1. Gael gets bonus points for running like an excited doggy to meet you every time you enter his arena after the first time.

  2. couldnt agree more, plus the fight is an absolute spectacle, lets not forget that Genichiro literally sacrificed himself to open the DOORS OF THE UNDERWORLD to bring back to life Isshin because he believed he alone not only could wipe the floor with Wolf but also all Ashina enemies, and he comes out of Genichiros neck???? I love Gael but Isshin slaps

  3. Sword Saint felt like he pushed my skills in a video game to the absolute limit. I beat him once and honestly don't know if I could do it again.

  4. Isshin. Gael is too contained…too much of the classic dark souls attack attack guaranteed easy punish repeat formula. I love him, but prefer Isshin for being more complex and interesting.

  5. I could never beat isshin but I’ve been attempting to beat Gael at lvl 50 and it’s been some of the most fun I’ve ever had in DS3 so I gotta go with my boy Gael

  6. I agree here, Isshin is a stellar fight and have never felt more of a payoff beating a final boss. However, The idea of the last boss ever created for a souls game is the physical embodiment of THE Dark Soul is absolutely worth the extra push lore-wise

  7. Gael is cool and all but the fight with Isshin is the peak of boss design. He trurly is a test of everything you've learned and if you were lazy you're going to fail no matter how lucky you get. Gael while being extreamly fun to fight doesn't really do anything new with the combat system nor is he particulary difficult

  8. I fought neither yet, so I'd have to say Orphan of Kos. Lady Maria if she was harder. I might need to finish DS3 dlc and get Sekiro to give actual input. I'll be back.

  9. Really fucking good choice, mohg is tied with pontiff as my second favorite fromsoft boss. But which one out of gael and isshin do you prefer?

  10. I think Gael is beloved for his lore and character not as much the specific fight. It’s still a fantastic fight but there aren’t many dark souls bosses that hold a candle to what a boss fight is like in sekiro.

  11. Isshin, easy. He's one of the best "final" bosses of all time, straight up THE best in my opinion. You can bash your head against Gael for an hour or so and you'll win without ever actually getting good at the fight, he's just not that complex and he's very exploitable. Isshin, though? You have to actually WIN.

  12. I disagree about Isshin. You do not have to really learn him to win. I beat him in like 5 tries and I was far from a master of the battle. Granted Gael is even worse in that regard, but my point is that Isshin isn't that crazy

  13. Inner Genichiro was my favorite bossfight in Sekiro. It’s when the combat finally started to click for me and I saw the beauty in it.

  14. Isshin is definitely more difficult ( I still haven’t beat him), but aesthetic and lore wise I still prefer Gael and I feel like his boss fight is intended to not be that difficult because by that point he’s hollow and insane so his fighting is more animalistic. Where as isshin is a literal sword-saint who is basically in his prime and in full control. But Gael, I chose Gael.

  15. Gaels lore trumps, both have the perfect moves for their game and are the pinacle of boss design for their repective games, Gael just looks and is cooler imo

  16. Gael. Isshin felt too forgiving. Like I fucked up more in his fight and still won with a few hours left. They both get blown out in difficulty by Midir and Demon of Hatred respectively though. I also think Gael is better lore and story wise.

  17. I didn't really like sekiro if I'm honest. I've completed because the world was absolutely gorgeous but the combat wasn't in my taste.

  18. Literally dead equal, but if I had give any edge, it would be to Isshin cause of how satisfying he is to master. But on the other hand he doesn't give me the same amount of "I don't wanna win, I wanna keep fighting." that Gael does. Can't really decide on one, and Gael could come up on top if I refight him, but for now I would give an edge to Isshin.

  19. Gael tops off a game I like more, though Isshin represents more mechanical competence. Thematically they both come out of nowhere, but Gael spends more time establishing himself, and has just the right moves to suggest that establishing is accurate. So he makes more sense as a final boss.

  20. Gael for spectacle, but the feeling I got after finally beating Isshin is still unmatched. Mechanically one of the best designed bosses FS has ever designed. Challenging but fair and utilising every lesson you’ve learned until then.

  21. I’ve only fought Gael so far so he gets my vote, but I’m on a Sekiro playthrough right now just before the Guardian Ape, so we’ll see if my opinion changes soon

  22. Yall acting like Gael isn't fighting us using THE DARK SOUL™ and I just think that his fight was perfect. From the amazing theme to the amazing mechanics.

  23. Damn, that's definitely an unique choice. He's a good boss but I personally find him a bit meh, his boss theme and design is sick tho.

  24. I'm honestly not even sure who Gael even was or why he was there. I guess he ate the dark soul? I think he helps make paint? I dunno. How can that even hold up to Isshin, who you hang out and drink sake with throughout the game, who has a nickname for you? There's no contest in terms of story.

  25. Slave Knight Gael, i just loved his presentation, moveset and character arc. Isshin was great too but i just cant bring myself to rate him above Gael.

  26. Isshin. HATED his fight when I first encountered him the first time going through the game, but now he’s probably one of my favorites. Such a satisfying fight that feels like a dance

  27. I say Gael. Gael was the only character in Dark Souls that I was truly anticipating killing. I felt that he tricked the player into the painting, and so when I reached him I was ready for revenge and felt righteous.

  28. Gael. Amazing character depth, despite minimal interaction with him. And the fact that he lives to see the end of the world through sheer willpower alone

  29. so glad everyone is saying Isshin. Gael is amazing but really he's no different than any other top tier souls boss. Just an incredible spectacle that capped off the end of an amazing trilogy of games. But mechanically he's no different than plenty other bosses. Isshin is far more complex and due to Sekiros far greater combat and focus on one playstyle he's perfect for everyone. 3 phase boss fight each more spectacular than the last.

  30. Isshin. Gael looked cool but the fight was mediocre mechanically compared to Inner Isshin

  31. The fight is mechanically the best in souls, for the souls trilogy he is the best boss for the game, isshin is the perfect boss for sekiro though so id say it depends who you prefer

  32. Never fought either of them so I’m gonna say the red one because he looks cooler. And kinda looks like he’d smack my ass like orphan did

  33. Isshin is more unique and in my opinion a bit more difficult than Gael, I like them both though.

  34. Gael because he's my favorite DS boss but Isshin is not my favorite Sekiro boss, he's in the top 3 but not number 1 to me

  35. isshin. bcos i somehow easily kill Gael with 2 or 3 time tries only on my 1st DS3 playthrough. isshin on the other hand.. i lost count how many tries.

  36. Man, Isshin took me so long to beat. Like, for a week or who knows how long I just logged in and faced him again and again. Didn't beat him, went to sleep, and so on. It was surreal when I finally beat him. Like I'd fought him so many times I just had the perfect fight with him. Isshin's just the best, homies.

  37. Gael Gael Gael, the phase 2 when the background music kicks in, the red energy flying everywhere the lightning the backflip-crossbow- front slash combo is just perfection. Isshin is cool but i beat him 2nd try

  38. Isshin was an awesome final fight but gaels got the ost, the arena, the lore and there’s fucking lightning while you’re fighting him, you can’t explain that.

  39. Isshin. Gael is cool but it just doesn’t have the same feel to it. Though my favorite boss in any of them is still Artorias.

  40. I mean Ishin was fine? He has points for being the best sekiro boss for sure but that doesn't mean he even cracks the top 10 fromsoft bosses. If it wasn't for second battle against genichiro, my least favorite fromsoft boss EVER before him he'd probably have been a bit more enjoyable, because all the difficulty of the fight is frontloaded. If I can take down genichiro without blowing too many resources, Ishin is basically a chew toy.

  41. Why exactly do you prefer artorias? I think he's a good boss, but not at this level of good. And his lore doesn't elevate him enough to get anywhere close to gael and isshin either.

  42. I mean isshin is an absolutely godly boss from a mechanical standpoint (though I prefer gael), it's not weird to see why someone would prefer him. For me hes like my 4th favorite boss, only beaten by gael, mohg and pontiff.

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