1. Since when were minors allowed to do that stuff in the first place? I was under the impression you had to be 18, am I wrong?

  2. My nephew had a horrific head injury at 6 years old. Around 7, he started getting violent, sick, all kinds of issues. When he hit his head, something happened that sent him into puberty at 8! He was given the blockers to keep it from happening. If not, he would have had a very miserable life.

  3. They won't do any invasive irreversible things until they turn 18. What they will do is give children hormone blockers to postpone puberty and give children therapy so they can determine if in fact they are transgender.

  4. Minors basically only get hormone blockers for medical reasons and you cant get a sex change till 18/21 (depends on where you are) I remember this one girl in highschool had something where her body produce male hormone or something so she had to get hormone blockers for it or something

  5. My cousin had horrific seizures, heart problems, severe autism and a host of other issues. She went into puberty at age 7 or 8 and was put on the blockers, or whatever they were called on the mid 90s. They gave her meds to slow it down.

  6. Children literally never get any of these things. The youngest one can get blockers is like 12, and there have been very, very and I mean, very few teenagers getting any sort of surgery, and that is only during the last 2 years of their teen years.

  7. That’s going to be the absolutely first thing that will question this. Watch them do backflips not to piss off anyone’s religious beliefs…

  8. I don't wanna be the guy that would defend someone as awful and stupid as MTG, but circumcisions aren't "sex change" surgeries.

  9. Why not? Why do we allow parents to mutilate the genitals of boys (and of course in some cultures, there is female circumcision). What, the parent's religion is more important than the physical integrity of the boy's body? It's obscene and barbaric. If a guy wants to have his foreskin removed, let him make that decision when he is an adult. It's his choice.

  10. Now that’s just an insult to horses. They’re WAY prettier than that! And they served us loyally for many thousands of years before cars came along. Can’t really say the same about her and her party.

  11. Probably the same Christian group that that supplies all the lawyers and wrote the actual legislation fighting against abortion, the Alliance for Defending Freedom. They fund GOP state legislators, governors and attorney generals and then in return they pass laws written by the ADF. Wether they know it will be struck down does not matter. The ADF writes the appeals the AG files it and the ADF supplies they lawyers to fight it in court. Eventually getting to the Supreme Court. One member of the ADF was recently recorded saying they actually go in and pray with Supreme Court justices. Those justices were put there by the Heritage Foundation for this exact reason. This is how Roe got overturned.

  12. They literally get these things sent to them by various organizations pushing causes, and then slap their name on it. Politicians are LITERALLY puppets. And yes, both sides of the game.

  13. MTG is virtue signaling personified. She is banned from commitees because she's insane. Every single piece of legislation she has proposed has been shot down. The fucking cognitive dissonance you have to employ to be her fan is staggering.

  14. And yet I have personally met people who are her fans. People who tried to convince me, I should be her fan too. I just looked the moron in the eye and said: we work together, I’m not subtle I know you know I’m trans. Why would I support someone who wants me in a concentration camp?

  15. That's actually kind of hilarious, the dog that barks the loudest is the completely defanged and declawed one. Now if they just stitch her mouth shut it's like she doesn't even exist.

  16. Pleaseeee put a stop to pageants. They are horrific exploitations of children, often sexualized, and serve no purpose other than to stroke parents ego.

  17. Does she ever do anything in the interest of her state? As in pushing forward policies for job creation or investment? Or does she literally just suckle on the MAGAt teat and do clickbait tweets?

  18. Well no but yes. I live maybe 20 minutes from her district currently. She’s doing exactly what her constituents want which is owning the libs. If you tried to talk to them about public policy and economics they’d have no idea what you’re talking about. They only care about making libs mad and MGT is exactly what they want. They hate seeing other people especially bipoc have wealth and success. They’re deeply bitter and full of hate. If you’re from Bartow, Floyd or Paulding counties you know exactly what I’m talking about

  19. What republican actually does anything for the people? I mean don't get me wrong, every politician sucks balls in America, we have absolutely no left wing in any way, but Republicans just seem to actively seek the most destructive, backwards, asinine, polluting, greedy, malodorous garbage policies known to man.

  20. Nope - she’s just balls-deep in the art of Dominion theology, hell-bent on turning America into a puritanical shit-hole governed by high priests of ultra conservatism based on interpretation of the bible (and not in a good way)

  21. I have yet to hear of ANY case of someone getting genital reassignment surgery, by choice, under the age of 18. Only intersex babies against their will. So I 100% support preventing any genital changing surgery, unless it is for health related reasons, before the age of 18. Including Circumcision.

  22. Even adults have a hard time getting transitional surgery. The cost and wait is astronomical. To say that children are getting this treatment is just a lie.

  23. More like the party that manufactures ridiculous “issues” in their heads that they then pretend to fix in the name of “family values”.

  24. Does she realise that she’s inadvertently advocating for reducing the mutilation of intersex children at birth? Because that’s one positive to come out of being this level of bigoted moron

  25. Children cannot and do not have “sex change gential surgeries”. This is a bad-faith lie used to rile people up.

  26. Since a surprising amount of people don’t know, children are not just running around getting sex change surgeries because it’s easy and fun. You must be 18 to receive a sex change surgery. You can get puberty blockers before 18, but they basically just limit your testosterone or estrogen levels to make future transitions easier. Also, doctors are not idiots that just hand out puberty blockers to every kid that walks into their office. There are serious discussions between the doctor, parents, and patient before doing anything.

  27. In my state, Michigan, a child can’t get hormones for gender dysphoria unless they have lived as their affirming gender for two years, has legally changed their name, and is being treated by a psychologist who specializes in gender issues and can attest you are mature enough to understand the significant and permanent changes that hormones will have. That therapist also has to evaluate whether or not the child is wanting to be transgender due to child abuse or parental manipulation/Munchhausen‘s by proxy. To think this is an easy process, it’s not—and for good reason.

  28. Thank you. I was wondering. It’s almost as if she’s using this to make people afraid of something that doesn’t even exist!

  29. Question for the people of USA: has this woman always been such a rage-inducing dimwit, even before she was elected to Congress, or is all this just pouring out the past few months, like puss from a festering wound?

  30. She was like that long before she got public office. Like stalking and cussing at school shooting victims because Q said it was all a staged operation and the likes. And I'm not even US citizen.

  31. No doctor would ever perform sex reassignment surgery on a minor, this is a problem that only exists in the minds of conservatives.

  32. Intersex babies are given "sex change genital surgeries" all the time yet no one who is against trans healthcare seems to give a shit.

  33. Whos gonna tell her sex change surgery wasn't ok anyway and kids can't get it. Puberty blockers on the other hand...99% of the time they're harmless

  34. Why does Reddit continue to give her attention? No one in congress takes her seriously. Stop giving her attention. She’s whoring out hard for it, don’t reward her.

  35. I was born intersex and had my body mutilated at birth, somehow I have a feeling THAT will still be allowed under this act, even though that’s the only sex change surgery children are being given in the land of reality.

  36. I am so sorry to any Americans having to deal with this shit, Jesus Christ, how can someone be this fucking idiotic and cruel...

  37. Cool. Let’s also abolish medical school because why should doctors have to go to decades of schooling to become trusted, credentialed experts if crusty trailer trash like MTG and Boebert know better somehow because they won a popularity contest with no prerequisites?

  38. I am more comfortable with my daughter wanting to identify as a male opposed to forcing her to carry a baby she doesn’t want. Fuck you Marj…

  39. Next I'll make it law that boys can't wear pink or red and it will be a crime to have their nails painted. Girls wearing pants, anything but skirts or dresses, will be subject to a fine.

  40. I’m not into American Politics so I don’t know who this person is… but it seems very reasonable that people under 18 shouldn’t be allowed to get a sex change operation.

  41. The number of people this is directed at is borderline no one. This isn't happening. It's just something to make old white people scared.

  42. She’s a fucking goon. Everybody knows that already. Just wanted to say as someone in this idiot’s district, I’ll be gladly voting against her soon.

  43. Seriously can someone not just shut this watery mouthed, horse faced, idiotic walking HPV infection up just for one day

  44. She has no committees, her donors are happy talking with her as little as possible, without Twitter she'd be relegated to screaming matches with the statues, and frankly the staff aren't paid enough to deal with that shit.

  45. Who would have thought the next pandemic in America was transgenderism? It's absolutely rampant. It's affecting millions and millions of people. /s

  46. You know for someone who makes a lot of grooming accusations without evidence she really likes to talk about childrens genitals

  47. Oh no. That’s horrible First Texas, now GA? How deep is this chasm going to be? Why does it fucking matter to her? All they want to do is not feel like a stranger in their own body. Istg, is there a conspiracy theory shithole we can dump her in for awhile?

  48. These people live in absolute fear. That fear is manifesting itself in a desperate need for control. They legitimately believe the world is going to hell. The world is changing in some ways, for the better, socially. They are being left behind. Ignorance and budget cuts to education mixed with indoctrination and outright brainwashing. A lack of empathy.

  49. I was a child during the satanic panic and the "what about the children!" movements. I've seen this playbook and it looks as ridiculous now as it did back then.

  50. Everyone cares about the kids until they’re being shot in school, then they’re all just caring about guns… I have no idea how you Americans even function. Society of absolute idiots.

  51. This would mean she’s pro life and care so much about children and their safety. So how about she say something about assault rifles killing children in school shootings….

  52. Just like all other "legislation" she has attempted to introduce, it will never pass. If you voted for her you got screwed. She has done nothing for the people of Georgia.

  53. They delay puberty. In cis children, they're used if the child starts puberty too early (called precocious puberty). In trans children, they are used to delay puberty until the trans child (usually a teen by this point) can begin hormone therapy of their gender.

  54. If they actually do this, I wanna watch a bunch of fucking people make her life a living hell. I would sit back, relax, and watch the chaos unfold. These people will do anything to protect religious beliefs which I find really fucking stupid.

  55. My legislation would immediately make it a felony to subject children to puberty blockers or horrific "sex change" genital surgeries.

  56. Im pretty sure its already illegal for kids to get cosmetic surgury and take hormone blockers...If youre talking about 16-18 year olds then mind your own business.

  57. She needs to define “children.” No one would provide “sex change” genital surgery without many checks, and not to someone who is under 18.

  58. There's actually one kind of surgery that kinda does that, that's for intersex kids where they often are operated on as small kids. Greece outlawed that recently. But, that's not what she's talking about as we know.

  59. I know I’m going to get downvoted, but I think she means like, little kids. ones who dont even know that people can like others of the same gender or things like that.

  60. I think it’s something like .05% of people are “trans” and it must be an even smaller percentage that would undergo hormone blocking therapy. That’s the most extreme of extremes… so for starters she’s on a crusade against something that isn’t really a problem. Never mind the fact that she’s a spiteful female dog.

  61. So when do we add this to the list of nothing you’ve accomplished? Should we wait a couple of weeks to see if you actually write up and introduce this, or can we just go ahead and add it now?

  62. “Freedom of rights” my asshole. They’re more concerned about taking them away than they ever were about defending them.

  63. She just loves announcing her stupid attempts at legislation that will absolutely go nowhere because most people can't stand her ideas

  64. Sounds like (on the bright side) children with intersex conditions will not be subjected to sex reassignment or “confirmation” surgery.

  65. I don’t know who the person that posted this is but it makes sense to ban sex change until the person is a legal adult. Give them some time to actually figure out who they are, it doesn’t mean they can’t identify as the other gender, it just means they have time to figure out whether or not they want to do an (I’m not sure about this actually) irreversible change.

  66. it depends on how the bill is written, if it is to stop under 18 from doing such drastic changes im all for it, but ain't that already the law anyways? i question what they are really aiming for here.

  67. the youngest person to ever receive a vaginoplasty in the US was a bit under 17, but had been diagnosed with dysphoria when she was three, so… moot point, really.

  68. Hormone blockers have literally zero effects that won't reverse themselves when you stop taking them. Surgery is already illegal under 18 in every area I know of, this is just more transphobic bullshit from someone who shares a single braincell with half the republican lawmakers.

  69. The only children having genital surgeries are children born with both male and female reproductive organs so they can conform to social norms…

  70. Apparently she had to specify because she’s too stupid to realize chemical castration was a different thing

  71. Also this legislation would limit legitimate care some kids need, like hormone treatment. Not for gender, but for legit reasons. It sickens me sometimes the way kids are being treated.

  72. To be fair that is a good idea... at the risk of sounding like a bigot (I honestly don't give a fuck though) I think it should not be aloud until age 18 so that they don't make any hasty decisions they regret I mean I know people who got gender reasignment surgery and instantly regretted it

  73. I mean, if she just spent 15 minutes on google she’d realize that the surgery she’s trying to criminalize, doesn’t even happen in the United States. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  74. How in the hell is this simian homunculus given a public platform, let alone a position of power? Whoever voted for her deserves shunning, exile, and deportation.

  75. Nothing against trans people. But it is definitely true that introducing hormones to prepubescents cause some really serious side effects. Even grown adults completely change personalities when taking hormones to correct other issues.

  76. This is how screwed up these Republican zealots are… they rage against things that aren’t actually happening, and ignore things that demonstrably are. “But we must protect the children from those awful gay and trans people!” they shout, while steadfastly refusing to do anything about children getting shot in school. Like, WTF???

  77. So it seems the WOKE AF mods are removing ACTUAL FACT CHECKED STUDIES THAT PROVE sex change surgeries have been performed on minors.

  78. Why are the fuck are we allowing children sex changes anyways? They’re not old enough to understand that that decision is irreversible

  79. We’re not allowing children to gender affirming surgery. MTG is claiming that’s happening, but you have to be 18 to get the surgery. She’s basically Don Quixote chasing after windmills.

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