1. I get this same one almost every time I want a breakfast bowl and they do look very gross at first bc the microwave makes everything look wet and glossy but I second OP in saying it’s quite delicious! I usually sprinkle a bit of extra cheese on mine then mix it up more to make the wetness less obvious lol, then it’s all good!

  2. Every ingredient is good on its own - sausage is well seasoned and doesn’t dry out, bacon is tasty, egg is fluffy, cheese is sufficiently cheesy and most surprisingly the potatoes have an excellent texture. Frozen potatoes tend to get “mealy” or “gritty” in my experience but these were perfectly potatoey.

  3. I just ate one of these for breakfast. Truly delicious. The one with the sausage gravy poured on top(no biscuit) is my personal favorite.

  4. IIRC I think they had a chorizo breakfast bowl a few years ago that was fire 🔥. I usually get the meat lovers and add a little hot sauce for some kick but they are good on their own

  5. Not OP but hell no it doesn’t. I too am a sucker for extra salt, and I’ve never even considered it on any Jimmy Dean product.

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