1. Took me fucking forever to figure that out lmao. Thought I was getting dish soap in my food. Blew my mind when I found out. I’ve thrown out 12 dollar wraps man.....

  2. I can agree in most cases but when it comes to buffalo chicken pizza and calzones I cannot think of a better option than ranch.

  3. You just made the "Bone Collector" from a local restaurant in my city called Serial Grillers. I think their "Bone Collector" came out as like one of the top 5 pizzas in the US out off all the ones featured on one of the Food Network shows.

  4. Not gonna lie, in Sweden you get this pizza called Kebabpizza and I swore this was a post on sweddit for a second because the swirl of sauce is usually something I have only seen on kebabpizza before.

  5. Looks good but I'm just not about chicken on a pizza. I understand there're people out there who like it tho, taste is subjective.

  6. Masters dough calculation, kneading, shaping, stretching and spends money on ovens, peels , pans, baking stones. Then takes final product of labour and art and smears ranch/sour cream on it. F

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