1. When I was a sophomore in high school my parents founds my juul and juul pod stash. I was of course in trouble. Fast forward about 2 years and they started hammering me with questions about vaping. I still vaped but at this point I was a senior in high school and going to be 18 in a few months anyways so they knew I still vaped but didn’t care as much. By the end of the conversation my step dad went out and bought himself a vape and juice. He was a smoker of 25 years and hasn’t touched a cigarette since. That was a couple years ago now. For the first 6 months of quitting cigarettes he was coughing up nasty brown mucus every day multiple times a day. I know that’s the lungs attempting to clean themselves and I figure if the lungs can’t really do that on a consistent basis with cigarettes but can with vaping, then vaping must have a less damaging effect on the lungs. I’ve been trying to get my dad to quit smoking and pick up a vape but he’s been smoking since he was 13 and he’s 50 now. It also doesn’t help that his wife buys him fruity flavors. The man has smoked Marlboro Black his whole life, he needs a good tobacco flavor dammit. I should also note for anyone who’s reading this that wants to pick up vaping but doesn’t smoke, DONT DO IT, nicotine addiction is a bitch either way and there’s no point in getting hooked on nicotine just because some people on the internet think it’s less damaging. I was an idiot in high school and if I could go back in time and never buy my own vape I’d do it.

  2. Was a smoker for about 17 years. I quit cold turkey in April of 2017 and haven't had a puff since. Good on you.

  3. In regards to the smoking comments, they’re right. Vaping is more addictive but scores better for your body- it’s practically just nicotine and aerosols. Still really fucking bad, but granted the amount of shit pumped into cigarettes, vapes just have fewer negative side effects (although some may be heightened). I say this as someone who has done neither because nicotine bad

  4. Looks amazing. I know you feel better about it. I've been there before. Everytime you walk into that room I hope you have a smile on your face and have a good day.

  5. Sucks people bullied over that. Though having things tidy does, in my opinion, improve daily mood, lifestyle, and whatnot. Not saying it's easy to keep clean btw, hard enough to get myself to do dishes n. Laundry.

  6. It’s a harsh thing to say but sometimes some negative reinforcement is what some people need It shouldn’t be over applied but sometimes harsh truths is what you need to hear

  7. There’s this dude on TikTok that goes by deemer something. The internet bullied him into cleaning and he eventually got a girlfriend and married because of it.

  8. Highlander mains are a different breed. They’re willing to endure difficulty and heartbreak in order to stay true to their guts. They eat loss after loss—playing the hero with the highest skill floor, highest skill ceiling, and lowest spot on the tier list. Those who choose to main HL are true gods among men.

  9. We're proud of you, dude. I know how hard those little things seem, but it's a muscle. Now that you've done it once, you're one step better at it for next time. Keep your head up, and don't forget to reach out to those who care when you need it.

  10. Cleaning will help you feel more at peace with what you live in trust me having a clean room beats not cleaning up

  11. Damn bro you cleaned REAL good. Hope you’re able to feel better about yourself when you DUNMAGLASS people into oblivion now!

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