1. I haven’t tried many vanilla perfumes but that’s because I hate complex perfumes let alone complex vanilla perfumes and it seems like it‘s hard to find just a vanilla fragrance. But I have 3 and they are pretty inexpensive and smell really good. Vanilla Bourbon from MixBar around $20, is amazing. It‘s more of a deeper vanilla, love the slight boozy-ness I get from it, and literally lasts over 24 hours on clothes. Outremer Vanille is more of a sugary vanilla, lasts all day on clothes, can have a bit of a waffle cone scent?? And that‘s also around $20. Last one is Vanilla 28 from Kayali, now this isnt the vanilla I was hoping to get from reading reviews, it’s more of a sharp brown sugar scent, but throughout the day I get hints of a vanilla extract scent.

  2. I have no idea what it is. Like I am so pissed I can't post images here because I can DRAW the bottle. I know it was discontinued. I think it was from the 70s and some company like Versace.

  3. It almost had a chocolate quality to it once it settles down! I really enjoy this one too. It was a blind buy at the Macy’s July Black Friday sale for me.

  4. It depends on your tastes. I'm not that much into gourmands. I tried Diptyque Eau Duelle EDP which is quite spicy and Nishane ani which is pretty straight forward. While I like both, my personal pick would be Maison Margiela whispers in the library.

  5. • Guerlain Angelique Noire - amazing and unique, sweet, soft vanilla… offset by the green, bittersweet Angelica. Probably all time favorite vanilla.

  6. Depends what kind of vanilla I'm wanting that day! Spiritueuse Double Vanille is great, other times I might want something like Ani or Layton that's not quite as 'realistic'. Or a more fluffy/fun vanilla like in Dama Bianca.

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