1. Funny thing is, it's actually a 10T, but in the playoffs when players get hurt, people drop them for a quick pick up to win their weeks, and I was already out (lost in the first round) so I swooped them up because I knew that I'd rather have an issue choosing who to keep than be stuck with just 3

  2. How are some of you not saying keep Giannis. You have to keep Giannis and Zion. The third should be any of Dame, Book and Mitchell. Personally id go with Dame because he’s gonna be carrying the Blazers yet again and is out for blood after missing last year.

  3. I have to believe it’s because Giannis is not visible on mobile version of Reddit. You have to actually click the photo to view full screen.

  4. Replace Booker with Dame, who’s likely the only all-star on the Blazers, their primary ball handler and about to go ham after coming back from injury.

  5. Yeah so the draft order hasn't been randomized yet, so that would obviously be a factor once I know. Thing is, I could draft 1st and I would fuck, or I could be dead last

  6. Keep Giannis, Booker, and Mitchell. Zion as the 3rd instead of Mitchell if you're feeling frisky. You have a health/reliability problem with your 3rd keeper slot. Too many question marks with Zion, Simmons, Klay, etc.

  7. If this is a 3 keeper, I’d keep Mitchell, booker and Giannis. Dame is better, but I would hedge more towards younger guys. I also like butler as a match with Giannis but I don’t rate him higher than the other guys.

  8. This is the best answer. Zion gets hurt too much, kawhi is too old to keep in a keeper league(obviously want him on the team tho but longterm is better to not keep)

  9. If it’s just the next season, I personally would pick Giannis and Dame for sure, then in order D. Mitchell No gobert so more usage, especially in pts league think Mitchell has more of an edge with usage + staying healthy D. Booker Same usage Kawhi Coming back from injury, might rest b2b, etc Butler Injury prone, better in cats league

  10. I've been trying to decide between Mitchell, booker and zion. I need someone to help break this down with me. So my thought process is: Pros for mitchell: more usage, focal point in offense, Cons: uncertain future regarding constant trade rumors right now, only threat on offense so defenses can focus pretty much solely on him

  11. I say Giannis butler ( like Gianni’s he scores well an packs the stat sheet, and being on a good team gonna get more wins then losses) and Id say either Dame or Zion. As they both have potential to light it up this season especially with the new lineups catering them

  12. Giannis, Zion and probs Dame. Could make an argument for Leonard or Butler but health an issue. Zion has massive upside but of course his health is an issue. Booker if you wanna play it super safe. I'd rather swing for the fences with at least one keeper.

  13. Giannis Booker Butler. Seems like an EZ choice. Maybe, maybe replace butler with Mitchell due to the Jazz being ass now. But that could bite you in the ass cuz they may rest their star. Where as heat are dogs and wanna win

  14. Giannis Zion. Then pick between Lillard, Booker or Mitchell. Lillard will be Lillard, mitchell will be the only option in UTA, while book is an option in PHX. So Id rather lean on Mitchell > Dame > Book

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