1. I don't think so, there's a slightly longer version of this video (with audio), doesn't look or sound like water. There's fuzz and other debris flying around, even before she almost blows her brains out.

  2. She's lucky that it wasn't a gun with higher muzzle velocity. Anything more powerful would have scalped her or ruptured her skull

  3. Reminds me of the video where the young girl accidently blows her cousins head off playing with a gun, then within seconds commits suicide from the guilt and realization of what she just did.

  4. what did she do w/that gun afterward. cause, you know, there's a little kid in the room and it doesn't look like she exactly locked it away in a safe

  5. She’s not an idiot, she’s a child. The parent should have taught her gun safety. She probably knew she shouldn’t have touched the gun, but this is a clear example of someone messing with something they know nothing about.

  6. I like how there’s an actual kid there, and the first thing that crazy couse does is check her hair in the mirror.

  7. Omfg there are so many things wrong with this. Why does she have it in the first place if she doesn't know what she's doing? Why is she pointing it towards the small child that's in front of her while she's doing it? And why the hell would you pull the trigger when it's next to your head? Holy shit this made me break out into a sweat. She's lucky to be alive.

  8. “What happened too your hair?” Oh I just umm well… funny story actually , I was making a tick tok and I thought it would be cool to pretend I’m shooting myself, and well I kinda did.

  9. hope there’s no one living upstairs. I’m constantly worried about getting hit by a bullet through the ceiling just cus I live in America

  10. This is on the parent. One of the first rules of gun ownership is to know where it is at all times. That gun should be in a safe and the key should always be on you. On top of that the parent did not teach there kid proper safety and control.

  11. lol…I would but then there’s a few adult ones I’m sifting through to post😅. Seems stupidity comes in all ages,

  12. She shot twice if you look closely. Scary. Never pose with guns. Never play with guns. Control where you point it at all times, even unloaded. It will lead to safe practices.

  13. What dumbass parents didn't lock their gun up? Most people are talking about how dumb the kid is, but it's the parents who are the true dumbasses - kids are kids, they play with stuff and don't think about the consequences. Which is why you lock your fucking gun up.

  14. I'm glad she didn't air-hole herself, but a gun going off that close to her ear is going to cause hearing issues. Tinnitus is no joke #UnexpectedArcher

  15. I am a Marine (uber gun safety training). The way she has her finger on the trigger as she cocks the gun makes my stomach cringe. Hard.

  16. She was scaring me just trying to cock the bloody thing. This is why people should have gun-safes to keep firearms out of the hands of clueless idiots.

  17. I've seen a video of two girls in the bathroom with a glock and barrel drum and the girl accidentally headshots the other and turns the gun on herself. Guns are just kind of a thing now and people forget how easy it is to die.

  18. Wow! You look SOOO HARD with the powder burns on your forehead. She ought to be on her KNEES, thanking GOD, that she didn’t kill herself, or anyone unfortunate enough to be upstairs.

  19. Idiot parents leaving unsecured guns with their idiot kids just so they might have a chance to win a Darwin Award.

  20. I’m just wondering how the hell this ended up on the internet, like wouldn’t she delete this instantly cause she know people are going to flame her ass up

  21. Hopefully this girls idiot parents get a visit from child protective services, leaving a loaded gun where kids can find it

  22. broke the number 1 starter rule. Consider all guns loaded, and never put finger on trigger until ready to fire.

  23. The luckiest! One inch to the left, it would have been a disaster!! Hope she learned from this, but most importantly, where are the parents?

  24. Wtf, treat every gun as if it’s loaded, and exercise some goddamn trigger control. Also, they’re not for fucking selfies, this includes you too ammosexuals.

  25. Damn, even though she didn't hit her head at first, she could've made the bullet ricochet off a pipe, mirror or whatever else was in that room

  26. Absolutely not ‘kids do the darkest things’…what the fuck is wrong with the parents. Why is the gun not in a safe?

  27. Holy shit! I hope she realizes how lucky she is that she didn't blow her brains out right in front of her younger sister!! This is why you should ALWAYS keep a trigger lock on a gun.. especially if you have kids in the house! I'm all for guns being legal and all, but I do also think you should be required to take a gun safety course before being allowed to purchase one.. girl is extremely lucky.

  28. I honestly expected her to get scalped with the gun at that angle tbh. Great gun safety at home 🤦‍♂️

  29. Yes play with a loaded Gun and press the trigger directly on your head. She has more guardian angels than iq points.

  30. I'm saving this to show my bitty son in a few years. Guns are not funny, look how close she was to death, look how close her brother was to death. Don't fuck with guns, dont have your friends fuck with guns.

  31. Man I hope that scared her and that other little girl from playing with guns ever again. I also hope that whose gun that is locks it up from this moment on.

  32. If she escapes permenant hearing damage she’s unbelivably lucky and the upstairs neighbor didn’t get on in the ‘t’ain’t

  33. Well, if the bullet did hit her, no damage would have been done. She could have lived with that bullet rattling around in her obviously empty head....

  34. This is why u buy a gun safe. Most of the time kids who are aware of how dangerous guns are still don’t know the first thing of handling one (obviously not this girl). Finger was gripping the fuck outta that trigger :(

  35. AAAAAND thats why it should never be loaded and u should never have ur finger on the triger unless ur about to shoot whatvur aiming at

  36. Or, you know, have reasonable gun control like the rest of the civilized world, so you don't end up with stupid kids playing with guns.

  37. She should spend some prison time nothing to bad six months for example that bullet looks like it went though the ceiling. Her parents should have to pay a hefty fine and do some volunteer work for not having the weapon properly stored. But most likely just a warning.

  38. And THIS is why you teach gun safety to kids! Even if you have absolutely 0 intention of ever owning a gun (which is absolutely fine, that's your choice and I respect that), it's always important to know how to handle one. What if you find one on the side of the road and want to bring it to the cops so they can take care of it? You gotta know how to handle it correctly and safely. If you have kids and you have guns, you of course lock them up properly, but you demystify guns. You don't make them into toys, but you teach them to respect them, how to handle them, what to do and what not to do.

  39. Here is the thing.... that is a child....people making fun of her for being stupid need to shut the fuck up.... children are stupid! It's not their fault they are stupid. It parents/adults responsibility to make them less stupid. This is a failure of their parents, community and society as a whole.

  40. Well here’s the thing…there are kids, her age that are very well versed in “firearm safety”, some younger than her. So it’s not “kids”, just some kids do stupid things. She was being cute, and it almost cost her majorly. I mean, there’s a younger child in the vid and my concern was more so for that lil’one. She could’ve been hit, or she may’ve been a witness to a very bloody scene that would probably haunt her for the rest of her life🤷🏽‍♂️. This one, setup her phone to record her being cute w/ that sidearm…she even cocked…well charged it, so she had some idea as to what she was doing, she just didn’t check to see if it was loaded and luckily she didn’t look down the barrel to do that check 🤷🏽‍♂️

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