1. Both times Ukraine has hosted, a country won for the first time (Greece and Portugal), so that’s my biggest hope for next year.

  2. God I wish it was in Glasgow, I live in Edinburgh and getting to Manchester would be much more difficult lol

  3. It’s very likely the winner will performance before or after the Netherlands in the final. Both Kalush Orchestra and Måneskin performed after the Netherlands and Netta before.

  4. *Baltic victory *UK has enough interest to host a National Final *Serbia NQ after poor Jury scores *Poland will have the biggest Meme entry *Georgia qualifies for the final *Winner from the 1st half of the GF *Sweden NQ

  5. Damm Sweden NQ that’s a bold prediction! I don’t think we’ll go back to a NF in the UK, at least I hope not I don’t trust the public 🙈

  6. I actually don't want a national final for the UK. Our recent ones have been awful and I have faith in the process from this year.

  7. -Totally pulling it out of my ass but Germany does absolutely amazing (top 10, maybe even 5) but all the other big five majorly flop

  8. It's a shame we didn't have Reddit back in 1996. I would've loved to see the outrage when Ireland won for the fourth time in five years.

  9. Denmark qualifies and places on the left side of the scoreboard. Sweden wins, resulting in a very upset Ireland who continue their NQ streak and withdraw in 2024. The UK does okay but not as good as this year. No change for Germany. 1-2 countries withdraw, no country returns. !remindme in 1 year

  10. Tbh whoever wrote the songs for the movie should also try writing for Eurovision cause I could picture any of them as a real esc winner

  11. Ukraine will be like this year's Italy, will have a huge hype, will be high on bettings, but will score much lower than expected

  12. As per the Ukrainian blessing, a country who has never won before will win, with the rest of the top 3 being also made of countries who have never won.

  13. We will have more Uptempos, out of box, ethno and non-english songs next year but the winner will probably be a ballad in English.

  14. Germany hosting prediction. (I can’t find it anymore but SBS tweeted in days leading up to the first semi final. That if Australia was to win. Germany would be asked to host first)

  15. -A non-London British city is going to host -It's going to be a year with a lot of different genres (2022 ballads + 2021 girl bops + a lot of particular entries like In Corpore Sano, Shum and at least a troll entry like GTWAB) -The winner will probably be famous like Måneskin or even more than that -Sweden flops -Romania will start a qualification streak -Albania sends again an upbeat song and qualifies -A famous British singer will be part of the host group

  16. Lebanon will never compete unless Isreal leave. They are not allowed to broadcast the Isreali act, thats why they never joined

  17. Ukraine internally selected Go_A last year and I highly doubt Israel will withdraw. Also I really hope those Balkan countries don't withdraw either.

  18. Sunstroke Project returning would be so good for my mental health actually. Also Ireland qualifying over Finland would be interesting. It depends on the act of course.

  19. Kazakhstan probably isn't going to join Eurovision because their ratings are too low and they didn't broadcast this years iirc

  20. I think the UK will get another really good act but end up in the middle like bottom of the left hand side or top of the right hand side of the leaderboard (if that makes any sense😅)

  21. A) San Marino finish on the left hand side of the board B) Italy finish 3rd with 417 points. It just feels about right C) A country finishes outside the Top 10 in both jury and televote in the semis but still qualifies somehow D) The UK gets another 12pts from a French speaking country and the delegation still doesn't understand "Royaume-Uni" E) Ireland qualifies F) Everyone goes light on the ballads, so a ballad ends up winning cause there's no splitting of votes G) Germany get another jury/televote 0 H) Sweden don't qualify I) There's a first time winner J) Monaco/Andorra/Luxembourg confirm they want to join for 2024 K) Georgia come last L) Sam Ryder announces the UK's points M) The dude that announces Austria's points continues to wear the equality shirt

  22. I really hope Romania competes, as a Romanian, i was so excited to see my country back in the final. Id be heartbroken if we just quit

  23. I mean.... If I'm being honest, Ukraine wins second year in a row. I doubt the war will be over, and Ukraine will definitely be motivated to send winner material again, there probably won't be the same outpouring of solidarity votes though, and there will probably be fewer refugees. Said winner will most likely be an emotional ballad.

  24. Germany wont get their act togehter, because NDR (Broadcasting Company responsible for ESC Acts (and hosting pbbly)) doesnt want to win

  25. -Someone will use a trapeze in their act -there'll be controversy around France's candidate -the jury will give twelve points to an act the audience hate

  26. Spain keeps the top 3 streak going, UK mega flops (I'm praying for this not to happen but I never trust the UK)

  27. I was thinking about Nathan Evans and how good he'd be at Eurovision! I don't know if TAP would send another tiktok star but I genuinely think he'd be great.

  28. Host city in Scotland. Germany gets top 3. France on right side of the board again (too bad, I would love to attend Eurovision in France, I think they would be an amazing modern host). Denmark does well. Ukraine cohosts in a significant way.

  29. -If the show is held in Ukraine or even Poland, there is a huge possibility that Serbia withdraws out of a comibination of protest and fear of being booed/disrespected, partially also because they along with other Balkan countries don't have a chance with the Jury System

  30. My blind prediction is quite serious... If I were the personification of Russia, I would say: "I'll be back!" So, my prediction is that Russia will be back in 2023... Or in 2024.

  31. No countries drop out except Israel The mysterious Illustrious return of Slovakia and Bosnia and maybe Hungary and Andorra too A middle eastern country Debuts (or Morocco return) Macedonia gets their best result ever Greece and Cyprus don’t qualify A Balkan country that hasn’t won wins Australia gets more televote points than jury points Ireland Croatia break their streaks and go left hand side Sweden gets last in the semi

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