1. In my country parks are closed except if you're walking your dog. As a result people are paying you so that they can walk your dog...crazy times

  2. Both of mine have been following me around like a shadow. The second I sit down I have one on my chest. It may also have a little to do with me being 8 months pregnant, but they’re certainly happy I’m home!

  3. Yesterday was my first WFH day and for the first couple hours both cats took turns laying on the corner of my desk and sitting between me and my computer. By the afternoon they had calmed down to only sleeping at my feet.

  4. Yeah, my cat is the happiest shes been in years. She'll be even more happy next week when my roommate's job goes to reduced hours. All her humans will be at home and she'll have unlimited pets for a week.

  5. Mine does this high pitched screech of a meow when he wants attention, and with us being home nonstop he always wants attention. It's actually been very painful. He still gets his attention though.

  6. My gf's cat is the same way. I was not expecting such a social cat. Honestly wish the cat would let me be, but I don't want to be rude.

  7. My cats love me being home. They're always hanging out next to me, asking for belly rubs and head scratches, trying to get between me and my laptop, purring and rubbing their heads on me.. this cartoon is way off.

  8. Considering that walks are prohibited in at least some countries rn, and people are keeping distance, I'd say it's like yes, the other way around. Cats are glad I'm at home.

  9. Agreed, this comic would be better and more accurate if that cats were equally in on this operation. My cats are extremely happy about these new circumstances.

  10. I had to put my cat down a couple months ago at the age of 18, but she was normally all over me. I really miss her, especially now that I'm stuck inside without my buddy.

  11. My cats love me! I've been busily cleaning out closets and pantries and such, and every time I turn around, all three have staked out their perches in whatever room I'm in. They follow me.

  12. I'm in the same boat as you. My cat isn't always cuddly or social, but pretty much no matter what, she's always in whatever room my wife and I are in. Makes us feel loved!

  13. Cats are curious. They always have to know what's going on. You cleaning things is changing their environment, and they want to know about it.

  14. They love you and are happy that you are home. My 3 cats do the same now that I can work from home. It's actually amazing <3<3<3

  15. I think reddit just hates cats since they really need you to respect their personal space and understand their needs and wants, so you can't treat them like an animated stuffed animal.

  16. Ours do the same thing. Our kitten literally follows me everywhere. She’ll leave the apartment with me if she can. Everytime I use the bathroom and walk out, she’s sitting in a small black ball of fluff waiting to follow me again.

  17. No you're not, people still have this bizarre idea that all cats are assholes who only tolerate their humans for food, which is just straight up not true. While some cats are more aloof than others, all my own present and former cats and all the cats of everyone I know clearly love them back and are very cuddly and affectionate. My most cuddly cat is never more than 5 seconds behind me when I go into another room. When I had to live with my dad for 3 months 3 years ago he told me that every time I went out the two cats I had then would sit in the window sill and constantly look out the window where I was and wait for me. Your cats love you back and don't let any ignoramus tell you otherwise.

  18. My cats are a little too happy I’m home. They follow me around and fight over who gets to sit one me. Usually ends with someone sitting on my neck and refusing to move

  19. In my house, having all the cats is called being a Disney Princess. I have two that like the "on your neck" position. The third one lies on the floor and pretends to be dead, but once in awhile he'll come over and knead my boobs for about an hour or so.

  20. This picture just shows how there is a lack of cats in corporate positions. Its 2020, break the glass ceiling already.

  21. I mean, they probably would get into more corporate positions if they would stop pushing stuff from the tables during hiring interviews. Really unprofessional.

  22. Like that old far side comic with the cows drinking beer until one shouts CAR!! And they drop to all fours and start eating grass

  23. I like to believe they know life has no meaning, whatever you do doesn't matter in grand scheme of things. Just stay happy and die peacefully

  24. Thats actualy true. My cat knows what makes me angry and does it to grab my attention. Once he jumped on the table and started playing with my headset to grab my attetion when he failed he started scratching the chair and the moment I stood up he ran like the wind and sat on my chair that I was sitting on. He sctualy triked me and took my chair and I had to set next to him and stroke him while he sleeps soundly. Who's the dummy now!

  25. My cats are stoked the kids are constantly home!! It’s a nice change of pace from having only me home 24/7 (I’m a stay at home mom). The kids (almost 8 and almost 14) give the cats lots of treats, lol.

  26. Yeah. I once let my parents cat sit for me on their big property where my grandparents uncles and aunts and small children are always visiting.

  27. My cats have barely left my side. Always sleeping on me, next to me, or somewhere in the same room that I'm in.

  28. Pets are lucky with this virus. Imagine if Covid-19 was like the Spanish Influenza where pets were infected. I wonder what Health Services would do about them.

  29. It's funny that there is an unspoken joke about dogs doing no wrong, if they release a plague it's to have people stay inside. If a cat scratches you during play time its seen as an attempt on your life

  30. My cat is loving that my partner and I are home all day every day now. He sleeps on a bed I have for him on my desk while I'm working and after a few hours he'll get up and do the same with my partner. It also means I'm available whenever he wants to play the chase game around the house.

  31. There have been cases of cats eating their owner after death but there are actually more cases of dogs eating their owners after death. It feels a little unfair that cats get the bad name while dogs are completely let off the hook. Here is a

  32. My two cats are pretty pumped about having me home all day... Then I moved home to help my parents out until this is over and they're even more pumped to have 4 people around all the time.

  33. My cat is loving this. He won’t leave my lap while I work. I just see him passed out in the most weird ways to sleep. He even slept on my work laptop’s keyboard one day.

  34. My dad was walking the dog(he's actually mine but he stole him and moved to Spain) the other day and was asked by the police where he was going. The police told him he had to stay as close to his home as possible due to the lockdown in Lanzarote.

  35. My dog is almost 13 years old and he loves that I'm home. He's been following me around the house the entire time. And since I'm eating every single meal at home now, he is super into meal time. He normally never ate a lunch (just breakfast, supper, and bedtime snack) but how he's demanding lunch. It will be hard on him when I go back to work and I don't know how to prepare him. Resources say to start spending some time, a few hours a day, outside of the home to get him familiar. But there's no where for me to go right now.

  36. I tapped on this image thinking I could get more of a story cause I really wanted to know the dogs response to the cat!

  37. I kinda feel bad as in my locality ther are less pet dogs and more stray dogs which were used to be petted, played with and fed by random people going here and there. Now they are lonely and probably don't get enough food

  38. My Lab went for a walk in the morning and a long run in the afternoon. Then in the evening my wife went for a walk and he was bummed he couldn’t go with. I’m onto you good boy

  39. A few casualties here and there, but what’s a couple deaths if it means multiple belly rubs a day, am I right, guys!?

  40. Day 10: The food slaves are constantly in my house. My plans for world domination won’t work like that!

  41. Reminds me of that animated film with "ill" dogs and japanese people... It's name was Isle of Dogs and I quite liked it

  42. Our cat has only been bothering us for food 12 hours a day because we're available to be bothered. Meanwhile our roommates cat has gone into heat and drags her slutty ass around screaming at everyone for dick. Luckily it's her first time and her meow isnt what it could be lol.

  43. Agent Pangolin1 and Agent Bat9 did a marvellous job in executing the mission. They deserve commendation too. (Agents never get credit in any Society)

  44. I feel like my relationship with my cat is now strained. He hasn’t had the opportunity to miss me so now he’s permanently indifferent.

  45. My 2 cats hardly leave me alone! And when they do leave me alone, they're snoozing near me. I can't have them in my lap at this current juncture - so "near" is as close as they can get.

  46. I think i have a dog in a cat costume because he is SO happy I'm home. Comes to the home office for cuddles every other hour or so.

  47. This is not very funny. Dogs love us too much. They would never introduce a virus that already killed thousands of people just to make us stay at home with them.

  48. My cat got very depressed when my mother traveld away for a few weeks and refused to eat nor play for many days and I had to spend alot of time trying to cheer it up again in order to get it to eat again. Cats are like spoiled little babies that love their owners to and care for them

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