1. This doesn’t look like a very fun tik tok trend over there. Can’t they just do an ice water challenge like all the tools out west lol

  2. It isn’t serious, all of those clips in the video are just shitposts mocking how the nationalists reacted when nothing happened lmao other china-focused subreddits with a largely anti-ccp userbase confirmed it

  3. This is no different than the flag worship and various "pledge" videos that come out of Republican households. People who support authoritarian regimes always want to ensure their loyalty is visible.

  4. I think we should encourage this further. I think self inflicted nut shots would make rather good tiktok vids.

  5. No jokes it's actually a thing in China. Hitting oneself in the nuts to overcome lust or something like that.

  6. Just wait til they realize Taiwan was never under Communist rule, so can't be a breakaway province as it has always been independent! There should be some great face slapping then!

  7. I always use to think people in general were intelligent. I really gotta start selling more dumb stuff on eBay that nobody in their right mind would buy because this is apparently a significant portion of the population.

  8. I support them with all my heart. I hope they are more patriotic in their next demonstration. I think an arrow to the knee would be splendid.

  9. Imagine if the US was a totalitarian state and things like not simping for Trump enough would actually damage your credit.

  10. Nothing says manly like throwing a hissy fit and open hand slapping yourself over an 82 year old woman visiting a country. I aspire to be as manly as that dude with tears streaming down his face over an airplane landing.

  11. There are 500 million adult men in China. This clip shows 4 of them. It seems safe to say that a tiny number of Chinese men do this. Probably only a couple of drama queens.

  12. You can say that about any video. Like those videos that Reddit frequently upvotes about ‘dumb Americans’ not knowing flags of countries like Slovakia and Uruguay. It’s like a video of 4 people but it gets upvoted like it’s supposed to mean anything.

  13. lol to all the people who think THIS is the image the CCP is wanting to promote. Unlike Trump and all the Republican fools who get high off from ppl blindly following them, these dudes are the antithesis of what the CCP tries to actively promote. Especially the dude sitting at the table outside with his buds who has definitely had one bottle too many of baijiu.

  14. Can anyone that speaks the language confirm that's what's actually happening here? I feel like there is a layer of intentional misrepresentation whenever it comes to China or its people whenever video content comes out

  15. First guy in red shirt: Not going to watch any more, turning my phone off and going to sleep. Last guy smashing chair: Fuuuck, she landed. Fuuuck, she landed

  16. Hard to tell if they are serious or if this is to curry favor with their local PRC gestapo that monitors their social media

  17. They do realize that the US still adheres to the one China policy lol makes for something funny to watch though.

  18. Man I've seen worse than this, now chinese ppl starting a trend where they would not feed their so called "american" cats and dogs. Not only that, they also refuse to let them sleep in their own bed since they cant oppress americans themselves

  19. These lol bitches know nothing about self-harm. Crank it up. I wanna see palm prints and genuine pain tears. Weak ass muhfutters

  20. Why do they even care? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Those guys must have shit for brains.

  21. Just when you thought Alex Jones was the dumbest person on earth, along comes this bunch. I didn't know being stupid was such a competitive sport.

  22. Seems like idiot is a body type. The same shaped people crying about Trump and arguing over wrong orders at a Starbucks.

  23. Propaganda video. I am sure the average Chinese person gave 2 shits about Pelosi’s visit. China is just posturing because they tried to draw a line that was ridiculous and now they do not want to look weak. It should be ignored unless they do something meaningless.

  24. I'm not too fond of the old bat either but what were they supposed to do? Throw rocks at her jet while it was thousands of feet in the air and nowhere near them?

  25. Pelosi is a high ranking U.S. politician; she's 3rd in line of succession (behind the Vice President), and has a long history of being a vocal critic of the Chinese Communist Party. In the 90's she unfurled a banner paying respect to the victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre, during a political visit to Beijing (she's been in politics a long time). As you can imagine they were not pleased with that.

  26. I know we're fast approaching a theocracy here, but I heard a rumor that women don't need their husband's permission to travel anymore. Nor does she need the permission of Chinese Men of Tic-Tok.

  27. So we send someone there, ignoring threats, and their response is to fire missiles into the waters, waste time and fuel circling borders, and literally slapping themselves in the face?

  28. Is the purpose to appease China? I immediately thought of the South Park episode where everyone buries their heads in sand to appease Muslims after a Family Guy episode.

  29. Man, they should get together, buy me a ticket to China and a few meals and I will gladly line them up and nut kick them, how dare did they allow Nancy to come to Taiwan. As if could have done a darn thing. But I will oblige.

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