1. Is there any truth to the rumor that the reason he and his crew put hands on a man is because he threatened a woman who was with their group? Not that it condones beating a man unconscious, just wondering if there was any light shed on that.

  2. As a back to back 1st overall pick taken the last 2 years, and taking CmC those last 2 years, and the stress of having him these last 2 years, i will say this: if CmC has a career year this season im gonna fuckin lose it.

  3. Same. I got tired of the same shit and traded him in my keeper league to cash in. All signs point to him not delivering return on investment but you never know. Nobody does.

  4. More than likely what will happen, is that he puts up decent ok numbers, but whatever week he is playing you, he will have a 4 td game

  5. I have CMC in a keeper league and have kept him the past two years. I'll have to think long and hard whether to keep him this time. The offense clearly still goes through him whether it's Darnold or Corral.

  6. I picked CMC last season with pick 1 and as much as I hate to say it I’d feel compelled to do it again

  7. Same but I’ll proceed to draft him because he’ll slip into the back end of round 1 and it’s too good of value to pick him up and then get burned by him the third time. It’s fate

  8. You just know though that if you don't draft him he'll stay healthy all year and some dude will get the overall RB1 at like the 10th pick lol

  9. At this point, I've drafted him 3 years in a row. I figure the two down years almost balance out the championship he won for me, and I will continue giving him the benefit of the doubt until... well, probably until he retires.

  10. I’ve traded for him 2 season in a row the week before he got hurt so as long as I don’t trade for him next year you should be good!

  11. Me with Mike Trout in my fantasy baseball league, this year. Feeling the burn all over again by finally passing on fish man 😔

  12. Key phrase here for him and the other three is “when he’s on the field”. Amazingly talented guys. But the best ability is availability.

  13. Are they all done? No, I guarenteed at least 1 of them will be elite this year. Likewise, I bet at least 1 of them fall off this year

  14. I feel like everyone is totally ignoring the fact that Henry's yards per carry went from 5.4 to 4.3 last year. Also that the titans essentially got the same production from backups when Henry was out.

  15. Ya but henry also went from 19 catches on 31 targets for 114 yards in 2020 to 18 catches on 20 targets for 154 yards in 2021… in half the games. Dude was regressing in one area but blowing up in another, more important area

  16. Derrick Henry is 28, but his mileage is less than people think. He has given no indication that he isn't still elite. The man was on pace for an absurd season last year

  17. How many players in history have multiple 300 carry season? How many of those guys did it at 28 years old?

  18. The problem is that he’s such a a physical, brutal runner he’s just gonna go straight downhill (no pun intended) within the next 3 seasons imo. Shifty guys have more longevity but the bully power backs fall off a cliff when the hits start catching up

  19. CMC and King have been overused. CMC moreso due to the team he's on. Derrick Henry is a man among boys out there and until he proves himself an injury risk, he's still my number 1 overall.

  20. Counterpoint: he’s only had 212 touches over 10 games in the last two years, so he might not be as worn down as people think. Panthers added an absolute mauler in the run game in Ickey Ekwonu, as well as the ravens starting center and the rams starting RG. Combined with the panthers bringing in Foreman for the power run game, CMC will feast this year so long as they don’t immediately default to 40 touches on 99% of the snaps again

  21. I did this strat last year and took davanta at the 5th pick. It worked out and I was top of the league and almost won playoffs. I like to take a guy who is going to get me points and I'm not taking an injury prone player in rd1 that's just foolish no matter the potential they have. Only rb I'm taking in top 3 are jt and Henry.

  22. For the right price I would take all of them. I'm most out on Elliott but if he makes it to the 3rd round I would look his way. He still finished as the RB6 last year.

  23. Regardless if you think he has gas or not Pollard is arguably better at everything but pass blocking, and IMO watching games last year Dak didn't dump off as much as you'd hope. Maybe that changes with fewer pass catching weapons this year, but Zeke's drop in usage takes away his top 5 RB potential. Even with so many of the top RBs last year missing time Elliott only made it to RB6 while playing 17 games himself.

  24. Zeke is Cooked and cmc is made of glass. Neither can be trusted. Someone will take cmc in the 1st in most drafts still but they crazy stupid for doing it

  25. I love how Henry is on point to have a season of all seasons, break records, can't be stopped, and gets injured and now we're questioning him as a "Star RB"...

  26. Derrick Henry was destroying the league last year before he hurt his foot/ankle, which was his first serious missed time in like ever.

  27. I’ll happily take a risk on Elliot if he falls to the 3-4 rounds. And McCaffrey if he falls to the right spot too. Kamara is a major unknown because of what he did, and I’m not comfortable taking an old running back at Henry’s adp.

  28. No, but McCaffrey should be looked at closely this season in prep for next year. Workhorse RBs like him have a tendency to fade after a couple big injuries. Just my opinion

  29. Elliot was one of my keepers last year (along with Kelce) but I will not be keeping him this year. If he drops to late late rounds I may pick him up again, but not the elite rb he should be. I think a lot has to do with the system/coaching but it is what it is.

  30. Elliot is probably the closest to being done. I see him sharing the load with Pollard rest of his career. I hope RBs like CMC and Barkley have career years, but more and more teams are having RBs share the load. Works for teams like Cleveland. But may affect Fantasy values.

  31. Mccafferey and Elliot are done. Kamara always has potential to be a top back. But to do so, he needs a good QB, not Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill. Henry should still be a top back. They guy can carry the ball and the team. Hopefully he can stay healthy. He’s the best pick out of these four at the moment.

  32. I would say Zeke is. Hed make for a solid RB2 this year. CMC still produces but injuries hurt him. Kamara has a suspension potentislly looming but still a RB1. Henry is still part of a run heavy offense but hopefully he doesnt get hurt again

  33. This ignores that the value of a "star" fantasy RB is falling fast. JT was 22ppg last year with 20 damn TDs. That would make him a pretty distant RB3 or RB4 most years. Scarcity keeps them valuable, and even if these guys fall to 18 or 19ppg they'll be elite options. Also we just don't know how pass catching running backs that still get goal line work and less than 250 carries will age, it's a super uncommon archetype historically.

  34. Has there ever been a season where a player had a suspension looming and had a great season? Just seems like Kamara is an easy avoid this year.

  35. -2017 Zeke is suspended 6 games (? can’t remember exact amount) and finishes as the rb12 in ppr. (Rb1 in a 12 team league).

  36. Dude?! Why is Henry falling so far because he got injured one time? He’s that entire offense he’s the guy that injury could’ve happened to anyone and he’ll be fully healthy by now.

  37. Zeke is not in the same category as the rest. Henry and CMC are fine but they need the team to start passing more to lessen their insane workload and stay healthy.

  38. Idk how zeke is not in the same category as the rest. He’s been putting up RB1 numbers his whole career with the exception to the year he was suspended for 6 games even then he finished RB13 for the year.

  39. This Henry is an great 3rd down, red zone back. He can catch balls now. And he's stupid big But the Titans needs to pass it down the field, and get major yardage inthe air to give him a few seconds rest

  40. I have AJ Dillon and Tony Pollard in my FAAB auction league at $0 keepers... I'm SOOO tempted to keep the both (as my 2) from such a ridiculous value standpoint... they both walk into RB1 shoes. The only one of those 4 I would spend on is Henry.

  41. I think kamara will still have solid numbers, it’s going to be interesting with the new wide receiver core and Dennis Allen as the coach. Especially how they incorporate him into the passing game as well.

  42. I think I'll look specifically at CMC for a bargain. But it depends on where he ends up going. I'm just sorta out on Henry. Maybe he will be a beast again this year. Buuuut I'm not gonna take the chance, because he will hit a wall. I don't know when, but his career carry count suggests soon.

  43. I’ve seen cmc go in the 1.05-1.07. No fucking way is a guy who hasn’t played more than half a season in two years worth it to go that high

  44. i think henry still has some left in the tank. elliott/mccaffery were done like last year and i think kamara will continue to be productive but not star level. prime of an rb is usually only 4-5 years

  45. If I wasn't a Cowboy fan I'd be targeting Zeke in the 3rd in every league. He was playing through a torn knee ligament last year, and other injuries the year before. I think just through sheer volume and playing on a good offense he'll return value where he's being drafted. Think 2018/2019 Chris Carson. But since I'm a Cowboy fan I try to avoid drafting Cowboys players, because if they get hurt it sucks for me in both real life and fantasy.

  46. I'm a Zeke owner in my dynasty league. I traded CMC for him last season, which will have been a huge mistake if CMC comes back healthy for this season and even the next couple. I doubt Zeke will last much if any longer, and they still plan on having him in a timeshare with Tony Pollard this season. Hopefully if he's healthy it's less of a 50/50 timeshare than it was last season, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Especially because my RB2 is Chris Carson. Last season sucked for me lol.

  47. I’m in a dynasty league and I always trade running backs when they are at peak value. The risk is too much to rely on. Traded Kamara after year two, Monty mid season last year and Swift after the year ended. They greatly replenish your team with much needed picks and depth.

  48. I say yes to all four, so y’all should just not even draft those bums. I’ll take one for the team and pick up those useless scraps….

  49. JT, Najee and Ekeler seem safer and more enticing than all of these right now, after which Henry and CMC are my picks, along with Mixon and maybe Cook. I'll avoid Kamara in the first despite having him the past 2 years, because I suspect 4-6 games of suspension after which point the WR core will have time to settle and he'll lose much of what makes him top tier, which is passing volume. If he falls to the late second, I'm in. Zeke I'm out on unless in the 4th because I think Pollard is almost as good a pick and will come several rounds later.

  50. Henry and McCaffrey, no. Kamara, kind of because he'll never get the receiving volume from Winston that he did from Brees, and he needs that to be considered a top fantasy back at least. Elliott, yes. I think he comes up short of 1,000 yards rushing this year and Tony Pollard continues to take a larger share of the work.

  51. When healthy, McCaffrey had some great games. Elliott will be in the last year of his deal. He's already an rb2. He'll flash 800 yards and 6 touchdowns. I think Saquon needs to be on this list. He's often hurt and his new head coach (Daboll) likes using committee backs.

  52. Not touching Henry with a 10 foot pole. Why would you want to hold the hot potato RB of the year who gets injured after a massive workload and then never looks the same. We see it every year

  53. Not at all, but I wouldn’t take them over JT or Najee right now. These guys are all still capable of being top 5 (well not Kamara for at least part of the season sadly).

  54. Elliot is done, mcaffrey and kamara are receiving backs but McCaffrey rushes more often, hes got a year or two left. I think kamara and henry both have at least 3 or 4 years left.

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