1. Got offered his Najee 1:1 for my Foreman. I know with how things have been going (Najee tanking this whole season and Foreman coming into his own as a "dependable" RB1 with CMC gone) it seems like a clear cut no from me, but I really think Najee could turn it on especially after Sunday and with the rest of the offense figuring it out. Still feel like I could get more, but getting like a Kareem Hunt addition doesn't move the needle much for me. Idk

  2. What did Najee do Sunday that shows he’s a better asset than Foreman? ~9 points in ppr? To me, Najee isn’t even worth a WR2/3, let alone a top 15 performing fantasy back.

  3. My leaguemate is asking me for ARSB while I am desperate for a RB2. Considering I need to win out, those next 3 weeks seem like a hard sell for the Foreman Owner.

  4. Depends how desperate. Maybe shop around first with ARSB. If that doesn’t work get him to throw in an upside player you like with Foreman.

  5. I have Chubb, CMC, Montgomery so I gave him up for Aiyuk and Rondale Moore. Pretty happy with it considering how thin my WR are in a 3WR league.

  6. Wouldn't make that correlation. Watt's presence doesn't improve the run defense. Watt was DPOY last season and they were still dead last against the run in both yards and YPC (5.0).

  7. Just gave Kareem and Elijah Mitchell for Foreman and Herbert (Rip) to the CMC/Chubb owner. I have Walker and ETN on bye next week and needed a better RB2.

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