals that I like, or if I feel like fighting robots then I do that. I really don't like games anymore that are extremely co op or pvp or 1st place time sink stuff. Also if you haven't played Dorfomantik it is really chill!

  36. I like this idea, because you nailed it on the head for me. Any time I go to play I just have to choose, and get into it.

  37. Games these days often are a lot of work. I've started choosing games based on how much time they're demanding out of me. Small indie roguelites have been good for this because you can get the full experience out of 1 hour or 100 hours of playtime, and they tend to cost like 90% less than AAA games.

  38. This is exactly it for me. It’s the starting that is preventing me from playing something right now. I know the second I turn it on I’m gonna wanna stay up all night playing but Reddit is easier

  39. I think my depression is what causes this with me, because as stupid as this sounds, sometimes the hardest thing to do is actually start the game, sit down and play it. Once playing I usually do for a while, but sometimes I can’t bear the short silence or the actual switching attention and tasks between switching off the thing im watching and booting up the game, I hate it because I have so many games I started but then lost interest in despite loving the games when im on them.

  40. Yeah for me it was depression. I was burned out on work and burned out on my gaming hobby. I found myself napping and feeling just mentally and physically tired all the time and not wanting to see my friends. Classic signs. Therapy and picking up a new hobby (playing guitar) really helped me find my balance and get healthier mentally. My wife noticed it pretty quickly and called it out and it clicked that I was depressed. Now I’m finding joy in playing games occasionally and replaced some of that gaming time with my guitar endeavors. I don’t have kids so I know I’m lucky to have all that free time, but depression can still be sneaky!

  41. Happens to me all the time. What helps is to find a game that truly grabs you - for me at different times those were BotW, RDR2, Disco Elysium, Elden Ring, a handful of innovative indies. These made me excited about gaming again and restored my faith in my favorite hobby. You just have to find that one game. Game on, my dude!

  42. It does seem like a lot of comments are about going back to a favorite game over and over, and then getting bored.

  43. Going through that right now. I'm burnt out, and wanna relax, but my executive dysfunction is even worse than normal. So I end up just sitting here scrolling reddit. I even wanna take a nap, and still am not getting up to do it.

  44. Pretty much describes myself at this point in life. I'm 35yrs old and single. I might play a video game (Rocket League) for an hour or so and that's literally it. Afterwards I just turn on youtube, browse reddit or discord. Once in a blue moon I'll browse FB or IG while rewatching The Office. I find myself having no real desire to play video games much if at all.I have a backlog of Steam/PS1/PS2/PS3/OG XBOX/ Saturn/Dreamcast games and a Steamdeck due to arrive this quarter. Like someone else mentioned, I feel like I'm just collecting hardware/games at this point.

  45. Hell even a couple days off can do wonders. Unplug your internet for a weekend, and turn your phone's internet off as well. Monday you should be feeling great, because all weekend you'll be doing things that are productive and not pure dopamine/serotonin hits to your system.

  46. Sorry bro, I took the entire year off and it didn’t change. Turns out watching people game is just as fun for me as playing used to be. I’m 33 now. To be honest, some of the magic of video gaming is gone for me now. I like to watch content though.

  47. I think I've spent more time scrolling and buying games the last 5 years than I have playing. I probably have 20 games I've bought that I haven't even started yet 🤦‍♂️

  48. Im actually in this boat right now. I had such a long week and during the week planned on just playing video games, having some drinks and watching tv and now ive got Star trek lower decks paused while i browse reddit 🤦🏻‍♂️. No motivation to play any other games than pokemon stuff cuz i dont have to try..

  49. I get this way sometimes. Usually when trying something new, games usually don’t start out fun. Single player games nowadays often takes a few hours to get interesting. Most games don’t show their fun till you get better at the game. That’s my experience anyways. Sometimes it’s just finding the right game.

  50. Not depression. Normal to not have motivation to play when you have a ton of fatigue, mentally or emotionally. It sucks but its just the way the world works. I mean imagine running a marathon and then sitting down and trying to even think let alone play a video game.

  51. It doesn't even have to be exhaustion, just temporary burnout. I find that I cycle between reading, watching videos, and playing video games. Every time I find myself getting bored with one, I just switch to another. And managing to get together with friends for board games somewhat regularly generally extends the amount of time I'll stick to whatever stage in the cycle I'm in.

  52. Yep, which is often why I just veg out on tv/anime episodes. It also has impacted the type of games I enjoy playing. Anything that requires a significant amount of thought/learning I just don't have the energy for typically.

  53. I just commented in the main post that I've fallen into the same rut as the OP, until I downloaded this this morning. Just a simple, yet completely engaging game.

  54. I have never played that. A few weeks ago though my wife was like "would it be stupid for us to get a power washer?" I told her I didn't think it was dumb so she went to get one.

  55. To extend your reply I'd recommend some more: Euro Truck Simulator, Stardew Valley/Graveyard Keeper, Skyrim(to play slowly!), Rimworld, Car Mechanic Simulator/House Renovator(something this way) or maybe go hunting/fishing, whatever make you relax. Personally I'm in love with team fortress 2 jump_ maps since I've always liked rocket jumping but I'm aware that it's not for everybody.

  56. The majority of gamers are 25-35. It's been the same group of millennials since the 90s. We're all getting older and have way more responsibilities. Buying and working on houses, trying to get a career and stabilize. It's probably less normal when you still have a lot of motivation to play, though that's just my subjective look at it.

  57. When buying the game and thinking about playing it becomes more exciting than playing it... Now you're an adult

  58. Number one problem with VR, I love vr but it's quite exhausting to do the experiences I like which are usually standing games. Feel the same way about elden ring, do I really wanna play a super difficult game after a long day at work? Not usually. And elden ring is amazing, it's tough!

  59. I've been through this for the last few years. Lots of games installed but never the desire to play, or start one and then almost immediately move to another etc. It's part of having depression. What I've done reventky though is write a list of all my games installed, what I want to achieve with them, and then marked off when that's done.

  60. I have noticed a shift in my gaming habits as a working adult. I’ve been really into Pokémon on my switch and play almost exclusively single player games. I found that I wasn’t tired of gaming, but tired of the grind of online gaming

  61. As a 40 year old dad with a pretty demanding job this is definitely me. When I am finally blessed with free time (like now) I just end up scrolling through reddit or watching youtube videos about cooking...

  62. I work to hard just to sit down and play video games. It has made video games more enjoyable for me since I cut out some games that I didn't really like anyway.

  63. I feel you. That's why nowadays if I do play a game it's been Slay the Spire or FTL. They're short and infinitely replayable.

  64. Welcome to aging and getting old my friend, this will happen with many things as you get older. I was told by a famous artist, that if you want to be a professional painter, you must do your best work when you feel drained and unmotivated! I will say as I get older and have less responsibilities to my kid, I am coming back to gaming and art as I'm less tired. Self care, games will be there.

  65. Sad realization that we are all quickly growing up, but somewhat comforting to know that so many others are in the same boat

  66. Damn…this is me right now. Sitting on the couch watching absolutely nothing meaningful, house is silent and everyone is asleep. Perfect time to game and I just don’t have the motivation to actually jump into anything.

  67. Gaming used to be one of my more successful comping methods, but I haven't been able to game in months. I get too restless and it doesn't scratch the itch it used to. I guess it doesn't help that I work from home at a computer all day so I want to get out of the house, or that I still carry some guilt from the friction using gaming to cope caused between my late fiance and I.

  68. All the time. Ever since I started working, all I want to do is go home and play some games but once I'm home.. I'm dead and can't even manage to enjoy playing anything. It's utterly infuriating.

  69. TLDR; I think you just got older. The way you interact with games changes as you get older cuz you start to understand the numbers behind them. Can start to feel more stressful than fun, which makes it less incentivizing to play after dealing with life’s responsibilities.

  70. Love games but it's hard to wanna do anything in a lot of them these days cause it's either "give us all your money so you can play it like a normal game and have fun" and if you don't, have fun treating this game like a second job. Maybe it's just cause I'm older now but games these days just aren't as fun as they used to be

  71. Sometimes even on days when I'm not stressed or burned out I'll turn on a game and just....not feel like doing a mission. I'll ride/drive around (depending on the game) and just not feel like a mission, and then not wanna do a side activity, travel for another minute and then when I get to a chance to do general housekeeping stuff my enthusiasm will tank and I'll just shut it off.

  72. Anyone have any solutions to this? I felt like when I was younger I would just be completely immersed in games, but now they just don't captivate.

  73. Quick tip for anyone experiencing this issue: Try learning a language, Cleaning your room, Plowing your neighbors wife.

  74. Yes, it's called work. It's also called "Fuck this fucking bullshit fucking life we are all expected to live because of "reasons"".

  75. Happens to me all the time, and then when I try to go back after weeks of not playing and being halfway through the game, relearning the controls deters me even more.

  76. Used to happen to me too often, so I took a break from video games fot a while... once that week was over,that feeling you're describing was completely gone

  77. Also if it’s an online game competing against others it’s impossible to casually play without getting nuked. So many games I’ve skipped because I know I didn’t start playing from day 1 and I’ll get roasted for a month before I get any good. Screw that

  78. I get this and find if I force myself to just start playing even if I really can’t be arsed I end up engrossed and 3 hrs are gone before I know it

  79. Story of my Life! I wake up excited to play so many games then work all day come home have a drink and can't bring myself to play.

  80. This is what being a new parent feels like. I want to play games so badly but when I get the chance I end up on the couch watching tv and falling asleep instead

  81. Yes, I have a one year old and two year old. Rarely get any time to myself, but when I do I’m mostly so tired I just want to sleep.

  82. New Dad here, 100% my feeling anytime I can. I have so much guilt about playing when I could be cleaning the breast pump or doing laundry, or just knowing he is up soon making it very hard to relax and get into a rhythm with longer games. I used to play souls likes a lot but now I just can't give the brain space to it.

  83. It's a disturbing disorder which affects only those over a certain age, it affects motivation, serotonin and dopamine function and energy. Symptoms include malaise, existential dread and responsibility.

  84. So I'm 29 now I used to love playing competitive games, went to halo, MW2 and street fighter tournaments. Now I hate playing them I cant stand it the competitive bone i had for games is long gone. I can only really get into a game now if it has a really solid story and characters. Love playing nostalgic games like FF7,8,9, star ocean and dragon quest style games at this point a lot more than anything else. I used to be a diamond 2 league player but I just cant do it anymore, if I think to myself is this fun? If i have to ask myself that question then the answer is likely no.

  85. This is usually me. Most of my video game playing is mindless stuff. Roaming around Forza Horizon 5. Crashing stuff on BeamNG. Murdering thousands in GTA V. It’s been a while since I have played through a campaign.

  86. Welcome to adulting my friend. Everything hurts and any time you cod be gaming you will spend sleeping or recovering from life in general.

  87. Ngl I don’t even enjoy video games anymore. It just fills that slot of “too tired to be productive, too energetic to fall asleep.”

  88. Yes, that’s what being an adult is like with a career. It’s like the only time I can play is at night and usually past 10. By then I’m tired and can’t perform as well as I would like. On top of that, online FPS games are filled with toxic kids and that’s annoying. Even more annoying is someone who is toxic and you can tell they’re an adult. Like bro, you are the same garbage rank as me, you can’t seriously be this pissed about our performance when you are no better.

  89. Dopamine out of whack + physical health & exercise + gaming is genuinely declined over the past decade and newer games are increasingly lame, it's not just you. You should find other really solid ways of occupying your leisure time, when the time to game comes it will all be there for you.

  90. I'm glad I'm not the only one who just looks at his steam library and sees nothing to play even though I have hundreds of games. Nothing looks fun anymore gents and all the games look like rehashes of same shit.

  91. I think part of the problem is they’ve made video games so complicated. When I play video games I don’t want to have to make more decisions, I just want to chill.

  92. Yeah. I'll think about the games and want to play them, then I sit down and immediately "shouldn't I do literally anything else? I'm not being productive.". If I can fight those thoughts off I have some games I bounce around on.

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