1. I know Reddit can be an unhappy place but I’ve never seen so many random downvotes on such innocuous comments especially in a simple post about food.

  2. I love meatloaf sandwitches. Whenever I had leftover meatloaf, I'd heat it up with some sandwitch bread and and some extra ketchup. but adding the cheese and mashed potatoes, and bun sounds great. Gotta try this

  3. I don't know why kraft singles even exist or why people choose them over American cheese. I'm also genuinely curious about this question - can anyone explain why you go with those?

  4. I have an air fryer and I’m going to make a meatloaf just to try it. Crispy meatloaf on a sandwich is heaven, I’ve done it in a pan before but this sounds better

  5. Tonkatsu sauce would be nice surely, but ketchup is a fine condiment, especially with an American meatloaf. If you want tonkatsu, by all means, go with tonkatsu, or as you call it "katsu sauce". Wanting ketchup as a sauce is just as valid. In fact, many delicious Japanese street foods use ketchup. It is a strange and somewhat obnoxious trend to shit on our vibrant red friend as perhaps a way to flex on how worldly or mature one is. This notion however, is incredibly misguided. Give ketchup the love and respect it deserves.

  6. Well originally to top the meatloaf during the bake I did like ketchup/soy/brown sugar mixture just tan outta leftover sauce for the sandwich. So went with the old reliable combo of just ketchup and meatloaf

  7. I like the air fry idea, I’m going to try it. May I suggest trying some hot pepper jelly on it? I tried it once on and have used it ever since.

  8. I prefer real cheese slices instead of fake cheese slices. The rest can stay the same except for maybe leaving out the ketchup if the meatloaf already has some baked in.

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