1. Oof ! 3.5 years, nice it served you well If you like the SD card slot I recommend going S20 Fe or the Fe modules next

  2. What now? Gonna stick with Samsung or going towards other vendors? In my opinion, the only good phone Samsung has is the s22 ultra, but no charger, no headphones, no MST, and no sd card slot. Also it's like 1k depending on the internals.

  3. Yes i love the S22 regular for the size , but battery sucks. S22 ultra is too big for my liking . I dont wanna move away from samsung , but i got a xiaomi 11 lite as a temporary replacement . I miss a lot of small features from samsung one ui . Thinking of buying a samsung soon after saving some money. Trust me As much as samsung ui is generic , its features , notifications and privacy control are unmatched . You will appreciate samsung and one ui only when you start using othe phones . Just with 1 week of experience on xiaomi.

  4. I dont think i can escape Samsung now that I'm more concerned about security and Knox by smasung is just out of the world.

  5. Damn unlucky - if that happened me and I couldn't get it fixed, I'd probably get another s10. Around €300 for a good second hand model and it has everything I am looking for:

  6. The service centre people opened up the phone and gave me my money $200 back saying its fucked up . So i guess it really is.

  7. I did the same thing. S10+ since 2019 release. Was lifting a trailer and it came down slowly. Rested on my leg. Forgot my phone was there. Still works luckily. But the s10 being my favourite. Just bought the s10 5g. Lil bigger. Bigger battery. Just no Sd card. S10+ has the 512gb card. Hard not to miss it

  8. I guess that that's a problem with this phone, mine was around 8 months when I left it on the ground and someone stepped on it 2 days later the phone would turn on, the board was dead

  9. Damn, this is what happened to me not too long ago and unfortunately I think this is the time where I'll be switching to iphone. I used to tout android only but differentiating features don't stand out to me anymore and the phones are basically priced the same so it's just more convenient for my life. I kinda hate it but oh well 🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. Ehh.. bhai buri kismat. That's why I always put my phone on the back pocket or anywhere else when moving the bike. An expensive lesson for ya!

  11. no! the mobo would not be damage by what you explained. Service center just wanted you to buy a new phone. A 3rd party technician would just replace the front panel, move the internal to the new panel. In my country PH it would cost roughly $120-150.

  12. I had my S10 Plus for over 3 years before I traded in another phone for my current S22 Plus. I dropped my S10 Plus in the toilet and there was a crack at the bottom. It wasn't as bad as yours so I hope you got your phone taken care of soon.

  13. Quick question for anyone here ( because for some reason i cant post), do they make new s10 compatable batteries? I had an s10 a while ago and recently bought another one, but the battery life is atrocious due to the age

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