1. So, what if your religion happens to be one of the many that don't believe in hell? Where do you go then? Texas? Florida?

  2. Please don't send any more religious zealots to my state. We already have enough problems with them as it is and we still have to contend with those assholes in Austin pushing for secession and the assorted group of NEONAZI fascists that are yearning for a return of the Jim Crow laws

  3. Or the black panther riots, black power riots, and other civil rights riots of the 50s-70s, the Stonewall riots and related gay rights riots, the numerous riots and protests related to the Vietnam war, the Korean War, and the cold war, both the pro and anti-Nazi marches and protests of the pre-WWII era, the women’s rights marches of the 20s, protests relating to the Great Depression, the ENTIRE CIVIL WAR, and yes, the revolutionary war as well. That hardly covers it all but clearly, they’ve never heard of any of these historical events. What time in America didn’t have protests?

  4. the country was founded on the mass graves of Indigenous peoples and on the backs of Black slaves by over privileged white european men.

  5. And performing the mental gymnastics that the far right did two summers ago providing lame excuses for why the Boston Tea Party was not a riot.

  6. And the American Revolution. And the riots over union organization. And the race riots over blacks being allowed to vote following the riots over women being allowed to vote. And the antiwar protests during Vietnam. I wonder what year this one guy thinks was the "original" America.

  7. “That’s just me tho - someone with zero comprehension of our history, no capacity for critical thinking, and a penchant for bad takes on the internet.”

  8. Not "Indians". We are not from India. We are the First Nations, the TRUE Americans - despite what MTG was blathering on about last week with her "White Christians were the first Americans".

  9. just like they in their turn had taken over areas where earlier peoples who emigrated from asia were... and even afterward... its not like it was all peace & love prior to european settlement... human history has always been like that.

  10. Yup! When Roe v Wade was issued, the tax rate was 70% at over $200k ($1.4m adjusted) for married joint, at over $100k ($700k adjusted) for single.

  11. "Things were better back when things were better and people didn't have to protest so much because of how bad it is"

  12. Yup, we have these people in this country. This is what we're fighting against. They literally WANT to remove rights to "make america great again".

  13. You can’t make anything but a mess with your body, you cried when you had to wear a mask. Oh my rights have been taken away wah wah. You just took my rights away fuck you, and every old white man who wants to control us fuck you all.

  14. Why does it have to be an old white man? We have more minorities and women in our government than ever before trying to control us

  15. Right back during the days of slavery and genocide, and landed gentry and inevitably a civil war- that’s the america that was strong

  16. He was probably the guy that was really proud and bragged to girls of having the most moisturized dick in school, not realising what it really said about him..

  17. This guys gonna be real disappointed when he either finds out it doesn’t exist or he’s got a spot reserved there

  18. If one of the main reasons people go to hell is being gay, and not, oh I don't know, murder, rape, torture, then your religion is actually fucking dog shit. Christians will never cease to amaze me with how poorly they understand their own religion.

  19. It's easy to say that now. Just wait until it's your turn . When your beloved government takes your rights away. Your naive thinking that it's just women, and possibly gays losing their rights. It won't stop. Nobody is free, until we are all free. Nobody is asking for anything more than the same rights and protections that straight white Christians/rich. Get. Stop watching Fox not news. Stop thinking freedom of religion means inflicting your dogma on everyone. Nobody is stopping you from going to church. If you're able to think rationally you will understand this will not stop.

  20. Your have fun until they make sex before marriage illegal or make divorce impossible. These Republicans will have a geat time until their party comes for them and what they want.

  21. Listen I don't have a lot of knowledge but hasn't America had, like, CONSTANT protests??? We were built off of protests right???

  22. Originally, anyone with grammar this bad would not be allowed to communicate to a wider audience. Might be worth looking into...

  23. Back when a man could kill his wife, child, slave because they were his private property. That is when America was strong. America= white religious man. S/

  24. Psst...someone, remind him of a riot in the streets (and on the docks) of Boston long ago: where some dudes dressed as 1st nations and dumped some beverage in the harbor to protest a tax on paper...

  25. See, here's the thing, there are a frighteningly large amount of people who think this way. With the US in the state it's in and the state it's heading towards, I think thre's grim times ahead for the lgbtq+ community (that's a very bad thing, just to clear). I hate religous nutcases and I hate that they get to make decisions that dramatically reduce the rights of minorities.

  26. So lock up donald trump for his role in the riot on 1/6 right? Because that’s the only riot that has been national news in the last 5 years or so…

  27. When your protest starts looting and destroying things, it meets the definition of a riot. Your original intent doesn't matter.

  28. Yet another example of a fanatical Christian ruining Christianity. Us normal Christians don’t feel this way. We actually read the Bible and understand the Old Testament (most cherry picked part of the Bible) as the Old Law. The law for when humans were comparatively small in population. Most of us normal Christians understand that “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son…” means the WORLD. Not just the whites, straights, males, whatever, but the entire world. “…only son. So that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” Love your neighbor as you love yourself. We are -all- God’s children and God knew each of us before we entered the womb and loved us. These are examples of actual Christian teachings… not this divisive use of the word Christian and it’s teachings.

  29. it's almost like America has the 1st amendment which guarantees freedom of religion, because the founding fathers didn't want the laws to be based off of the Christian faith. Separation of Church and State. I wonder what happened to that?

  30. He’s talking about republicans right? Rioting in the streets and storming the capital because their politician lost an election. And holding their own parades for other main reasons to go to hell. Also the private sins they all clearly commit. That’s just me tho

  31. It's the same everywhere...The classroom bully, bullies everyone else in his class, until the class stand up and destroy the bully...we are currently at the point the bully is picking on 5-6 classmates and the rest are standing around either in fear or to see if anyone joins in...rest assured the point will come where the bully gets totally annihilated...

  32. Bitch, the Founding Fathers literally started a whole ass war over taxes. Real tired of these “patriots” acting like protests are childish, bad, unpatriotic, etc.

  33. Not disagreeing but the way we have been protesting everything lately makes us look like ass clowns not a world leader we were once known as

  34. Just no concept of history. Things were fucking miserable in this country in the 1800s and much of the 1900s. This is a goddamn vacation, what we have now.

  35. America is going back to time without whining and bitching but in times you pay 60k in hospital for an heart attack,while living on minimum wage, are you completely insane or just slow son..

  36. All the Americans on here expressing their disbelief and shock lol. That's all well and good but they've sat back and allowed the extreme religious right to gain control of a once great democracy. It's on you mate!

  37. “America was strong because women, POC, and LGBTQ were oppressed.” Where do they get this shit? Fuck off, Nazis.

  38. The one thing the American system has to stop doing is making decisions revoling around religion. Not everyone in your country is religious. Politics and religion have no place at the same table.

  39. Ahh... the good old 50s where a man could beat his wife and wear his white pointy hoodie withour getting judged. Freedom for everbody! The american dream! /s

  40. Last time I saw people protesting in the streets, it's because the supreme court took their rights away. That's a pretty logical thing to protest

  41. Quick! No one tell them how America was founded! Also again, stop basing everything off of your fucking religion! Just ducking stop

  42. Right, back in the good ol’ colonial days, we used to drag tax collectors out of theirs homes in the dead of night and tar and feather them! So much more civilized than what goes on nowadays.

  43. Back to the good old days amiright. When you could beat and rape your wife with no punishment, women knew their place and black people were in chains picking cotton.

  44. He does realize that America back then was mostly full of riots, especially in New York, the state most Americans know about

  45. But the way that it originally was included slavery, and dentistry was a guy with a pair of pliers in one hand and a shot of whiskey in the other.

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