1. How about being black on a Friday night? Its bitter ironic how many 90s parodies got it right...

  2. This is LITERALLY that sketch in Harold and Kumar goes to white castle where they arrest the black guy already in jail instead of Kumar who is stealing the weed.

  3. If I'm understanding correctly, it sounds like the crime had been committed before the incident, and that they were searching for the suspect - in other words, the real thief wasn't actively committing a crime during the start of the pursuit. I'm just having a difficult time figuring out a reason why TV theft should = guns being drawn. Not even just drawn and held at the ready, but pointed at the 'suspect'.

  4. “What do you mean this isn’t the average height, average weight white male that you referred to? HE’S BLACK HE HAD TO HAVE COMMITTED THE CRIME”

  5. I'm just shocked they actually bothered to chase the subject. Since, you know, every time a black person runs from police, they just get shot with a full mag in the back. And then all the cop sympathizers defend it saying people shouldn't run from police and if they do they should expect to be shot.

  6. Cop: "Alright wise guy. Your days of crime are over.......... Wait a minute! There's a black man over there! GET ON THE GROUND! GET ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!"

  7. The police union has nominated the cop for the congressional medal of honour and insisted he be given a paid holiday and Malibu beach house at taxpayers expense

  8. The big difference is that everyone has a camera in their pocket that instantly uploads to the internet putting the images into the palm of everyone's hand in a matter of minutes. The difference is the cops are being caught because they are now being recorded

  9. We've always been like this but now everyone can film it. With lots of evidence coming out, people are more willing to speak out about it when it happens to them. Before cell phones, people kept their mouth shut if the police roughed them up and if they could they'd try to avoid police all together.

  10. As someone else pointed out, we see it more because of the insane flow of information. But having learned quite a lot about American History, the police have always been very institutionally racist.

  11. I know it doesn't feel like it but cops are less racist now than 30-40 years ago. There were literal sundown counties not too long ago all over the country. There's been a militarisation of the police post 9/11.

  12. Their president lives in a house built by literal slaves and they claim to have invented freedom.

  13. I'm curious too. I see the influx of all these stupid cop articles in America and think the same thing.

  14. Honestly, it's mostly liberal cities where this happens but those cities also own all the media so your view of America tends to be skewed by whatever they think will sell eyeballs.

  15. I think there’s been an increase, they’ll fuck up pretty much anyone now. But they’ve always been this way with us. It’s known that police evolved from slave catchers.

  16. Police officers should be required to carry the equivalent of medical malpractice insurance. If they have to start paying premiums for their own jackassery, and if insurance companies start having to pay out for it, we'll see some changes.

  17. That’s a start. There should also be life sentences for an abuse of power and the public trust. If they want to sell their image as being public defenders (which they’re not) then there should be immense consequences for abusing it. This might have been minutes long but the effects of the event will have forever scarred this innocent man. Fuck these cops I hope they accidentally eat a weeks worth of their own shit.

  18. According to the news article, when the cop yelled "get the (expletive) on the ground!", the suspect complied but the hospital worker didn't, at which point the cop threw the hospital worker to the floor and knelt on his neck despite protests that the worker could not breathe.

  19. Well your honor, as you can see, the plaintiff was clearly guilty of being black. He's lucky I didn't fire 17 warning shots in his back.

  20. Ohh, that makes a little more sense... they both got handcuffed right? It's still stupid as hell but I guess the cops thought he was an accomplice or something... The other article I read didn't mention anything about them both being handcuffed. Made it sound like he lost track of the actual suspect then just arrested some random black dude in frustration. Still makes little sense unless the suspect hopped into the dudes car while he was about to drive off or something tho... Did the criminal start pretending the black dude was an accomplice or something or what the fuck happened there???

  21. I worked in a convention hotel in downtown of a major US city. It was not uncommon for people to leave their laptops and other valuables out in their meeting rooms while they went on lunch break. We had security and we would encourage people to lock their meeting rooms when unattended but you know how things go. We had dozen of meeting rooms from big convention halls to small board rooms. Keeping an eye on all of it was difficult. As such we were a frequent target for theft. Often times someone would report something missing then Loss Prevention would roll back tape and theyd get a visual of the suspect. They’d print out a screenshot and post in our back of house areas as a look out notice. One such suspect had gotten us a few times over the course of half a year or so. We were connected via skyways and tunnels to the buildings around us so making a get away was easy for him.

  22. Lmao as if the cop was some kind of primitive animal for its primal instincts to kick in when he saw a black man.

  23. I don’t care what these cops learn at the police academy or even training afterwards, their racist minds are already set before they want to become cops. I think that’s their ulterior motive and that’s why they want to become one. Once in the field, who’s gonna stop them?

  24. I saw someone make a joke yesterday about a cop chasing a white suspect and getting distracted by a black man…guess it wasn’t a joke.

  25. And there’s still people that will say that race has NOTHING AT ALL to do with how police enforce laws/arrests or murder

  26. This happened to me at comicon. They stopped my boyfriend and I because my tall thin white boyfriend matched the description of someone who robbed a pharmacy. I am a short brown guy. They arrested me. Was exonerated by camera footage proving it wasn't me. Guy looked NOTHING LIKE ME. Same exact thing happens a few years later in a different city. I was waiting for a cab. The entire police force detained me while I was waiting for a cab, certain I was a guy they were chasing who had ditched a car in a car chase. They only released me when a boy at the party who happened to be a lawyers son threatened to sue them if they didn't let me go because I had been at the party the entire night. The guy they ended up catching and charging was a tall thin white guy.

  27. Imagine the white guy hiring a black man as a decoy, like: "dude you walk around being black while I rob this place, so the cops will naturally be on your tail and forget about me, so if they don't kill you I'll give you a cut and you can sue them, but you know, nothing will come of it"

  28. My ex is white and she would shoplift a bunch of stuff when were in stores because she knew they would be focused on me. I hated her stealing but at the same time they deserved it for profiling me.

  29. As i see it there are only two explanations. Either the officer didnt have the description of the suspect and just assumed the first black person he came across was suspicious enough to might be the suspect.. Or... The officer knew full well what the suspects description was but took a gamble that it would be easy enough to find something else to pin this black person for, thus fulfilling his quota.

  30. Nah, they arrested the suspect too. I read several articles which stated that the suspect and Donovan told cops they didn't know each other.

  31. I remember having to tell one that I wasn’t a resident of a state that I was visiting 3 times before it sunk in. So, they don’t hire the brightest of people.

  32. It reminds me a little of the case where police were searching for a short stocky white guy, so they naturally arrested a tall lanky black man. I don't remember what the crime was, but they swore they had enough evidence to put him in prison for a long time.

  33. Where I live a cop pepper sprayed a 9 year old black girl who wasn't doing anything violent and he only got suspended. He said "you're acting like a child", and she responded "I am a child", then he immediately sprayed her in the face.

  34. I would just like to say in north Carolina the mayor told an entire police force quit beacuse the police chief was black, and they did it. Now the town doesnt have a police force.

  35. I’m reminded of the ridiculousness that happened during the George Floyd protests, where black restaurant owners asked cops to stop looters, and instead got detained, while onlookers kept telling them they arrested the wrong people. Then the cops kept saying, "what more do you want, we're detaining them." The hamster wheels take a few minutes to turn, where they realize they detained the owners.

  36. Hey, if you don't want to do the time, don't be in the general vicinity of someone else committing a crime near a white cop.

  37. I feel sorry for Americans. Imagine being afraid of the people who are supposed to protect you… As a minority in the country I’m living in all I feel when stopped at a traffic stop at 3 am is slight annoyance. Sometimes I kind of act like an dismissive asshole to the cops which I’m not proud of but I guess I wouldn’t live for long if I was in America.

  38. I don’t care what these cops learn at the police academy or even additional training they get, their racist minds are set even before they decide to become cops. I think it’s their ulterior motive, that’s why they want to become one. Once in the field, who’s gonna stop them?

  39. When I lived in KC in the early 90s a white man mugged a person in our neighborhood and ran into the apartment building next door. Cops ran in and beat on the door of the apartment they thought he had ran into. 4 AM and the young black man groggily opened the door...shot in the head before he could even speak. Nothing to see here.

  40. So how exactly did this went down? The white cop couldn't catch up and was like: "I'm just gonna reel in a black dude and arrest him"?

  41. The gist of it is that a hotel called police because the suspect was someone that staff believed was involved with several incidents where he was stealing TVs from the premises.

  42. This is like the Tra rags skit the officer only comes into activation mode when he sees a black man

  43. Looks like the only safe way for a tourist to travel to the US is with a group of people, and not alone or even with 2-3 friends

  44. Lol in 22" there's so many stories like this do you even have to say that any more? 😂 Like there's obviously two sides, always but the amount of ridiculous racist crap from cops we've seen our whole lives and now on camera is just crazy. I'm sure the other side knows who they are as well. 😉

  45. After reading into the story it doesnt sound like a case of racial profiling or mistaken identity to me. Still waiting for more details to come out but he told both the white suspect to get down, the white suspect did but the Black dude did not. Leading to his arrest.

  46. So what crime did Mr Johnson commit, since he was just walking home from work and was unlucky enough to cross paths with someone who was being chased by a cop.

  47. But this IS near all of the cops.. if the vast majority of cops were “good” cops.. they’d actively STOP cops like this from being pieces of shit.. yet in countless videos you see multiple cops not preventing the one cop from beating the shit out of someone for no reason.. or stopping another officer from violating someone’s civil rights.

  48. No, but nearly every cop will simply stand by and let this happen, which makes them just as bad. If there were mostly good cops, then any time an officer does something like this they would be arrested on the spot. Instead, cops either do nothing or activately defend the bad ones. It's why no matter what a cop does, he almost never gets charged. He either gets paid leave or he gets "fired" only to be immediately hired by another department. Turns out, they're almost all rotten to the core.

  49. Yeah like the hospital worker was not in any way mistakenly identified as the person the cop was looking for, the hospital worker had no reason too think he was being addressed but sure let's allow for the cop to what ? Oh yeah attack an unrelated civilian Be a racist

  50. Wtf are you talking about!? The cop was already in pursuit of a white suspect of whom he had seen a photo. Cop then assaulted and arrested an innocent bystander for checks notes being black in public without due care and consideration! In what fucking world do you read the information available to you and still think 'nothing wrong has happened here'???

  51. Because it's important to establish that the victim was innocent, not only was he walking home from work, he was walking home from a job where he helps sick people.

  52. I think the media wanted to put even more distance between the innocent bystander and the crime. I dunno but that's my best guess.

  53. A white cop arrests a black person while wearing blue clothes. The silver handcuffs were attached to the lighter brown wrists on which the guy had a red watch. This was you multicolored news station, back to you.

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