1. OMG! I couldn't either. The way he went all the way in without so much as even cracking a smile. I hope this guy plays 7-card because this is truly a talent.

  2. I’d recommend watching his tiktoks (@thegoodliars) where he goes to trump rallies and interviews the people attending. He’s truly mastered being just witty enough that the people he’s talking to don’t catch on

  3. yeah people are stupid, i used to troll my teachers during assemblies in grade 5. (damn like 30 years ago) but when a teacher was giving a speech and took a breath, i would just start clapping. next thing you know EVERYONE joined in.. 1/2 the people are not listening or paying any attention.

  4. I thought they just preferred to pretend to not get it over any other reaction for fear they’d actually have to do something, or change, or admit moral faults and greed, or act responsibly or maybe maturely… and they’d rather not deal with any of that reality stuff right now.

  5. The genius part was starting off by making some random comment about the liberal media, to get them on his side for the exact amount of time he needed to do his skit.

  6. Thing is, USA has so many psycho Christians, that saying "Thoughts and prayers" sounds like a valid argument in actually doing something.

  7. I thought he was gonna say something like “every time the say this man has not done enough to stop the mass shootings, and that’s not true.. saying he has not done enough implies has done something, when in fact he had done NOTHING” but what he said was even better because they didn’t even realise he was insulting them 🙈

  8. Jason Selvig works with Davram Stiefler on the project The Good Liars. Follow them on IG or YouTube. They are amazing.

  9. Why is this face-palm. This is genius. These guys thought they were a for argument so we're probably listening... It seems strange to show a person's position before letting them speak.

  10. Look up the good liars. Everything they do is gold and they have balls of steal for some of the events they lampoon. They showed up to rand pal or some other fuck and pretended that he got ran over by the political.

  11. You know it's bad when what should have been obvious sarcasm could have passed as a legitimate statement from one of those wackos.

  12. Poe's law - without a clear indicator of the author's intent, every parody of extreme views can be mistaken by some for a sincere expression of the views being parodied.

  13. To be honest, I thought he was sincere... Because people clapped, people believed him... So why couldn't he believe his own bullshit ? Turned out it was sarcasm.

  14. For the entire first half I thought he was serious because I assumed he WAS one of those wackos, but when he said "thoughts and prayers, and prayers and thoughts" I burst out laughing because at that point the obvious sarcasm hit me like a truck.

  15. A Dallas pastor made a great statement. This is not verbatim. People wonder why God why lets these things happen. God is wondering why we let it happen. That is so profound to me. WHY are we continuing to let mass shootings happen. Extended background checks are not too much to ask. I got my gun in less than 15 minutes. You have no criminal history, you get a gun! I think Wayne LaPierre knew it was sarcasm. The look on his face showed confusion.

  16. It’s called post-irony, where your ironic/sarcastic statement is too real, and whether you meant to be sarcastic at all comes into question lol

  17. He even did the “give your thoughts and prayers…..your prayers and thoughts…” bit. i thought (and prayed) they would get it then.

  18. Hold up. I’m sure that if I were to pack gun barrels, chambers, & firing pins with peanut butter, I could stop a mass shooting.

  19. Love how he bashes "left wing media" at the beginning to make sure that everyone there is biased towards whatever he says afterwards.

  20. Bro I was laughing, LaPierre could tell that is was sarcasm but the audience really were to dumb to realize it. Is it messed up that I was laughing at the look on his face and the fact that the audience were to dumb to realize sarcasm..... Ohhhh.... we're doomed as a nation, aren't we.....

  21. It's astonishing how uniformed people can be about an issue while still so vigorously defending their opinions, to the point that they don't even recognise this as a joke..

  22. I think a lot of people understand what he's doing. The problem is, every single one of them obviously posts that shit on social media when shootings happen. What are they gunna do, turn around and tell him to stop being a troll? He's literally saying what they've been saying. They literally can't tell him to shut up because he is technically following their exact ideology. And none of them want to be the one to tell the guy that's asking for prayers that he's wrong.

  23. Unironically, this is a problem the left has. They think they can *explain* to these people, or show them, how absurd their views are. They can't, none of us can explain to the people in that room that "thoughts and prayers" *aren't* what this country needs. As far as many are concerned these shootings are happening exactly because people have turned from God.

  24. I’m convinced a large portion of the population just goes through life without a single thought. It’s so weird. On the surface they appear normal but there’s just a blank sheet of paper behind those eyes

  25. It’s just taking a stance that makes it look like they care. Same as when the mega corporations tweet out Black Lives Matter or change their icons during pride month. It’s just for show, they don’t actually give a shit. It’s whatever they think will retain them the most “brand loyalty” and money in that scenario

  26. He should have read more town names with mass shootings. He could have gone on for a few minutes solid, and they could have rung that bell they rang when Trump rattled off the already-not-so-most recent victims' names.

  27. I think he did the perfect amount. Any more and it would've been too obvious, he wouldn't be able to do the thoughts and prayers bit, but he said more than enough to get the idea across.

  28. Speaking of thoughts and prayers I have yet to see those mega churches donate to the families or speak up/out against gun violence.... cause you know, Prolife BS and all.

  29. Was gonna say the problem they have even while recognizing that it’s likely sarcasm super troll is there are some that are actually dumb enough in that crowd to believe the words he’s saying earnestly, likely literally if we had enough prayers the school shootings would stop, that they’re not sure how to react. He basically just Colbert’ed them.

  30. as long as you preface what you’re saying with left wing media bad or say something about woke cancel culture you’re in

  31. Half the audience were like “yeah, he’s right. More thoughts and prayers!”, while LaPierre looked like the guy empied a bucket of shit over his head

  32. His face is priceless, its almost as if he's looking around for someone to ask "Wait, did he just... Did he do what I think he did?!"

  33. LaPierre looked like he wanted to tear into the guy and have him thrown out, but realized that half the audience thought the speaker was praising LaPierre, so he couldn’t react for fear of them figuring out the gag.

  34. Had everyone's full attention the whole time... like "where is he going with this". Well damn, he did him dirty.

  35. yeah damn! I actually started to believe him --- he kept going, I think he couldve gone an extra 5-10 minutes with the same theme. Could've gotten more claps, maybe even an award/recognition or a role in the NRA.

  36. Sarcasm and irony are lost on these people. This is the Republican Party; stupid and ignorant, devoid of character, decency, truth or honor and unfit to govern.

  37. I was listening to some country radio station in WV after Sandy Hook, and the hosts legit argued that these shootings happen because religion isn't taught enough in schools. They literally said that kids today make god leave their classrooms so they don't have anyone to protect them anymore. These people are incapable of thinking.

  38. I like how this guy basically said get fucked and y'all don't care about kids dying and they are so stupid they didn't even realize

  39. Not listening just watching hoping for Robocop and RoboCaine to show up and shoot it out in the midst of their panel.

  40. This was incredibly well done. He knew if he came with a straight attack he’d get booed off before he got to finish. The mental finessing people are capable of in this day and age is impressive.

  41. When you're such a sarcastic savage the room thinks you're serious, proving your point that these people are beyond completely fucking stupid.

  42. Room full of morons, trained by the mass media to not think but to be told how to feel. He obliterated him and thanked him. I mean if someone thanks you that must mean whatever you said was good right?

  43. Hopefully my observation there are virtually zero butts in those seats is indicative of more than just a few people rethinking their priorities in life.

  44. This is a proper indictment of the church. Thoughts and prayers are useless without actions. Wake up America and realize that the NRA is deceiving you. Profit over people is a common theme, but people are blind to the deception. I don’t have any answers, but I have many questions. How did we get here?!?!? One child’s life is worth all of their profits. They changed the laws about fertilizer because of Timothy McVeigh, why can’t something be done about this?!?!! So frustrating

  45. The generation coming up won't be in favor of guns as they experience first hand the repercussion of these lacks laws. Unfortunately it's going to take years for them to vote

  46. I could tell when he had an intelligent tone from the beginning that he wasn’t actually “for”. This is incredible.

  47. This is hilarious. And even more hilarious that his sarcasm went over the audience's head as they too are morons.

  48. I looked the guy up. It looks like he does satirical comedy and started at occupy wall st. The Good Liars. Hats off. Shockingly, the NRA seems poor at vetting people.

  49. Just a reminder that A& W was not able to outsell McDonald's because Americans could not tell that 1/3 of a pound was greater than 1/4 of a pound

  50. Realizing and understanding sarcasm is not a strong suit of Wayne or anyone for that matter associated with the NRA.

  51. Do you know how we solve this problem other countries? We make guns harder to fucking get!! I am 16 and I have never seen a gun irl…. You say you’re the “land of the free” i don’t know if not being able to safely send your kids to school is “free”?

  52. He should have brought ar ar15 with him and said I want you to stop these bullets with your thoughts and prayers..to prove to the people it really works

  53. People fucking clapped… They clapped. I think watching that video right there and hearing the applause is what has made me realize we are too far gone. They clapped

  54. Oh wait, he’s screwing with them! For a second there I thought he was actually being serious; I mean we’ve got people in congress who have said crazier shit.

  55. Might get downvoted for this, but well... when someone says "sending thoughts and prayers" i always imagine 7 year old me playing a pretend game on the playground. Someone say they have a magic wand and whatnot, and i say i have healing powers. Now these idiots pretend they're 7 and that they have those healing powers and think they still work 💀

  56. I really have a hard time believing that with all the criminal and financial issues the NRA has been going through that the average american much less government officials are so willing to line up behind these guys.

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