1. I'm kinda grossed out by it, as I am with any canned meat, but knowing what they're made of, I guess it's probably not that gross.

  2. Wow, everything else in my reddit career has just slid right off. Your comment made me feel physically ill. I'm impressed.

  3. I was thinking the same thing, I've seen a lot of things come in a can, but not hot dogs. Technically I still haven't seen them yet, because OP is a failure and has the can opener to match

  4. This is a lesson I’ve learned twice so far: You get what you pay for when it comes to can openers. My mother has had the same one since I was a child, I bought a $10 one when I first moved out and it didn’t last a week. Did it again before just biting the bullet and buying a fancy one. Still working today.

  5. first you should not be using a butterfly can opener - you should at the very least be using a single wheel can opener

  6. Swing-a-way can openers have never failed me. My parents are still using one from the 70s. I've gone through so many others that have died that at this point I will only buy a swing-a-way one from now on (though not sure if I will ever need to given it will likely never die). They might cost like $16 rather than the $5-$10 another can opener would cost, but they last infinitely longer.

  7. The butterfly is fine as long as the build quality is decent. Wherever he's buying his can openers from, the build quality is pure garbage.

  8. Honestly I just don't understand it. Hot dogs are really only good right after they're picked from the vine. Any longer than that and it turns into pepperoni

  9. Maybe "fresh" is the wrong word here. What is getting me, is ours have to refrigerated, not shelf stable. Something about room temperature meat is what is horrifying me here

  10. I'm curious if they're regular-size hot dogs. I always see canned Vienna Sausages - my niece and nephew used to love those things - and they taste like hot dogs, but are only about 2 inches long.

  11. Hotdogs are already "convenience food".... How lazy do you gotta be to eat them out of a fucking can?!

  12. This is how it works. A decent can opener costs $10. Just for argument sake. When you are on very tight budget you try to cut corners. You buy shit like this for a $1. It breaks promptly like in this post. You get another one. Rinse and repeat. After you spent $5 you realize that $10 can opener might be much better option. You get one. It lasts you forever but you spent 50% more then you should. It is one of those "cannot afford but cannot afford not to" situations. Source: used to be dirt poor and heard that reasoning from someone else and bought $10 can opener. No regrets.

  13. All the Americans here seemed shocked about canned hot dogs. I mean, I was surprised too, until remembered we have canned Vienna sausages.

  14. If you're eating hot dogs out of a can I promise broken kitchen equipment is the least of the problems I'd be worrying about

  15. Its weird, ive been so poor that i didnt have a can opener and would use a knife.... yet not so poor that ive ever heard of canned hot dogs

  16. What country does hotdogs in a can? How many come in the can? How my buns come in your packages and is that plastic or in a box?

  17. I think this is what people mean when they say "Fate intervened" or it was "God's plan". Don't eat that trash. Lol

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