1. I love when someone posts a 10/10 on here. I would never have searched for these without this great review. I’ve been in a rut as far as buying different frozen foods!

  2. The potato tastes sufficiently potato-y, but more importantly the texture is really good. It’s soft and fluffy and avoids that horrible, mealy texture that frozen potatoes are prone to. Plenty of delicious cheese and plenty of delicious bacon on a perfect potato pillow. The edges firm up a little even in the microwave to offer contrasting textures. These are delicious and I will probably now keep a box in the freezer at all times.

  3. I do believe "hand stuffed" with cheddar cheese and bacon means they ripped open the big bags of shredded cheddar and bacon bits and dumped them in the potato mash vat... by hand. haha

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