1. Drop the link to buy some! Id love to get one for Miami, cota and silverstone as those are the GPs I’ve been to

  2. Is there any particular reason for the background change? It stroke my curiosity as Monza fits great with the dark color, focusing the attention on the Italian flag. Regardless, they all look great and I'm sure the winners would love it!

  3. If I don’t win, are you selling these? If so, can you send me the link? I just bought a house and I’d love to hang one of these up. They’re really good!

  4. Three of my favourite circuits, for very different reasons! Would love to have one of 'em on my wall

  5. This would be amazing! Hope to see 3 pictures of the winners once they have it in their homes. I'm sure it'll be beautiful pics

  6. Agree, F1 needs to keep classic old school tracks and must stop replacing them with new boring tracks. I mean we didnt even have a German Grand Prix nowadays, even though Germany has at least 2 fantastic F1 tracks.

  7. It will be a shame if this tracks comes of the schedule next year. That's a beautiful piece of artwork. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Ah this is incredible, you've created such great canvasses! Anyone would be lucky to win. I personally love the Monza one the best, I was meant to go in 2020 but you know, the big C happened, so I hope I win that one but good luck to everyone!!!!

  9. Friend... Give them to me... I know you want to, we're friends after all. Isn't that right pal? I'll take great care of them, they'll be proudly displayed on my wall for all to see. Isn't that what you would have wanted? I hope to hear from you friend.

  10. These look really good. Do you have a website so I can buy one? I think you deserve to get paid for these. I really like the Zandvoort one, the white looks amazing.

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