1. I was just in elim and a Kyoshin got 20 kills because he somehow bullshit his way through our team of complete honortards. That was complete plot armor.

  2. He was getting so many free passes but you kno he was sweating every single like surely it's not gonna happen again, right?

  3. For all the joke answers, i think it may be that corner, specifically. Theres a little rise that hes standing on that the game is seeing as something you shouldnt be falling off of. Ive seen those spots deny ledges a few times, just not that many in a row

  4. Idk why y’all think that this was toxic but when this happened I thought it was hilarious I didn’t even think about rage quitting or anything

  5. That ledge is pretty finnicky, I've found. Try unlocking and aiming your camera with a forward throw to get them more directly into the center, perhaps?

  6. This happens all the time with Kyoshin’s, I have multiple clips on the ps5 with this one character never falling off maps😂😂

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