1. If the post is true. (which it isn't) Why would people complain it isnt TRIPLE A Or when Are you Gonna make elden ring free on epic as example. with steam companies make them free by there choice. This post is just stupid.

  2. Elden Ring isn't even on Epic Game Store. Which is hilarious because it's arguably one of the best game available on pc. And it's not on the shit store.

  3. It's not always the value of the game that get's released. I mean we get a couple nice free things a year on steam, a couple cool stickers, some amazing sales no store can beat, but every single week they give sometimes 2 games for free, I have used the service for over a couple years now and my library has gained a couple cool free games steam has never and probably will never offer. Epic does have been free stuff to get players in, Love Steam but epic has good promotions.

  4. Yet another pro-EGS botted post in a highly anti-Epig sub where most comments are negative against the post, report it:

  5. Why it has 10k plus upvotes? Almost every comment is against epic. It seems Timmy is jealous again and had to send his army of shills to make him feel better.

  6. Well, at least the Epic Games fanboys didn't outdo this doctor, who doxxed his own patient to own the Xbox fans, trolls and XBots, during an operation (I forgot his name, but I nickname him "Dr. Sony Pony.")

  7. I'd put them on the same level, Epigshills are still a relatively new breed of fucktards but the Sonybros have been at it for about two decades now (it's been especially bad since the PS3 era when Sony got clobbered by the Xbox). And if you interact with them regularly then it becomes really hard to not put them on top of the pyramid of stupidity, just trash all around. Also there's more of them.

  8. A lot of the comments there point out how the caveat to a free game from EGS is having to use the EGS store

  9. mfw you can't save money to buy your own games on those juicy steam sales. I never play most of the games i claim free on epig and usually end up buying them on steam if they look good. The only reason i have their shitty launcher installed is because of ue4 but have plans on switching over to Godot so goodbye Tim hope i never see your ugly ass again.

  10. Everyone in the comments of the original post are talking about how in every other way besides free games, steam is 10x better than epic

  11. Nah the sub isnt that retarded, making a controversial post like that is just easy interwebs points, i mean its at 22k upvotes right now.

  12. I've only seen 3 games go free on epic that I would enjoy and that was the tomb raiders. I of course made sure to buy them on steam

  13. It would be true if they continued to give away games like Subnautica and Super Meat boy, but they stopped doing that in 2018 when they started their give away service with Subnautica and Super Meat Boy.

  14. I mean, why would I wait for epic to offer a game for free when there are far better alternatives?

  15. I love how that guy's other post on this sub is about how he pirates games, figures, I guess the concept of spending money to get something is very alien for epig fans

  16. Theres free games and theres bribes. Tim, you can offer to suck my dick every month to use EGS but the issue here is it just doesn't appeal to me.

  17. I would rather pay full price for a great game than accept a free game to support a subpar store that has exclusives and a predatory pricing model.

  18. As much as I dislike Epic with a passion, the meme is true... I also don't think Valve is ever really giving away free games. Developers sometimes give their games away for free. That's totally different!

  19. The only fact is that epic plays barely anything for mass amount of keys to hopefully try to save their dwindling fortnite cashflow and player base.

  20. The freebies are games that massively failed and serve as entrance to other games for the same studio. Super indy games with low sales, or just very old releases.

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