1. This brings up an interesting point: why do manufacturers need 47 different connectors for one thing? It's not even standardized within one company.

  2. That’s still what confuses me. Apple doesn’t prevent you from repairing your device. At all. Hell they sell the tools required online and some decides have open schematics. Modern technology is over engineered in a way that 99.99% of the population has no idea what’s going on. Their lack of knowledge and capacity does not mean repairs are blocked, they are just not competent enough.

  3. The lightning connector came out a decade ago. It was for superior to microUSB and made perfect sense at the time. USB-C has really leapfrogged over it, so it's time take lightning for that last trip to the vets. The ironic thing is that even as the EU is doing this, Apple is probably switching to all USB-C anyway. They've done it with their ipads and the actually-reliable rumor sources are saying the phones are next. USB-C is capable of faster data rates than lightning, and the new iPhone's cameras really need the extra bandwidth. There are professionals begging for it.

  4. This cuts both ways though: Google can no longer keep features Android-only, Facebook has to open up APIs for posting to and reading responses, and smart home devices can’t be Alexa-only, right?

  5. Looks like this is mostly targeting the companies that prevent 3rd party software from running on their hardware, eg Apple not allowing app developers to use 3rd party payment systems in iOS apps, only Apple Pay, which Apple takes 30% of

  6. What I’m gathering is they’re basically saying they want to legally require everyone to make public apis for all hardware and software features. That’s super unreasonable imo and shows just how tech illiterate these lawmakers are.

  7. For reference, all new computers come with a locked bootloader. It will only boot Microsoft approved Operating Systems. The difference is its a simple setting in the BIOS to turn it off or add your own trusted keys.

  8. I could go for that. I like Apple dealing with protecting my stuff. As long as I can opt out of the crapware that will be pushed out of the third parties I’m good

  9. In fairness to Apple, I think a challenge with this approach would be that two unattractive scenarios would likely present:

  10. I’d like this outcome but let’s not pretend the moment it’s available Facebook or candy crush or whatever your mom/grandmom wants to play wouldn’t magically “require” it…

  11. If the EU wants to say "You can't have proprietary connectors," I'm fine with it. I'm all for standards. If they are going to dictate which connector we're locked into forever, I'm not happy AT ALL.

  12. Thing is the EU isn't saying that the industry needs to use USBC everywhere it's saying that the industry needs to create a standard port all of them use and because apple is the odd one out they are the ones that will have to change. If in a decade the industry decides to create a new standard they are free to do so as long as it's an industry wide one

  13. The EU regulation allows precisely for the standard to evolve. When a better connector then USB-C is developed, in some time, the standard will switch to that.

  14. The question is. Is usb c good enough for a long future. Our electricity sockets are. Our electric cars are. USB C is already VERY fast. You could push 4pgbps over it if you wanted, 240 Watts, 4k etc. Most of it so more than a phone needs for a long while if even at all.

  15. Yessss A series Samsung phones are cheap and as useful as you need them to be. Don’t forget that Apple also changed the new iPad docks to USB C as well.

  16. That circle is a wireless charger. It does not count as a cable without an electrical connection.

  17. Tesla adopted CCS-2 in Europe. In the US, we would be better off adopting the Tesla connector.

  18. If you, as a consumer, are against this, then Apple has you exactly where they want you to be. This is only positive for the consumer. Competition is ALWAYS GOOD.

  19. It can be mutually beneficial to Apple and consumers. The closed ecosystem is not only good for Apple. Suddenly you can’t download every app you need from a single store or use Apple Pay to complete all your purchases on the device. Might not matter much to you but to far less technically inclined consumers it has potential to be a nightmare to navigate and guess who they’ll blame? Apple.

  20. Nah man i love the walled garden approach…from the hard ware down to the software…with quality assurance along the way and amazing support for both hard ware…including managing subscriptions…ngl the apple system is pretty great for customers

  21. Competition also means that someone should be able to make the product they want and not open it up to everyone else

  22. Tell that to every retailer on the planet trying to compete with Amazon…the race to the bottom is not good.

  23. But this is removing competition and diversification from the market. Ensuring everything is compatible is the quickest way possible to absolutely kill innovation.

  24. This isn’t competition, this is regulation that removes competition. All companies using the same connector means there is no competitive advantage for Apple or any other company to innovate a new connector that’s cheaper/ better.

  25. If the government is giving you a leg up on your competitors, is there any actual competition going on? Can your product compete without the government's help?

  26. You have it backwards. The EU is doing this because EU companies failed to compete, so they are now looking at handicapping those ”outsiders” who succeeded.

  27. Golly I can't wait for the fuckin EU to decide what's best for me! Governments are so much better than corporations!

  28. All this law really does is stop apple from doing QA on its apps. This could actually hurt consumers as it will make it much easier for someone to launch a sketchy app, have it placed on the apple app store (which gives it an air legitimacy), then steal people's CC info from your in app payment processing.

  29. While competition is good, you are not understanding the security implications this has. While an open ecosystem is cool, it’s less secure than a closed ecosystem overall.

  30. If this is forced through, how does it affect system security? Will third-party apps be allowed to alter the OS or acces hardware and software at will? I can see Apple putting warnings on all third-party apps stating that installing the app will remove any guarantee of privacy and make all your communication, personal information and location details accessible by and for sale to anyone.

  31. Are you aware of devices called computers? That's exactly how they work. Instead of building protection only on the store you build it into the OS itself just like how it should be.

  32. It would work exactly the same as macOS, you have to enable a setting to install a 3rd party app. Has worked well for 30+ years.

  33. A lot of people are ready to defend apple as if they are paid by them. This is better for consumers and should be lauded, but no, precious apple fans would rather see their favorite brand earn another billion than to see some proper gains for consumers.

  34. I have absolutely no problem with alternative storefronts and payment systems. They should be allowed, and those of us who actually appreciate what Apple is doing will simply never enable or allow them.

  35. Well, maybe not, but they shouldn’t be forced to allow ANY app they don’t want in their marketplace for any reason. Whether that reason be protecting their own apps from competition, or protecting customers’ private data.

  36. I am a vocal critic of Apple. But IMO, this is overreach. The government should stay out of it and let Apple run it's business how it sees fit.

  37. The only reason for a government to restrict a company like this is because competitors banded together to get legislation passed instead of actually competing.

  38. You make a very good point, but I do think that someone needs to force this anti-consumer behavior to stop.

  39. That’s the angering part about the arguments people are making who are siding with the EU. They have alternatives, they just disagree with Apple philosophically and want to force their will on the company when the vast community of iOS users are telling them to leave it the hell alone.

  40. This is not an overreach at all. Apple is forcing part producers to block delivery of all parts that are used for making their products. This is not shit they made themselves. This also limits repair shops, you don't really own your phone if you can only let it get repaired by apple Apple repair is shown to be a consumer unfriendly practice that i would compare to extortion where 5 second work for unbending a pin to fix the laptop is being chalked up to water damage and costing 1000$+ to fix suggesting buying a new one is a better option Limiting and shitty repair has subsequent effects on electronic waste and thus has a large negative impact on the environment Also for certain industries you can only use apple so you don't always have alternatives

  41. The number of people defending Apple here is too damn high. You all need to understand the reason apple restricts all of this stuff is not to help you, it's to help make them more money.

  42. I'm a Pixel user. Apple's "stranglehold" on their app store like the article discusses keeps apps like this from happening:

  43. The reason Apple can afford doing stuff like this is because there are customers like me who find it convenient. If I would need to be able to install apps not from a single AppStore I would prefer android over iPhone.

  44. Really? All I see are Apple haters. If you don’t like Apple use a competitor. That’s the entire point of competition, freedom of choice, etc. If you don’t like it don’t use it.

  45. People also need to understand that if Apple wants to make a proprietary system and sell it to me, and I decide to buy it, I don't see why it should be any of your damn business.

  46. People are really sold on the whole "Closed system = better security", something that has been proven to be false time and time again. The world is run on open source software.

  47. Honestly. I don’t want this. There is a weird value to the end user by keeping this as Apple’s own place. Security being the first part. They cannot control it if they don’t own it.

  48. I'm fine with it as long as I can as the end user block whatsapp for example from interfacing with my imessage app or I can keep every app inside its own sandbox unconnected to anything.

  49. I know this stupid, stupid clickbait article is claiming the law is specifically targeting towards Apple but it really is not. It will increase competition and make sure our data is more secure.

  50. Judging from all the iPhone fanboys, only Android users and every Android user must've ready had all their shit hacked and compromised.

  51. EU has been doing a lot of good shit recently. GDPR + a ruling that some of the most common cookie banners violated it, requiring the full deletion of all data gathered with them over the past two years or so, then the requirement that messenger services need to be interoperable (kind of like E-Mail providers are) and now this. It’s like after the funky copyright law with the upload filters they decided to all done people that know what they’re talking about.

  52. I wish more people would understand this. I feel that the people agreeing with this has atleast 98 toolbars in their browser that they don’t know of and some virus alerts daily. Leave our products alone. They don’t see us going trying to worsen Android phones. If they like it it’s fine.

  53. A 1000% agree. Have the EU people pay a lot more to sneak phones in and let the rest of us have the peace and security we have come to enjoy. Also EU is a much smaller market for apple than the US & China. Apple can exit the EU and probably still sell as many phones. Only these will be in the black market. I bought this because it restricts this bs crap and bloatware. I also don’t want to fix my moms phone because she accidentally downloaded a bad app from a shady website.

  54. I develop for iOS and personally I think this is a bad idea with good intentions. The restrictions Apple puts on us are sometimes frustrating and make no sense. For the most part though, it is very helpful for the consumer. We need to pass app review and be explicit in the information we gather. A third party app can do… whatever it wants. This would likely just see an explosion of scammy apps and risk user data. Considering how heavy they value privacy with GDPR, a multitude of unregulated app stores seems perversely opposite to their goal.

  55. If EU was in control of innovation, we would still be in renaissance with how much they wanna control everything.

  56. No I dont agree with this. This is government overreach. There needs to be the ability to innovate. The reason Apple hasnt switched over to usbc (a standard Apple created and was first to implement in its Spring 2015 MacBook), is that they got a lot of flack and people accusing them of being greedy the last time they switched despite the tech being vastly superior to its predecessor.

  57. It’s a no win situation for Apple. If they keep Lightning, people are upset about needing more than one cable. If they drop Lightning for usb c, people are upset that they are changing their connector again.

  58. Worked in telecom engineering for 20 years. The telephone network was built for complete backwards compatibility up to the 90's. When my granddad died in '95, we removed the phone Bell installed when he bought the place in 1933. Still worked fine.

  59. Yep, you nailed it. I’m faaaaar from being a fan of corporatism, but Apple’s position on this- much to the chagrin of Reddit pundits- is solidly defensible. Regulations for them to open up their walled garden is going to result in nothing but a crappy product, crappier user experience, and even significantly crappier digital security risks.

  60. I love how they’re not focused on their own major companies such as BMW. BMW has been fighting right to repair and access to their diagnostic tools for ages.

  61. I haven’t had a virus or any crippling bug in well over a decade from using Apple products. My work PC, however, requires tech support pretty frequently. I guess we’ll open the flood gates and just deal with it?

  62. Mac viruses 1. exist and 2. are rare cause so few people use a Mac in the first place. Forcing Apple to USB-C won't in any way impact your security.

  63. A work pc is the worst way to judge pcs by. Your work computer is way more likely to be targeted. Also they might have cheap, crappy antivirus for the company.

  64. Huh? The product has been sold. By definition that means the seller no longer owns the rights to determine what to do with it.

  65. People are acting like the EU cares about the consumer, like what people really want is for FaceBook/Meta to be legally entitled to use Apple’s iMessage framework or bypass App Store privacy restrictions.

  66. I get it but this law sounds very intrusive with a bureaucratic board that wants to be a part of Apples decision making process.

  67. I’m cool with all of this, except for forcing messaging apps to open up. That sounds like a security nightmare, which is probably precisely why the EU wants it.

  68. Same reason Xbox and PlayStation and Nintendo don’t. If you build hardware and software it’s your rules. If you don’t like it then you buy something else. No one is forcing anyone to buy iphone

  69. And no one is talking about how the messaging cross-platform is a requirement is this and it's not necessary and almost impossible to make happen. These restrictions and rules aren't necessary.

  70. It's not impossible? Apple said years ago that they could easily make imessage cross platform, but they just didn't want to because then they wouldn't be able to trap customers in their ecosystem. This isn't some insurmountable task, it's just requiring apple to play nicely with other companies (which admittedly isn't something apple is good at, but that's not really a technical challenge... it's just apple being apple)

  71. No wonder why Europe hasn’t been innovating lately lol. I’ve always wondered why their tech sector isn’t as great as other countries.

  72. I understand that Apple has a lockdown on their tech. I understand it’s expensive. But I also understand that I like my apple tech I have. It’s reliable, safe, and gets what I need done. I’d be happy to switch to a different company if they offered a better product for more, or less money. However no one does. I’m all for limiting big tech in areas like AI, privacy, labor and any of the usual stuff that comes up. However, that’s all that needs to be legislative. If you don’t like lightning? Fine. Don’t buy an iphone, it’s that simple. Want apple software? get an apple product. I know apple is not as widespread in the EU as in America, but the only true people who want this are people who refuse to get an iphone, or competitors that are mad that they can’t compete with a company that knows what it’s customers want.

  73. I hope apple tells them to go fuck theirselves. Last thing I want is third party app stores with malware all over half the apps like google play. What they want just seems like it would open the doors to making iPhone less secure.

  74. The stealth upcharge on subscriptions is further proof that Apple is pro-bottom line and anti-consumer. Regulate them into the ground and open up their platform. They wanted to own half the market, now make them take responsibility for it.

  75. People complaining are absolutely blind to what's good for them because they'd rather fanboy apple than have what's best for the market, products, and consumer.

  76. The EU spends too much time dreaming up bad laws that get in the way of innovation and business. That's why new and innovative companies are seldom born in Europe.

  77. God I hate this fucking stupid continent’s attitudes towards business. Their shitty-ass companies can’t compete against U.S. tech, so all they do now is make dumbass legislation to reduce their competitive deficit.

  78. Why do companies have to stay within the boundaries of the laws where they operate? Why can’t Apple just pay a hit man to kill anyone who lobbies for right to repair in the US, as well as the owners and operators of independent repair shops?

  79. I love the the closed system Apple uses. I trust the system far more than any other. It runs smoother and makes it makes it harder to screw around with or screwup my devices. This will just open the platform up to the same crap that drove me away from android. I hope Apple fights and wins or pulls out of the market.

  80. This is stupid. Why would a company invest in innovation if their proprietary advancements are forced into standardization?

  81. Apple has become so big, it's an effective monopoly and it uses it's size quite effectively to stifle competition.

  82. Apple can use their massive hundreds of billions of dollar cash reserves to supplement a mass exodus from the EU. Then just wait out the EU until it begs Apple to come back. You want to tell a private company what to do, you live with the consequences.

  83. I can think of a bunch of people that would switch to android if they could pair their phone with the rest of the apple ecosystem that they have bought into.

  84. Yeah I do. I like being able to replace individual components when they fail in my iPad mini so I don’t need to get a new one. I don’t get it this seems exclusively beneficial.

  85. I dont see ads that interest me at all anymore. Meaning im not being influenced by those corporations. Also the infuriating design is intentional, the companies want to make you hate it so you develop distaste for these kinds of control mechanisms. But dont worry, a new law will make it illegal for the accept option to be easier accessable than the deny option.

  86. Dumb, dumb, dumb. They really fail to understand the benefits of a closed ecosystem and how a user can simply buy an android or Windows device if they want more choice, but greater security risk.

  87. If you are already invested in the Apple system, buying another brands phone is an exceedingly difficult step to take, becuase all your Apple gadgets and software will no longer work or will work extremely poorly.

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