1. Had this happen to me when I was a teen. 30 years later I can feel this pain like it just happened. Weird how we learn from our mistakes, by vividly remembering the pain.

  2. I distinctly remember the pain of getting a finger smashed between the floor and a cinder block when I was 10. That was 21 years ago, definitely stays with you.

  3. For me it's the car door on a vacation in the Austrian woods. Still remember the slam, the pain and the refreshing cool Austrian water in a river. About 25 years ago (i was 7 then).

  4. I work in the stone industry, with similar size slabs to these and much much larger. I’ve had it happen to me a few times, and boy is it not fun. Yeah the pain stays with you, and the memory of it returned in a flash after watching this.

  5. My ex wife used to do serious damage when she messed up, like top tier klutz. I could manage that, but she would just laugh, zero awareness of the situation. That would piss me off more than the actual damage

  6. My neighbor did that. Had three pallets of rough stones delivered to setup landscaping for her gardens. Got half way done and didn’t touch it for two years. It looks great now that it’s finally done, but it was rough for a long time. A pallet and a half of stones just sitting in her driveway for two years and a half finished garden.

  7. This. While installing the individual planks to my fence my girlfriend’s job was to hold the spacer at the top while I lined up the height. We got about half the fence done in four hours and that was as much as I could do with her that day. The next day while she was at work I tried it by myself, got a system down, finished the second half in about two hours. I know she was trying, but her trying was slowing us down.

  8. Are they normally delivered like that? Seems like they should be stacked on a pallet on the other side.

  9. Feel the pain it really fuckin smarts as the blood starts pumping back into the thumb- super cool did not losing his shit

  10. I know the feeling, broke both of my thumbs at work once, doctor at the ER said finger trauma is the worst because of all the nerve endings there.

  11. My wife would have immediately said "see, I told you you need gloves, but nooo you always know better."

  12. Well, she didn't hold it from the start, was it really her job to hold? Wasn't it his job to make sure what he is working on is safe, before starting to wiggle on that one piece?

  13. You can tell he gets the initial burst of pain, a quick reprieve, then the throbbing “want to shit your pants” pain sets in as he walks away.

  14. As someone who has replaced big tiles like this on a patio, that shit FUCKING HURTS, they are hella fucking heavy

  15. She's wearing a matching gray sweat suit with socks and crocs. She's not there to work only to tell others how to do it

  16. That brings back a painfull memory. The one time that happened during sheet metal work I put my head under the sink for some cold water not to pass out from the pain and partly because of the horror of the thought that the finger inside the work glove is without question of no use to me anymore. Turns out it was just the nail that is fucked. The body replaced it once, didn't like the outcome and replaced it again. Was pretty amazing how it fixed itself.

  17. After a few close calls on things like this, I’m super careful to outline exactly the job I need from any assistant and why it matters, and emphasize the critical part (“do NOT let go of that paver until I’ve let go of the other one and moved my hands away”)

  18. Those things are upper limit of what most common men can move by hand. Each 24 by 24 block is just under 100 pounds. It is a beast.

  19. Those freaking pavers weigh 90lbs a pop. Those are the 24 inch pavers. Saw them at HD. He might have broken his thumb. Dumbest thing unloading them on a decline. Wtf were they thinking. Some already broke I can see.

  20. After seeing this reposted all week long, I finally realized that she was never holding the slabs to begin with. He knocked it down when he pulled it. Dude is dumb and didn't wanna listen to his girl's suggestion.

  21. And he also didn’t let go of the paver he was holding when they started to fall. Everyone’s so quick to blame her, but if he’d let go they’d have a broken paver instead of a broken finger.

  22. My wife is like this when we work on projects. I’m always like, why? Why didn’t you help, you saw I was doing x? And I’ve learned that she just didn’t grow up helping with these types of projects so she just doesn’t know when to step in or how to, if I fail to communicate 100% accurately she just watches. Where as I helped my Dad maintain our house, so you just figure out when help is needed and how to do so without getting in the way.

  23. It's sort of a vicious cycle. Girls weren't as likely to be taught how to do handiwork in the past, so women today are less likely to have an intuitive sense on how to go about it. Then little girls aren't taught as often because the mothers can't and the fathers just assume women can't do it. Speaking really generally here, I know there are plenty of handy women and mothers already going against the stereotypes of the past. Hopefully we can further break the cycle and teach our daughters as much as our sons.

  24. No, just regular thinking - but it should be done before you start, not after. What they are doing here just wont work (see how that one flagstone he's trying to move is stuck at a 45 degree angle?). I see this type of thing happen a lot in my line of work with new apprentices, when they are only thinking 'I have to do x' instead of thinking 'how do I do x' and just 'getting on with it' without thinking or asking and then getting themselves into really unsafe situations.

  25. Women. So much as graze them with a toe nail and it's like hell has risen, but if they hurt you, it's your fault.

  26. It's probably an everybody thing, but I have this with my wife. One time I was literally hanging from rafters while building out a structure, and she ran off to check on something.

  27. It's funny in the same way those skater falling over compilations are funny. If you don't get it you won't get it.

  28. I like the way she taps her fingers on the slabs after pulling them back off his fingers likes she's thinking awkwardly I'm pretty sure that was my fault lmao

  29. Same happened to me but between a fire door hinge gap as it closed. Crushed the bone to the point finger couldn't be sowed back on. Worst was the phantom pain and healing, especially in cold weather.

  30. This is why i don’t like doing construction like stuff with my mom, she always does some shit like this. I either dont do it or do it with dad.

  31. The one he grabbed was the wrong one in the first instance. She should have held them all up, and he should move the ones laying down first. The. He can take the rest 1 at a time from her. Tf?

  32. I see a lot of comments that have me perplexed. The woman is not responsible for letting go of the stack. She wasn't holding it from the beginning.

  33. Exactly! These people are missing it. She wasn't keeping 10 pavers upright. Gravity was until he pushed it down with the wedged paver.

  34. Had something similar happen to me with logs when I was a kid. Brother dropped a log, it fell and smashed my thumb against the log I was trying to pick up. The pressure made my thumb explode open, needed surgery and a dozen stitches. Been over 30 years and I still flinch when seeing people's fingers squished.

  35. You know the video has audio? She literally tried to share an idea while simutaneously forgetting the task at hand

  36. My dad and brothers set a 3 ton concrete column down on my foot when I was 12 or 13, couldn’t walk for like three weeks, right in the middle of middle school football season

  37. I blame the guy - you don't trust unqualified people to keep you safe. She doesn't handle heavy slabs of concrete, she doesnt know the dangers - thats on you buddy. Very predictable outcome.

  38. Umm…. Why did they stack pavers like that in the first place? Not only is it a safety hazard (clearly) but they’re also going to have so many break. Those are like 80lbs each and you’re laying them on the weakest point.

  39. That's how tiles/pavers are normally stacked - if you stack them flat they have much more chance to break as they are brittle if you catch a corner on something not level.

  40. I gonna assume it was delivered on its side and the end pavers fell and smashed as soon as the tie was cut.

  41. I think dude owns some of the responsibility here. He should know better. Already broken tiles at both ends of the stack, those things aren’t cheap to be just cracking them. You strap all of them together before separating… winch strap. Loosen strap, rock one away from the column and hold, replace the strap on remaining column, deal with the freed one. He’s lucky only two were loose enough to shift into his thumbs. I’ve see entire stacks domino over. I feel his pain, but was anticipating worse.

  42. For sure. They're both doing a half assed job, but he is clearly trying to take point and doing a poor job at it.

  43. This is why I always love when people wanna do something by themselves instead of paying a professional. When I was kid and my father has an accident like the video I always say "paying for other to do it sounds good now right?" See is face angy was worthy lol

  44. He knows to walk away even though it's her fault, because if he would get mad at her, she would get mad at him and then it would be all his fault. Good lad.

  45. Helps to put the finger/thumb in water with salt mixed in, then add ice and mix. Put your rhumb/finger in for a bit, not too long but it works well to quickly stop the pain.

  46. He needs to get better at giving instructions - and make sure instructions are followed before he.. uhm, whatever it is he tries to accomplish by tugging at that tile.

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