1. Lmao. It’s so funny seeing how all trailers years ago would show the steam logo all loud and proud, then nowadays when you see it’s suspiciously missing and replaced with a generic PC logo you start to realize “oh, they’re too ashamed of themselves to admit it’s coming to epic.”

  2. It's sad that way back in the day, seeing that PC logo meant you were getting it at most places on PC, but fast forward to today and it almost always means "exclusivity deal".

  3. Supermassive Games just announced The Quarry with a generic PC logo and it's coming to Steam as well. It still worried me for a second though.

  4. You don't really know. Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga is published by WB Games, and only has a "PC" logo on their official website but it seems to be a Steam exclusive. Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and MultiVersus all have Steam pages but not Epic ones. (In the FAQ of MultiVersus they explicitly say it's only coming to Steam, but the playtest registration says Steam and Epic)

  5. WB Games in general is Steam exclusive, sometimes on other store fronts alongside Steam. Has never been EGS exclusive.

  6. it's Warner Bros. I'd be warry even if the game does release on Steam. I'm expecting a ton of DLC or cut out content. This isn't going to be an Elden Ring.

  7. What's to discuss, it's still vague? We can spend our time bitching about a maybe or wait till we're sure. I'll wait.

  8. WB is keeping it vague atm, but there's a possibility that this game might release first to EGS. That is if WB is not confident with the overall game

  9. Considering the State of Play blew everyone’s expectations out of the water, I’d say they’re probably pretty confident now

  10. My friends think I am paranoid, but if it doesn't clearly state which PC store its going out from then its a safe bet that it goes to all platform or EGS only. Can't keep the interest of Steam only users if its not going there in the first place.

  11. I don't think that's necessarily so though. I'm a huge cod fan and have been following them for many years, and cod moved to battlenet, their marketing materials always said pc rather than steam.

  12. Not always, sometimes it's used to hide the fact that the game is going to be egs exclusive.

  13. WB have so far released their games on Steam. I doubt that they would be stupid to take the exclusive deal from Epig.

  14. I think the game looks great so far. Hard to tell without actually playing it tho. One big thing that's been bothering me about it right now is how they use Accio on people and living things when it doesn't work that way. Hopefully it's the only thing that isn't correct.

  15. Big corps have never truly thought about 5-10yrs into the future, because that's a bit far off, so they only ever seem to think about what's to happen a year from now, hence the "take deal now, think about ramifications later" process.

  16. Dev team looks great tho, having people that loved the books and movies, now to wait and see if the game will be a buggy mess or not.

  17. I have a big hunch that Epig is gonna pay out their arse to make this an exclusive, and I know WB is one of those pubs that likely won't say no to a sackload of cash.

  18. That's the other main reason that I have a PS5 (beside PlayStation mega exclusives like Forbidden West.) Timmy will never see a cent or any data from me.

  19. Well if it does only come for Epic, guess I'll be getting it for the Switch (which was also confirmed). I do hope it comes to Steam but at this point, idek

  20. If they don’t release it on Steam I will have to get it on TPB, but I’m more concerned of a buggy game.

  21. Didn't WB fell onto the face multiple times by going Epig exclushit? Then they went to steam and now back again do they suffer from a illness that gives you dementia?

  22. i doubt it lego star wars a wb game is coming to steam another wb game multiversus had a playtest on steam i think its not easy to bribe when your publisher is warner bros i mean you have to pay a hell lot of money for it which i am sure sony tried but couldn't get it

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