1. OP title: "Valve refuses to pay $2000 to Security Expert for found flaw in Steam then bans expert from HackerOne Program"

  2. I think the paragraph towards the end is also somewhat misleading comparing Steam's bug hunting program to Microsoft, when Microsoft has 10 times as many users including enterprise users where security is very important.

  3. Steam misjudged how critical the bug was and upon making the bug public, Steam quickly changed their opinion. They were simply trying to get out of paying someone, either due to incompetence or malfeasance.

  4. Just like to point out the fact that your defending Valve for being too cheap to pay LESS THAN $2000 for a security flaw when they most likely make well into the hundreds of millions of dollars a year...

  5. Are any of the complainers about "Steam not giving a shit" actually going to read the article? Whoever denied this guy the payout did so because the exploit he found wasn't previously in the scope of the exploit bounty program. Valve has since changed their program to include bugs like the type this guy might find. As it even says in the article valve has paid out on this bounty program literally HUNDREDS of times for over half a million dollars. Valve cares, this particular case is just a fringe thing that didn't actually qualify under the original program rules.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if it's an article paid for by Epic Games to paint Steam in a bad light. Cause we all know Tim Sweeny has a 1 inch chub for Steam.

  7. You mean the issue they have apologised for and that they updated their bug bountie rules with the provider they use to prevent this issue happening in future?

  8. Lmfao. Can you get the title correct "man tried to blackmail valve over security concern that's well established and known about and already under case of repair. Fails. "

  9. It would be interesting to see your reaction if you actually read the article, and related articles..... you fell for the clickbait and hopped on the train

  10. VALVe has completely centered their focus on pioneering, with, of course, Gabe Newell at the helm. All of this VR bullshit, leaving an absolute masterpiece touchstone in video gaming history like Team Fortress 2 to languish and wither, and the complete apathy they have towards their storefront is a product of desperately clawing towards being innovators and bringing about the next generation of what-the-fuck-ever they think they're going for. Cranial implants and augmentation 'for games and other fields', apparently.

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