1. I’ll be honest with you guys, this is the first thing I bought specifically with this sub in mind. I was browsing Dollar General stoned and looking for snacks and when I saw this I figured I’d give it a shot. I didn’t have high expectations but I was kind of hopeful it would taste like high school cafeteria breadsticks so at least it would have nostalgia value. But it misses the mark on that. It’s VERY soft, and the bread stays damp. The bread is bland, with just a tiny hint of garlic. The side split open and leaked some of the cheese. The cheese tasted pretty good and was nice and stretchy/ melty. I wish there was more of it.

  2. These things were more valuable than gold in middle/high school. Literally everyone loved them, and seeing comments saying they were "awful" is just heresy to me.

  3. They’re good if you bake them. Contrary to popular belief, lunch ladies do try to make the food as palatable as possible, so I would imagine there’s some bosco stick trial and error in middle schools all over the country.

  4. I've never had a frozen bread product that I liked. But bread-adjacent stuff is Ok, like pizza or bagels. (Usually the pizza dough is uncooked which is a different challenge, but also pre-cooked pizza is fine.)

  5. The best frozen bread ive ever had were ashoka brand frozen indian wraps. They use roti bread that actually tastes like roti (besides getting kinda soggy or dry sometimes) and its so weird to just eat good bread that came with a frozen dish

  6. This might be because they actually need to thaw, rise, and bake properly, but I have enjoyed Rhodes dinner rolls and other products when I'm feeling too lazy to make dough, lol.

  7. I'd heard of these praised over high school nostalgia for years online, but they were never a thing at my school. When Walmart started carrying them I was eager to see what the fuss was about, and, well... Yeah, 6/10 seems pretty accurate. It wasn't awful but I sure have no desire to get them ever again, and there wasn't even that cheese dusting on the top. Just a plain breadstick with really salty cheese inside. Meh.

  8. My high school sold these and they were super hit or miss - a fresh, hot one with a nice cheese pull? Great. More often you’d get one that had either been sitting for a bit or never got heated fully and you’d have a congealed cheese stick with bread bits stuck to it.

  9. Oh man, I pretty much grew up eating Bosco sticks (with side of marinara) for lunch. This brings back such great memories - haven’t had Bosco sticks since graduating from high school, and I can’t have them anymore because I’ve gone gluten-free. I think my school served them hot “fresh” out of the oven in white paper bags.

  10. Dude I used to eat these every single morning. The school would sell them for $.50 and they had a cream cheese and strawberry ones also!!! These things were amazing as a kid

  11. We used to have these on-demand during friday night lock-ins at the video game lounge I worked at in high school. Talk about a nostalgia rush when I saw this picture

  12. As the father of two kids who either attended or do attend Catholic elementary and high schools these were a regular offering for Friday lunches. There was no end to the complaints when these were served.

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