1. The other guys reactions did it for me. The first punch he knew he was about to get his ass kicked, then near the end he had a little chuckle about how much he was getting his ass kicked, and then he immediately took one straight to the face again and remembered he was getting his ass kicked.


  3. Used to love watching his retro game videos on Screwattack in like 2006 when I was in elementary school.

  4. Thought he looked familiar, saw him in a music video from YouTube Comedy week almost a decade ago.

  5. He did, in his podcast he mentions that he’s a bit upset he went thru the training and didn’t really get to fight. But he was still happy to be apart of the event of course

  6. Matt “the twinkie twin” watson of supermega is also a high tier entrepreneur that owns the company of 7/11 when he finally drank the golden slushee in honor of his 1,000,000th purchase from the gas station chain. He also a part-time cryptid for charity in his off time from CEOing both supermega TM and 7/11.

  7. It’s unfortunate that Matthew H. Watson was killed when he talked to Nathan Barnett and his Dad persona took over and punched through Matt’s chest, ripped his heart out and stomped it on the floor.

  8. Looks and punches like Les Nessman. How can you land so many clean shots on someone and not close them out?

  9. People need to realise that this was a YouTuber exhibition match where different people from YouTube who have never boxed before fought each other.

  10. I swear that the ref was eating popcorn for a second, and then he was like, “okaaayyyy, fiiiiine, I’ll stop it 😒.”

  11. This shit was wild to watch. Im pretty sure that “dad” dude in the pink and blue called out to fight oliver tree next? Isnt that the life goes on and on and on people

  12. Well done. Great motion speed, excellent song, perfect timing, exceptional talent (old guy with comb over vs young dork with dyed blonde hair) and the title hit it right on the...well everyone nose where I'm going with that.

  13. You know you have no business inside a ring if you are rocked like that by a muppet who telegraphs his punches a year in advance.

  14. floyd just fought down in the middle east last week for some dough im sure logan will be gettin some money sometime soon now lol

  15. They’re YouTube creators. The older guy is Nathan Barnatt, and as he does with everything he put 100% into this and trained a bunch before the fight. He created this character called Dad and goes a bit off the rails playing the part, but it’s funny. Then he just beats the shit out of Matt Watson.

  16. It's like in elder ring, he dodge and block way to early, the key it's to wait for the swing starts

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