1. Wouldn't Sekiro be the most rpg like since it tends to be more upfront with it's story and you are playing a character that is living a pre planned story.

  2. Elden Ring has far more build customization than DS2. On the gameplay side, you have spirit summons, physick tears, swappable skills, and many synergy gear pieces (eg: use claw talisman with the raptor’s chest pieces and the bloodhound fang and spam jump attacks). On the “role playing” side, you have several magic schools within each of the magic stats with their own gear synergies too.

  3. I would even go as far as say that DS2 have kinda something that ruins a lot of RPG elements which is ADP, if you want to PVE , PVP this stat should be taken care of ASAP, then start build your character , they added in SOTFS so much souls to do that but at the same time it made it were you can be a mage who uses Ultra greatswords with Hexes and miracles, which is not ideal in RPG started you can't be a mage wielding the heaviest STR weapons etc.

  4. In DS2 only the adp stat matters, the rest isn’t that important. Have a leveled weapon that somewhat scales with your stats and level adp and you are good to go.

  5. I think in this context, they are opposed. Across these games FS has tended to lean either in the direction of a more focused and more fun combat, or in less fun but more choice-accommodating combat. Sekiro and Bloodborne owe their combat systems to a decision to give the player fewer choices, to make Bloodborne less of an RPG and to make Sekiro a pure action game.

  6. JRPG is kinda its own genre with specific design and gameplay mechanics (like Final Fantasy). Just because From is a japanese company that makes RPG games doesn't mean that their games are JRPGs

  7. Dark Souls 2 isn’t more of an rpg than DS1 or DeS (where is DeS btw) or DS3 or Elden Ring, it just has a borked leveling and infusion system xD

  8. It’s definitely worth it, don’t listen to people that just claim it’s awful without having played it. Just takes a slightly different approach compared to the others

  9. For who says DS2 and ER should be swapped, look at OPs comment. He says one of the main criterias is combat's git gud part. DS2 has most simple combat, also easiest. You just strife to left most of the time. Remember pursuer dash, strife to left. Alone stab, strife to left. ER needs you to git gut, even with non op strong builds like bhf or D's poker.

  10. Fucking yet again demon souls is missing. Dork souls isn't the center point demon souls is. Move dork souls to the left it's plodding and slow for the average player.

  11. More people have access to dark souls than demons souls which is why most don't have demons souls on chats Charts

  12. Dark Souls 2 more RPG than Elden Ring? JFC there really is no end to the mental gymnastics DS2 dickriders will perform. Idiotic beyond comprehension.

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