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  2. If you can't see that this is two separate videos stuck together I worry about how much you endanger others. You can literally see asphalt, painted road lines, and a building in the last bit.

  3. I remember reading a news article about someone who tried to crimp a blasting cap with his teeth and lost his jaw…

  4. When I was in the service, some idiot E2 used a 50 BMG round as an improvised hammer, with the case head (where the primer is) as the striking surface, and his hand wrapped around the case...

  5. Nah they have to die. The video is two clips snipped together. First one a kid just throws a mortar second one seems like a phone falling out of a car on a highway of some kind.

  6. Made out of 2 separate videos 2 years ago. Made out of 2 separate videos lasts year. Aaaaand…. Still made out of 2 separate videos today.

  7. This video isn’t real lmao, if that exploded that close to them the footage would not be recoverable and they would be dead

  8. As Zealousideal-yak-824 pointed out in a previous comment, this appears to be two videos stitched together, the first being the boys with the shell and the other seems to be a phone tumbling through some urban area. If you go slowly, you can see what looks like the sides of buildings several times. Sure playing with a mortar shell is dumn, but this video is not an accurate representation of what actually happened. Should be removed

  9. There is no detonator cap on that shell. You couldn't make it go off even if you dropped it from a plane.

  10. This generation won’t let kids be kids and play with ordnance. It’s pity we are raising kids without the lessons of what high explosives can do. How are they going to learn anything locked up inside.

  11. OP and anyone who thinks that was real are the real facepalms. That was just another explosion edit for a meme. You can clearly see what looks like a parking lot or some kinda road while the camera flew around

  12. You know, if something doesn't explode like a rocket or a shell it DOESN'T MEAN IT CAN'T. So don't fuck around unexploded ordnance kids

  13. That was my first thought. No way an explosive that size detonates in direct line of sight of the camera at that distance and its able to keep filming.

  14. Fun fact, my grandpa was born during ww2. He was playing in a farm somewhere in the UK until he heard his friends mom calling. The ground was super muddy, a mortar landed like 6 feet away from him but just sunk into the mud and didn’t explode

  15. I don't think that's real. It seems like the "explosion" happens even before the shell hits the ground.

  16. Not sure where this is but this is crazy. An unexplored mortar shell is extremely dangerous. Hopefully these boys survived.

  17. I have a solution to limiting how many stupid people exist in America. Let's post "the mortar challenge" they'll find a way. They always do

  18. Sliced and diced. If they had laid down then they could have lived. But standing up on an elevated position…..that kill field is real!

  19. I guess you didn't notice that there's no detonator cap on that. You know, the end of the bomb that makes it go boom? It's always a different color.

  20. .. and just like that one of the kids was never heard from again.. show this video & make your own assumption when they show this in European rual countries.. & show them blown up bodies.. they'll get the hint.. moral of the story =;Bombs, weapons, Bullets are bad & no good Don't touch them, Don't use them. Listen to your law abiding God fearing parents.

  21. Grew up in Italy and we would get evacuations for a discovered shell that needed to be removed. Happened at least twice in the last 7 years I lived there. Usually they were duds I was told but who knows.

  22. Unfortunately, kids playing with munitions or stepping on mines are a normal side effect of war. Adding to the kill-count of that war decades after a conflict.

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