1. are you from Missouri cause I’ve never heard anyone outside of here mention randy orton, I graduated high school with his younger brother 😂

  2. Probably the funniest Bethesda bug I've seen. Like he really grabbed him and body slammed him lol. I expect a lot of random stuff in Bethesda games but this was not expected

  3. I'll do you one better: why Arturo out of all of the diamond city vendors? if you want to smack down on Moe Cronin or something be my guest but Arturo is a good guy.

  4. Go in third person and do bash/ heavy attack on someone from directly in front or behind. Anyone can do it, you can do it, melee combat is better in third person in fallout.

  5. Being Latino ≠ being Spanish. Spanish is the language you may speak (or a dialect of it) but only people from Spain are Spanish.

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