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  2. Society really needs to be more open-minded and supporting about men looking for companionship and sex elsewhere.

  3. I understand your point, but I feel as though I need to say that it's probably not great to call men who are sexually unsuccessful losers. Many men take their struggle to get laid/find a gf to heart and it really fucks their self-esteem/confidence, and I believe calling them losers feeds into this and leads to more male suicides.

  4. I don't believe men are privileged, some men and some women are. Once feminists stop saying that men are priviliged maybe more men will be open to join the feminist discourse.

  5. On average, it is an objective fact that men are privileged in many respects. No one is claiming that every man is more privileged than every woman. When people talk about the privilege of demographics they're always referring to on average (unless they're retarded).

  6. The reason for the disparity is because women desire men less than men desire women. It's not accurate to call it a "privilege" when it isn't something women want and it is caused by men's excessive desire for women in the first place. If you wish the imbalance to be acknowledged, please also acknowledge that men are the reason for it.

  7. You, right now, are promoting the same bullshit biological determinism that The Red Pill promotes and that actual evolutionary psychologists deny/warn about.

  8. "I didn't choose to have tons of money so it's not my fault if poor people treat me better. The problem is poor people" Just because you didn't choose a privilege it doesn't mean that it's not real.

  9. I've seen the dating pool disparity acknowledged in plenty of feminist and left wing spaces, but - outside of simple acknowledgment that it exists - how can it's associated loneliness actively be combated?

  10. According to studies male sexlessness has not skyrocketed past female sexlessness. This problem is multi faceted and will not be fixed by just one side. Getting rid of red pill dating advice does nothing without getting rid of the FDS type content. Go to Walmart and Target and look around. People are creating relationships in all walks of life. Best thing is to unplug from the internet and experience the real world.

  11. Or maybe just explain why casual sex culture hurts men. Spinning plates is great for the 1% that can do it, but it's terrible for the other 99% of men.

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