1. Wine is even worse. My father is in the regular routine of drinking 1.5 bottles per day, and acts like it's not a problem because it's fancy expensive wine that's up to his "lofty standards".

  2. My dad only drank a bottle of wine a day for the last couple years of his life, until he died of an alcoholic gastrointestinal bleed about 5 years ago. I of course got plastered to 'deal with it' when I found out. Alcohol isn't glamorous and it doesn't solve any problems, or even provide any positive benefits. We only think it does because we've been told it does. Social interaction? Ha, no. It helps you socially ignore what other people are saying and repeat whatever garbled thought you are having multiple times, and then none of you will remember what you believe you've accomplished in that conversation the next day. Making friends? Not even close, if the only thing that you have in common with a person is that you both drink alcohol, that's a pretty weak friendship. I had plenty of 'friends' because we both did heroin, and that's the exact same basis, using the same drugs. Heroin doesn't even kill people unless it's cut with something or they do a crazy dosage, alcohol kills people by normal dosages.

  3. How many times have you gone to a brewery and had two 18oz 8% IPAs, and realize that you can’t drive home because the ‘2 beers’ you had is actually closer to 6 beers.

  4. What filthy heathen has two big beers at a brewery? You get 3 flights of 4x4oz and add 12 beers to your beeradvocate profile, while talking about mouth feel.

  5. That’s why you get there early, drink them, sit around listening to the live music they have, talk to people, eat some food truck tacos, and maybe even go through the brewery tour to hear the same thing that the last twelve breweries have said. It’s all about planning ahead.

  6. that's one reason I like drinking stronger beers. I feel nice after a couple, but I need to drink a whole 6 pack of Bud Light (or whatever) to get a buzz.

  7. Yeah one of my friends passed out drunk right before I was picking him up. Went inside and he was so confused he was so drunk, "I only had two beers".

  8. Probably should have planned to not drive home in the first place tbh. There's nothing wrong with getting drunk, unless you can't stop or do it at an inappropriate time.

  9. I’ve been through my single malt scotch and craft beer phase. Please tell me about this craft gin...

  10. It's also darn expensive since every 6 pack nowadays is minimum $10. I like to get the 22 oz bombers but even those are like $3-5 and a way worse deal

  11. I live somewhat near a craft brew in MA called "Tree House Brewery". They must be making insane levels of money because they have lines that go for hours. I'd say average price per can is $4.00 and I see people walking out with hand carts loaded with cases. There are even private facebook groups that give updates on the lines so you go when there isn't much of a line.

  12. Just don't get into the secondary beer market (because it's illegal and totally doesn't exist!). You may or may not easily spend that $300 on one or two bottles.

  13. He does a thing where he writes a bunch of thank you notes on like Fridays or something and each thank you note is basically a one liner.

  14. Can name a few people like this. Every place they visit the MUST check out the new brewery. They know the local owners, party with them, etc.

  15. As an avid home Brewer that got way deep in the hobby. You have ten gallons of beer available to you at any time.

  16. That sounds immensely unenjoyable. Literally every day is based around limiting yourself. That has to be ridiculously stressful. I know when I was limiting myself to x drinks a day, I was never satisfied.

  17. What's I find so interesting is that when I got into a few craft brews (and I pretty much refuse most macros...just, YUK!) I starting drinking less. I bought a 6 pack of Magic hat this past Monday. There are still 4 in the fridge. I admit, I gave into one that night as well as one on Tues. I even had some tequila Tues before the beer. But I saved the rest for this weekend should I find a good live concert stream. I'll still do good to drink a total of 3 in one night though. Especially if I know there will be more live stream the following day. 2 for 2! I said two time!

  18. Pah. An expensive hobby. I'll stick to my hobby of sampling fine hand sanitizer thank you very much.

  19. Also very convenient for getting a good buzz while still being able to say “I’ve only had 2 beers”... from 16oz cans and at 8+%.

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