1. I expect at the very least, he will tie Schumacher and Vettel’s record of 13 victories in a season. My prediction is 15 wins.

  2. It seems this season went by way faster than the last one even though there are more races. Might be due to how intense last season was.

  3. But then it’s only two and a half months until we get a new season with all the new drivers and teams with improved cars!

  4. The record is 9 and he is currently at 5. So yes if he wins the next 4 he ties it and wins the next 5 he surpassed it

  5. In Spain Leclerc was like what, 15s ahead halfway into the race? It was going to be an absolute beatdown if he finished that race.

  6. Yeah, but the Red Bull was always heavily overweight. According to recent reports they are now underweight, so that was a lot of free gains without having to worry if your update will actually work. The longer the season went on, the bigger the chance Red Bull would gain on Ferrari.

  7. And the strange thing is is that Charles had the better car in the beginning of the season. So the dominance was not as clear cut as it seems now with these numbers.

  8. I mean there were people ready to hand Leclerc the title less than 6 months ago. Since Australia he’s put well over 150 points on Charles. It’s difficult to comprhend just how insane his performance has been so far.

  9. When you take out all strategy blunders and driver errors and take out reliability for both drivers, Leclerc would have led the championship all the way up to Spa and he would be only one DNF away from Max at this very moment.

  10. I wouldn't say that was the case unless you mean because it didn't break down like the RB did but the 4th and 5th GP the RB clearly had the better race pace it has for so much of the season. However the first big upgrades the Ferrari did look to be the better but it was also when everything blew up for them. DNFs and all the bad strategy. So when Ferrari seemed to have the advantage it is when they got some terrible results.

  11. He can also beat Seb’s point gap record of 155 (Michael had 158 in 2002 with the current points system, though). He’s at 116 currently, if he wins the next 5 races with fastest lap and Charles in 2nd, he’ll be at 156. If you add Abu Dhabi and the Brazil sprint that makes it 165. It could be 152 right now had it not been for the DNFs in Bahrain and Australia (would be +36, he was in 2nd at the time of both DNFs)

  12. This is an interesting statistic but needs to be understood with context as the early championships only featured so many races and it would’ve been impossible to build a points gap like this even with today’s scoring system.

  13. Yes, should’ve done that. Check my last post for information on that, just forgot to include it because of my latest post covered it.

  14. If he keeps winning in a row he we break the strike for most wins, what is he at after Monza, 5 in a row? So if he won the rest that would be 11.

  15. History in the making. If he wins in Singapore, he’d do something only four other drivers have done since 1950.

  16. The curious thing is that half of this dominance is a gift from Ferrari to RB. Until the summer break, in my opinion, it was Ferrari who had an advantage over RedBull, from a car point of view. However, Ferrari managed, for various reasons, to "gift" this advantage to RedBull and Max.

  17. It's starting to look like even without the mistakes and mechanical failures they would still be getting beaten, because the Red Bull seems to just be faster, or at least it is now.

  18. Don’t see the rb car working too well at Singapore, ferrari would likely be better but you never know with their strategy Sazuka i guess would be close and austin brazil and abu dhabi should suit him more I reckon 3 more wins maybe 4 I just want him to break the most win record

  19. I’m assuming he will. As the season goes on, Verstappen and RBR become more and more dominant and most of the tracks should suit his car.

  20. Max goes on to win the next four races and thus ties the record for 9 consecutive wins. Then it's time for Brazil. But early Friday morning Checo isn't feeling all that well, terrible actually. It turns out he too needs an appendectomy! So who will drive the second Red Bull car? Sebastian Vettel, that's who. Contract with Aston Martin be damned, he's a Red Bull man, always has been.

  21. While it won’t ever happen because of complicated contracts, I would love to have Vettel race in a Red Bull the last race of the season

  22. The fact that winning all remaining GP's is even a possibility (hard, but certainly not impossible) is just insane. The only real difficult one would probably be Singapore.

  23. It’s certainly possible given his and RBR’s recent performance. Not likely by any means, but definitely a possibility.

  24. Imagine if he didn’t have two mechanicals and damage. I understand these types of things happen to all drivers in every season but those two early mechanicals could have been unbelievable game changers. Could be Lewis first season without a win. Wild times.

  25. It’d be nine in a row, but otherwise you’re correct. Needs to win four more to tie Vettel’s consecutive wins record. Despite the increased races, that would be quite the accomplishment.

  26. Interesting post and good effort for putting it together. I think the tension and everything is out of the WDC so he‘ll be more calm and focused aka even more dangerous

  27. Yep, I expect RBR to still be on top of their game and Ferrari to possibly slack off a bit more so should set up pretty well for Verstappen. Still expect Mercedes to push for a win though.

  28. I hope he wins the next two so that the 13 wins record is done in the same # of races as Schumacher (18). That should quell some of the inevitable "buT tHERE's MOre rACeS noW" responses.

  29. He will at least win 4/6 races. He is the best driver and Red Bull has the best car and strategy. Also, Perez can’t challenge him one bit. He is slower than Bottas was when he was ”fighting” Hamilton 2019 and 2020. Also, Ferrari strategy is Ferrari strategy.

  30. I’d be a bit more cautious with predictions like that as it does take everything going right for a streak like this to continue.

  31. I agree it has been a dominant season from max (thus far) but as with most history the devil is in the details and for this season that is Ferrari beating themselves multiple weekends and not having a Mercedes car to match the red bull car at all. So yes a dominant Season from Max in terms of stats but not so much when you look at how he got those wins. Let’s be real

  32. Maybe Red Bull just doesn't show up to any more races after winning the WDC because of the budget cap.

  33. This just leaves me all the more peeved by how the title was handed to him last season. Imagine Verstappen incensed by barely missing the championship to the statistical GOAT, Mercedes resting on their laurels and falling apart, and then Verstappen obliterating the field en route to a doubtlessly commanding first WDC. While I’m sure Max wouldn’t trade away his 2021 WDC, this hypothetical storyline would’ve been perfect writing to the opening chapters of a legend.

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