1. It wasn't her ex-boyfriend's car. This has been posted, along with the news story, many times. I suspect this is just a karma farming bot reposting with an incorrect title.

  2. Most people are not aware that it's the gasoline fumes that ignite not the liquid. By the time she lit it up the fumes had filled the entire interior of the car. Next time bring a fuse.

  3. Gasoline fumes are really dangerous. A family friend once used gasoline to light a big bonfire at a cookout. He poured the gas, and waited a little too long before igniting it. By the time he lit it, the whole lawn with people standing on it was covered in fumes and it looked like the apocalypse, with people screaming, running away and smaller patches of dry grass set on fire.

  4. Also people way underestimate how explosive it is and use way too much. A gallon of this stuff can move a semi truck 5 miles. And you're gonna ignite it and release most of that energy all at once.

  5. Looks like she was still too hurt/shocked to get up on her legs and started operating on pure survival instinct.

  6. Well, jailtime for felonies is something she'll be getting. So that's one psycho off of the streets for a while.

  7. She's getting 10 secs of a feeling of awesome at the price of replacing that car and the separate charges for arson. Humans can be damn near bottomless stupid sometimes.

  8. Satisfaction? Not sure what else really. Kind of curious about their backgrounds now though.

  9. What a great idea, leaning into an enclosed space filled with a flammable gas with a lit match. What could go wrong?

  10. Actually happened to a good friend of mine. Rescue helicopter landed in my yard to get him bc he was so bad. Ruined his life. He was pouring gas on a fire and it exploded. His skin was sliding off of his arms, it was awful. 12 Years later he is an addict, severely depressed and lives with his mother not working. He was a teacher.

  11. That's what I was thinking. And why dress in all black in the middle of the day. She should have been wearing her daytime camo. And also not put her face in the fire. LPT. dumbass.

  12. Not the same woman. The woman who did this particular car fire is linked further up in this thread. Evidently setting your former paramour’s car on fire is more common than I thought.

  13. Did she just wake up that morning and say “yeah I’m gonna set his car on fire, great idea”? How do people come up with revenge schemes like this? Holy hell…

  14. I just wonder if the person filming this bothered to try and stop her or at least called someone to try and stop her?

  15. You see a crazy chick with a can of gasoline ready to light something up? The last thing you want to do is draw her attention in a negative way...

  16. If the person filming it is smart, then no. She's identifiable as the ex, she's literally caught on camera committing a couple of felonies, and most importantly, she's unpredictable if confronted. Better to record and submit the evidence to police when she's arrested.

  17. Not sure who needs to hear this but you should probably think twice before involving yourself with emotional arsonists carrying a fuel can and matches. Just sayin

  18. What are the cops going to do in the next 2 minutes? Arrive? Unlikely. May as well document the evidence so we do not waste taxpayer coin on court costs.

  19. Why? Insurance should cover the damage and the video catches her dead to rights, so the police can arrest her later.

  20. I’m just wondering how the person filming managed to not react at all to the explosion, her getting knocked down, crawling around like the girl from the Exorcist, or the risk she took going back for the jerry can.

  21. She needs to watch movies more carefully. You’re supposed to create a line of gas on the asphalt, drop the match, and walk away in slow motion, as the car explodes behind you.

  22. I don’t know anything about arson, but don’t they usually throw a match or lighter in it instead of leaning in to light it. That’s what they do in the movies anyway

  23. I just imagine being at the police station choosing potential suspects out of a line up and this idiot standing there with a half cooked face 🤣

  24. I can imagine the police rolling up to her house later that day and she opens the door and tries to play it off like she had nothing to do with it, while her hair is singed and her eyebrows are burned off.

  25. I hate how modern society makes me a bad guy for thinking people doing really really stupid, dangerous and criminal shit just deserve to die, no court, nothing. If there is undeniable proof you did xyz shit (like video) take your ass to a field and get a .45 right to the back of the head. Those type of genes don't need passing down anyway. Fuck chances, there are 100 million more people who given a similar circumstance would choose not to do it.

  26. Because they're crazy. Simple as that. That's how they think they're getting "revenge" on their ex for breaking up with them or whatever else problems there were.

  27. She looks like the kind of girl who works at a nail salon during the day and a stripper at night, has 1 kid with an absent dad who owes money and gets angry over petty shit

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