1. i’m sorry this happened to you. i can imagine what he said has made you pretty dysphoric too. lmk if you need to talk, my dms are open as always :)

  2. Yeah, nah, that is not turning straight. He was still in a straight relationship when you both were dating, he is just shitty.

  3. He has had a crush on me since 4th grade, and we started dating on February. I know him pretty well and he is actually a nice person. It's just that his feelings for me just started fading away slowly.

  4. I doubt that. Bro either realized he didn't like it or realized he's probably not straight and got embarrassed

  5. As for OP's bf it just seems to me they believe they "turned" straight due to losing attraction to OP and developing attraction to a cis girl. They seem confused to me. It's a confusing world.

  6. It seems he has lost romantic feelings for you. That's okay, it's a part of life. Some day you will be in his shoes and lose feelings for someone else for reasons you don't totally understand. In that scenario, it's very easy to blurt out a surface level reason because digging deeper is hard. It's totally okay and I'm glad he still wants to remain friends with you.

  7. yeah no, if he lost his feelings towards you specifically because you are trans, then it looks to me as if he as some serious work to do on his internalised transphobia; and both of you should probably take some time away from each other because this might end up hurting you too

  8. The amount of people screaming Transphobia really seem to forget that falling out of love or not being attracted to someone after time is a thing.

  9. Sounds like he’s battling his own mental health problems, including perspectives on who and what he likes. I’d be curious if he isn’t secretly going through his own gender questioning since dating you.

  10. Thanks! There is not very many people at my school that I know of that are both my type, and are willing to date. I'm gonna be taking a break with dating until next year.

  11. You are genetically the same as cis men/non-intersex AMABs/XYs. That's why more MtFs are here in femboy subs than FtMs who don't have penises.

  12. His dad is transphobic, but not homophobic, biphobic, etc. But I don't think this was the reason. It was most likely because he lost feelings over time, but he did mention he was "Becoming more straight", so at this point I'm not 100% sure which one is the bigger cause for it.

  13. I'm so sorry kiddo, I understand how much this hurts. You are young, there will be other guys in time. Please take good care.

  14. Girl, that doesn't even make sense. Maybe he has a genital preference but that doesn't mean he "turned straight", he was straight all along if he fell for a girl??? :')

  15. I get that it’s shitty but it is one of those things where one must face reality. Some guys just want biological women and some want trans women. Wanting kids with your partner is a big part of growing up, and some men are afraid of not loving an adoptive child to the same extent as a their own, blood-related child. I know I was scared of that. As a gay man, I understand that sometimes men just want to date someone based on their identity for a limited period of time. It’s hurtful to be someone’s “gay/queer experience” but I like to look at the glass half full and just think about the good times. Not everyone you date will last forever. So do keep that in mind.

  16. I'm so sorry this had happened. Having the one you love changing their sexuality and pushing you aside is but a painful experience. I send you good fortune, and I hope you heal well!!! (˘︶˘).。*

  17. Don’t sweat it. Sometimes people lose feelings/change after looking over a situation differently. Doesn’t mean he’s the devil nor you the saint. Just pick yourself up, dust it off, and move on. No good comes out of lingering on it.

  18. The wording he used seems like it was a weird choice. I’m so sorry if you’re feeling pain or dysphoria over it, you deserve love and acceptance and I wish people would understand how their words can really mess people up. I’m genderqueer too, so I’m open to chat if you ever need advice or just a place to rant. Stay strong, my sister ❤️

  19. He didn’t turn straight (especially since he was already straight) tbh he was probably trying to spare your feeling and did a bad job, I’m sorry :(

  20. Trans man femboy here to say you're a girl. Your relationship was straight. Being with a cis girl doesn't make him straighter and frankly it's transphobic of him to think of his relationship with you as not straight, because the only reason he thinks it's not straight is likely because of a single body part (that cis men gay or straight hyperfocus on far too much to even be healthy tbh) unless you wanted to be regarded as something other than a girl, but even then I wouldn't condone that kind of thinking because it's self destructive if you are a trans woman. His absence is welcome because he could not even see you.

  21. thats the worst excuse i’ve ever heard. that boy prob has no idea what the dictionary definition of straight is, because even if you are a trans girl, you are still a girl. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. now ive never dated anyone so idk what a breakup feels like, but it prob feels worse thinking about why it is.

  22. To be completely honest, it sounds like your ex was dealing with internalized transphobia, and hates the idea of seeing themselves and other trans girls as women. I feel awful for you and I hope that you find someone better who won't use you like that. I also hope your ex figures out their own feelings as well and becomes a better person <3

  23. Trans girl is still girl same as trans boy is still boy it's not "gay" to like/love someone who is trans any more then a male like/loving a femboy love does not know gender color or age he may have been pressured to doing it I am sorry for the way he broke up with you

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