1. Funniest moment in boot camp was when we were doing the nightly routine prior to lights out (shit, shower, shave) and the guy on first fire watch was still the in bathroom and didn't hear the Drill Instructor tell us we had 2 minutes left till lights. When you have a fire watch shift, you need to be in uniform and on the quarterdeck in front of the DI hut ready to go with your utility belt, canteen, glow-strap and flashlight in hand and better not be late. Well the recruit hears the DI start counting down while he is still in the bathroom and freaks out, grabs his gear, hastily throws it on and hauls ass to his post on the quarterdeck just as the DI finished counting down. However, he had no time to grab his uniform, only his gear. So there he is standing at attention in nothing but shower shoes and tighty-whities, flashlight in hand complete with utility belt and canteen ready to carry out his duties. The drill instructor has his back to him and doesn't notice him, but the entire platoon can see him while we are all standing on the line and being addressed by the DI trying our hardest not to lose our bearing. The DI sees that half the platoon is holding back laughter with huge smirks on their faces and demands to know what the hell is so fucking funny. Finally turns around and notices the recruit posted for fire watch. He immediately takes off his hat and covers his face and walks into the DI hut because he didn't want to lose his bearing in front of us. The entire squad bay erupts in laughter.

  2. My favorite was in third phase we where running around holding our mattresses. There where about 90 of us in the platoon running back and fourth across the squad bay and going up and down stairs, each of us holding a mattress. Eventually they yell “attack the head” and we are all in the bathroom holding our respective mattress. At that time the kill hat yelled for us to all get into a shitter stall with said mattress. There were 13 shitter stalls. (They don’t have doors in boot camp, no privacy ever). So we have about 90 guys, with 90 mattresses doing their damndest to fit into 13 stalls. At one point one guy just stops and we all just start looking around a each other and realize the absurdity of the whole situation and everyone just starts laughing. Kill hat quickly runs to the duty hut and closes the door. We all go back and fix the squad bay before our next evolution. The DI never mentioned it again.

  3. I will never forget my first night at boot camp. For some background, I am female and joined the Air Force. Before I left, my mom helped me pack by buying a absurdly ginormous pack of tampons at Costco (there were over 100 tampons in the pack).

  4. One time I got kicked in the face by my kill hat during the mcmap endurance course. He was in full sprint and my backwards break fall was right in his path. He ran my ass over and told me not to trip him with my face ever again as I sat there blood soaked and spitting out mouth meat lol good times.

  5. Somehow we had two different types of go fasters. On one of the times they all got thrown in a pile, I ended up with one of each type. I later noticed another guy who had the same thing happen, so I traded him. But he was the wrong shoe size. So I completes bootcamp with one shoe considerably larger than the other. Nobody noticed.

  6. That was actually relatively calm for a DI. If you don't have spit landing on your face and your eyebrows missing after a good ol' ass chewing, they were being nice.

  7. Right?! It was so fucking terrifying in those days, but seeing it here? Its almost like the DI is embarassed for him.

  8. That was 100% PC for the camera, you see him stutter about the tag trying to think of a safe swear word.

  9. I have a feeling this is like second half of the 3 months. The first month is the worst. Well actually shock day is the worst I’d say.

  10. I feel civilians don't understand a few things. The military weeds out most of the chuckle heads early but some will always make it anyways.

  11. Former Marine and current father of teenagers here. I think *most* of these replies are incorrect. Many kids at this age display a lack of self confidence by mumbling, speaking too fast, breaking eye contact, etc. By forcing them to "sound off," the DIs are breaking those habits. Marines should convey confidence whether kicking ass or chewing crayons.

  12. It's a hack. Humans are flawed animals, and shouting causes release of cortisol and adrenaline, increasing stress and reducing a persons ability to think rationally. It makes people uncertain about what they're doing, and they want to figure out how to get out of the "danger". In military training overall it's part of making individual members want to be compliant. Military training is actually really interesting, the way they get people to do things which are really very much against their nature, there's a lot of psychology and group dynamics they have to deal with to produce reliable soldiers who can function in extreme circumstances.

  13. No military experience, so just guessing here.... but if you are training to go into combat which would be loud as fuck, being in the habit of yelling everything would be very beneficial. Plus the mental pressure of being yelled at all the time probably helps prepare you for the mental pressures of duty. 🤷‍♂️

  14. A Drill Sargent once answered this question by saying ‘If it’s loud enough then all of the recruits will hear it and none of them will make the same mistake’.

  15. In USMC bootcamp you have to scream literally everything. Every time you communicate you scream. Honestly he's pretty quiet here so I'm surprised the DI didn't get on to him for not screaming loud enough.

  16. AFAIK the shouting is supposed to make the trainees stressed, all the time. Because in a battlefield you're going to be stressed. They need to make sure you can still function under duress.

  17. Because it’s the Marines and they are training for war duh lol. The enemy is not going to speak to you politely so you gotta be used to harshness

  18. I see that the need to be used to loud voices but the poor boy sounds like having a damaged vocal tract due to all the shouting 🤷

  19. Platoon 3005, I company, 3rd battalion from 2008 here. We had a guy nicknamed incompetence…he was our very own private pile. This young guy reminds me of that lad. Get some, young brother…fix your pants though. Anybody help me remember what they were called? I honestly can’t remember what the sweats were called. I know your cammies are trousers an blouse and shoes are go fasts etc but it’s killing me not remembering what we called the dag on sweats.

  20. Bruh. Those yellow footprints sucked out my common sense and didn’t give it to me until I was out of the corps.

  21. My very first exercise when I got to my battalion in British army was 2 weeks in the Scottish Highlands. 14 mile insertion march. Full backpacks of ammo, food and gear. Hard patrolling everyday. Attacks every 2 days followed by relocation marches. 3 day Ambush. Field craft tests. You name it. Didn't stop raining for the full 2 weeks either. Not even for a second. Under manned, 2 hours on, 2 off guard duty Every night for 2 weeks. By the time the hallucinations started my buddy had already tried to kill himself from sleep deprivation. The exercise was called off on day 13 and I never saw my platoon commander again or my friend again.

  22. Thats just sad as fuck that bullshit like that is even considered acceptable let alone a standard for training. Army or no thats just disgusting.

  23. When people start laughing because they don't know what else to do at that point, because you're required 4 hours of sleep but it doesn't have to be consistent. Man, those were the days 😂. One time we had somebody fall asleep on guard duty, and next thing we know we're all getting woken up to take our beds apart then to take them out to the pit and put them back together and make them, then to bring them back inside after we took them apart again put them back together and make the beds again... I was in Missouri in the middle of winter.

  24. Not really, but for major events in the training. Best ones are usually during the crucible when you can see the fatigue in the recruits face or when they get the EGA and the emotion that they earned the title of Marine.

  25. Thinking back on every Marine I have ever known, this scans. That said, Marines are truly unique in their capacity to often be bag o' hammers dumb and still the best friends and allies you'll ever have. They're only really smart about a narrow set of things. Try not be anything they're smart about.

  26. To the people who are mad in here. This is a very normal thing lol dont be mad, you wouldn’t wanna see the soldiers representing your country wearing their uniforms wrong even if it’s just the workout clothes.

  27. The uniform is just part of it. One of the goals is to break down the individual so they can function with their unit as a single entity. That's why they wear uniforms, and all have their hair shaved, and get punished as a group, etc. They've got to take people who are very different from all over the place and fit them into a mold. I've never understood the people who like the idea of military service being universal for all citizens. Military training is extremely practical. It has goals. It is to produce order-following soldiers who can kill and function in extreme circumstances. Critical in war, but would be terrible in civilian life where diversity and flexibility is needed to have robust varieties of skills, ability to remain peaceful and rational without ever turning to violence, etc.

  28. Don't mind the downvotes. Its the people that were coddled their entire lives. And have no sense of self respect or pride in themselves.

  29. Before I went through basic it would be easy for me to look at this and be like “what an idiot, how could anyone be so dumb” Little do people know, the methods they use to wake you up from your required “4 hour” daily nap can be quite elaborate. My personal favorite was when they shot blanks and blared an air raid siren through a megaphone. You had five minutes to get in full uniform and your gear for formation outside. Nobody even tied their boots and people tripping over each other. So yeah pants on backwards, more common than you think

  30. This is so much more relaxed and chill than when I went through. I guess they have to tone it down since they're recording. Seen people smoked for less

  31. Funniest story from BMT was in my last week we got to bring the fresh arrivers off the bus (Air Force 2010). Instructor pulls us aside and says we can do or say anything just don’t curse at them , say anything offensive, or touch them. They are scared shitless and probably had no idea we were nothings at the time too. Did the standard , “ hurry up , shower , shave , brush you teach etc.. while we continued to scream in their faces while shaving. There was one particular clumsy young guy who was last out of shower and brushing his teeth. We tell him he’s done and to go back to locker and get ready for bed and stand at attention until instructor comes back.

  32. Or who has never seen the first half of Full Metal Jacket. R. Lee Ermey was a real Marine DI who was initially brought on as a consultant, but then he started to drill the actors in a similar fashion to what we saw in the movie and got the part.

  33. People tend to forget (aside from some families pressuring kids to join) American military is 100% voluntary.

  34. Clothing is actually one of the hardest task in the military. I had to sew and stitch my name tag. So many pin pricks.

  35. Eye(points to eye), recruit(points to recruit), eye(points to eye), recruit(points to recruit), eye(points to eye), recruit(points to recruit).

  36. Unpopular opinion. I'd rather have military battalions rotating in and out of civilian police work instead of less trained, less hardened, jumpy racist motherfuckers.

  37. Perfect candidate to go on America's oil inte..... errr... "FREEDOM MISSIONS" to "spread freedom" to nations floating on seas of oil.

  38. Steady living wage, service to country, fitness, learning job skills, learning leadership, learning teamwork, meeting lifelong friends. Plenty good after the initial couple months of suck.

  39. Not at all, this is a Drill Instructor, they’re far worse. If I had to guess I’d say this is after a very long and hard day/week…otherwise there would be no mercy.

  40. In my experience, I found that a good sergeant does try to incorporate humour into it. It's kind of like they want people to start laughing, so they can make you do push ups or whatever (like Jamie Foxx in Jarhead).

  41. Imagine having this actual interaction with people regarding your pants being on backwards. The military is fucking weird and you have to be weird as soon as you get there and have to accept weird, or you're weird.

  42. Why though? Its politicians that wield it incorrectly, who are voted in by a small subset of civilians that vote like idiots based on one core issue that allows them to feel morally superior to other people, while the majority of them are apathetic and dont vote because "what good does it do". So fuck our apathetic, ignorant population is what you really meant.

  43. We'll make sure that the man people don't shoot at him either... Go change? Do you even know what the whole point of this is?

  44. being in the military is fucking stupid and aweful I feel bad for people who go this route to help get a better life for themselves/help with college... its fuck up man.

  45. People in positions of power be power tripping like they cannot garner respect in any other fashion.... I hate Cartman bra.

  46. its less about garnering respect its about demanding perfection because other soldiers might depend on him for their own safety in the line of battle, and if he's fucking up something as small as this, during peace time, imagine the scatterbrained and stupid mistakes he would do during war time when the pressure is on, stupid mistakes get people killed.

  47. It's soooooo funny to treat people as subhuman to break their humanity in order to turn them into non-thinking killing machines for invasions, based on techniques developed and instituted by Nazis we got after WWII.

  48. They are not treating them as sub-human. They are using a method to rapidly break down internal biases, mental blocks, and build up concepts (like situational awareness and personal discipline) in a very short time period. The military (and I mean the U.S. military) absolutely does not want broken humans or a “non-thinking killing machine”. Those are worthless in peace-time, expensive to maintain, and lack the ability to successfully carry out the mission. Rational, disciplined, and highly trained volunteer military personnel are force multipliers that allow fewer people to accomplish more, in less time, with better results and far fewer losses of personnel and equipment.

  49. It's not about breaking humanity at all. Far from it. It's about instilling discipline and attention to detail. Being disciplined and a perfectionist is a skill that carries over to every part of life, especially out in the field. Mistakes get people killed.

  50. It's very normal for superior officers to instill fear in the soldiers , without psychological overwhelming fear the soldiers will not carry orders anymore.

  51. This is funny. I wish I got some of my Boot Camp funny funny moments recorded and posted. I can almost guarantee this guy is probably laughing about this right now. He didn't even get hazed, he just got told to correct himself.

  52. It’s in the marpat, recruits have been wearing it like that since they started being issued at least. Same with the sweatshirt and pants, they didn’t issue just straight green sweats then give you new ones when you shipped to SOI.

  53. This actually happened to one guy in my JROTC group during mass inspection. Dude joined the class purely to skimp the phys ed requirements. Boy did the inspecting officer give him hell.

  54. Still remember this dude in my platoon who had some pretty bad burn scars on his face, he had a really hard to pronounce name like Adewale or something so the drill instructors nicknamed him Freddy after Freddy Krueger.

  55. Bro, I had this recruit in my herd. Recruit Bombardelli. Overall a good dude, real nice southern boy. Can't stress that enough. But goddamn was he dumb as a bag of rocks. I can still hear my senior DI to this day.

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