1. Bro most of these people I actually end up winning the match. They spend their money because they can’t win using normal teams so they think better teams going to give them the wins.

  2. They are usually trash. Most of them bought coins so dont get scared but ofc they will have an advantage

  3. This is xbox, right? I'm 99% sure I faced this dude with that club name and RM logo. Team looks the same too excluding the FB Neymar. He was ok I think, maybe like 1700 SR in Elite

  4. Trading 1 hour a day is possible I have a team worth 9 millions coins and I started playing around in the market in late December

  5. Or just sit the controller down and make them play against the comp. You still get a game played on the record and they have to play a very boring game of fifa.

  6. if those were the years best players then those were the years best players 🤷🏿‍♂️. Remember the years when the toty was just laliga players from real and barca?

  7. Mate, I was 1 win off the 51 point rank and I faced a team like that. Within half time I was up 4-0 and my opponent quit.

  8. I played a team similar to this one today, he scored two quick goals and paused the game so i can quit.. long story short i was up 4-2 he raged quit

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