1. Not exklusive to this year, but I’d like to see that the songwriters of the songs would be from the same country as the performer. Feels like cheating to hire writers from other countries.

  2. out of the big 5, france has the biggest chance of placing last. not because it's a bad song, but because the performance may not be appealing to the juries and the televote is as unpredictable as ever. i think there is no way germany is placing last, as it will get moderate jury support and might even escape bottom 5. if you ask me, i think the last place in the final will go to one of the qualifiers from semi 1, possibly slovenia (i still hope they qualify lol)

  3. You really hit the nail on the head for Sentimentai. It’s so alluring and soulful and uses Lithuanian not as a gimmick. Definitely my favorite this year. I hope it’s staged well.

  4. Brividi is overrated. Good song. But a million times worse than Soldi and worse than many of the Italian ballads since they returned to the competition.

  5. Idk if that's unpopular, but I prefer Give That Wolf A Banana over Eat Your Salad. At least I often see the opposite opinion on the sub. Not that rAnDoM humor completely works for me in GTWAB, but I like it musically more and the chorus "being green is hot, being green is cool" is too on the nose to me.

  6. GTWAB is my fav this year in general and I have been listening to it on repeat. The more I watch Eat your salad the more it comes across kinda creepy and just makes me uncomfortable.

  7. Isn’t this how Running Scared won its year? Bunch of really interesting songs and one consistently okay song that got all the 8 point vs a 12 point here and there for a bunch of other songs?

  8. I agree on Sweden. But if Austria can deliver it live (with that I mean Pia's vocals) they really might surprise us in a positive way.

  9. Apparently it's controversial to think Ireland wins, but here I am, thinking, believing and hoping for Ireland to win 🇮🇪

  10. Brooke is working on a pretty interesting choreography routine. If the staging is solid, choreography is solid and she has a perfect vocal (including going bad bitch style at the bridge rather than mimicking the vocal effect), it could win.

  11. These past two years have been better than the entire 2010s combined. I really hated a lot of those years.

  12. germany is really not bad. not a stellar song by any means, but better than a lot of the songs this year imo (bulgaria, malta, finland), and is better than the songs that landed on the bottom of the scoreboard last year.

  13. Norway is one of the lamest novelty entries in a while. The song from a musical perspective is alright, but the lyrics are awful. The Daft Punk knockoff concept is nothing new to Eurovision but this typically gets knocked out in the national finals (where they belong).

  14. I've disliked the "quirky Reddit darling" two years in a row now. Denmark 2021 and Slovenia 2022. Just not my thing.

  15. I'm not a fan of Italy's song, but I can sorta see why people like it. I'm completely lost on the Sweden hype though.

  16. I fully, utterly, unironically hope Norway crashes and burns. Everyone (including me) says Ylvis 2, but I've starded to think it's closer to "Corporate

  17. Wow, I can totally see the first two, but Fulenn better than Voila? You really did wake up and choose violence. Have my upvote.

  18. since as of right now I have only listened to Ireland's entry, I can't say whether Fulenn is good or not but.. I feel like Voila is overrated, I liked France in 2018(Mercy) and 2017(Requiem) but ever since then they haven't been that good lets hope Fulenn changes that for me

  19. dont get me wrong its good but not nearly as good as alot of people make it out to be i see it ending around 6-10

  20. Completely agree, it’s a nice song with a good singer but it’s nothing special to me, a lot of people really want it to win but I think other songs stand out more. I think if another country (cough cough UK) were to send Cornelia it wouldn’t get nearly as much hype

  21. This is a very good year. Actually I think it may be better than 2021: it may not have the 3 or 4 clear standouts, but there is much more diversity and most songs are good, when last year anything outside my top10 felt basic and disposable.

  22. I think France’s song feels just scattered and just weird. Too weird to gel with public and hence could end up failing. Also Sweden’s is pretty plain for me, I just do not get the hype. Theres much better songs available this year.

  23. I don't know why people like so much Eskimo Callboy. I know they aren't participating, but during the NF season we have a lot of posts about them and how they could bring a good result to Germany, but I listened to some of their songs on YT and they are cringe and didn't sound good. And IMO Rockstars is way better than the songs Eskimo Callboy send to the broadcaster.

  24. I honestly think it's because we very rarely see "actual heavy metal" songs get the opportunity to perform at the contest (outside of Norway and Finland)

  25. Honestly when I first heard the song I thought it was going to be very liked and if it qualified I wouldn't be surprised. But the reaction to it has been so weird, as if no one is even taking about it, and if they are it is with some sort of animosity towards it, which I simply don't understand...

  26. Ill give you a real controversial opinion. I actually enjoy Running Scared more than Brividi and there have been way worse winners more recently than 2011

  27. This, muchly….especially Malta and Australia. Malta, go away with your lack of authenticity- I refuse to accept that Emma has had that many struggles that we need to accept her for what she is - a beautiful successful straight white female. And Sheldon, reign it in - fantastic message but oh my days, shut up

  28. I get why Italy is popular, but personally the song doesn’t do a lot for me. Compared to their previous entries it just doesn’t have that spark ⚡️

  29. Take me to the space craft, take me to dance club Take me to the space craft, take me to dance club Take me to the space craft, takе me to dance club Take mе to the space craft, take me to dance club

  30. I hate brividi. In my opinion it’s boring and I don’t like the doctored vocals on an acoustic backing track

  31. In i dimman and som du vill are just another generic pop songs and wasn't even different from what sweden send songs to Eurovision from the past 7 years aside from being sung in swedish.

  32. I don't mind allowing backing vocals...as long as it's crystal clear that they're backing vocals and there's no question that the lead singer is live. Switzerland and Malta last year were good examples of how to do them, and didn't take away from the song or performance at all. The EBU could placate nervous fans by saying that the 'karaoke' versions of the song will contain the backing vocals that'll be used on stage, and that way we can appreciate those singing live without backup even more (because that takes nerves of steel).

  33. I think it's better (for me) to wait until Eurovision to hear the songs for the first time. To me it makes the contest more interesting (and I'm too lazy to go through them all on youtube).

  34. I'm really not a fan of Germany's offering this year, I don't know if it's just me, but I find it tacky. (like a wish.com Eminem) when they could have had E.C and undoubtedly scored more points

  35. No song stands out to me as a clear winner this year. I can't even decide on a possible top 5. I don't get why some songs are so overly hyped because to me they sound quite generic, boring even. Idk, it's not like I hate some of the entries but there's also not one entry that I truly love and enjoy more than the rest. It's all very "in the middle" to me this year.

  36. Although I hate to say it, Ireland's song, even though not my last place, is one of the worst songs I've heard at modern eurovision. Yet, it was still their best option this year.

  37. There are too many ballads. I was sure that after Maneskin's victory, this year more countries will have the courage to send upbeat pop-rock, rock, or even metal, yet here we are... And I'm still salty about Eskimo Callboy.

  38. One of Greece Netherlands or Portugal will NQ (I’m thinking Portugal) while one of Croatia, Iceland or Armenia will Q (probably Iceland), Georgia will pull a Moldova 2018 in terms of staging, and Azerbaijan will also have great staging that gets them top 15, Slovenia is Qing Lithuania will get top 10, Croatia is hella underrated (I love that song and hope it Qs as well) and Poland is hella overrated and if they shock NQ I won’t be mad lol

  39. -Sweden will qualify but, trust me, it won't get past the top 5, the only ones that are liking Sweden very much to make it top 1 are noticeable part of the

  40. Instead of spending money to vote for Ukraine, donate that money instead to something Ukrainians can actually use.

  41. Chanel is the best song musically but oh boy, do those lyrics make my ear hurt. Stripper is worse lyrically if you read the text but it doesn't make my ears bleed like that.

  42. Sam ryder, Cornelia jakobs, s10, amanda tenfjord and atleast maro, chanel and achille lauro deserve to have international recognition as what måneskin and Duncan laurence has, whether they're winning or not!

  43. I really quite enjoy SloMo, but I think it's more of a nostalgia thing from when I used to travel to Spain on holiday.

  44. As someone who actually liked Sekret, I agree. As a native Spanish speaker, the new lyrics make me cringe so freaking hard. I know everyone is trying to copy reggaeton nowadays but it’s just cheap.

  45. I think this is a very popular opinion. I'm corpore sano is loved by the fandom, but almost everyone are Sure that it's going to be a NQ

  46. The general public doesn't vote all that much in the semis. Eurofans make up a way larger part of the votes than in the final. They'll do alright.

  47. Maybe, but it definitely won't be left in the semis, the lowest position Serbia has gotten in the semis is 11th. They are a safe qualifier, because they can count on their neighbors to give them votes.

  48. Yeah, I gotta be honest. I dont understand it either. Also the comments under the video gave me anti-vaxxer-vibes. So, what's this song about actually?

  49. I like they way LPS delivers Disko. So many eurofans complain about their lack of energy and stage presence while I'm here enjoying the awkward high school band vibes.

  50. Stripper is easily in my Top 10. Yes I know it's garbage, but it's wonderful, catchy, fun garbage and Achille performs the absolute hell out of that song. It's one of the few songs I'd gladly pay to see performed live.

  51. It's so trashy, but I can't help but love it. The song went straight into my top 5 even before hearing it for the first time, because imo Achille Lauro is just fascinating.

  52. Portugal will struggle to qualify. Is it really that special and elevating as the fandom says it is? I don't experience it as special at all when I listen to it, for real.

  53. We'll see about Portugal qualifying, but sure thing that the fandom seems to be a bit too emotional about this one 😂

  54. Albania is a mess. And wtf is the chorus? “Hey, I will never regret / you will be my sekret” and then unintelligible loca loca loca

  55. I don’t see what everyone thinks is so great about GTWAB. It’s too slick and polished for a “joke entry”, but it’s not that good musically either.

  56. Mine: Unpopular opinion threads are just a way for people to validate their biases, half-baked theories and denial of reality.

  57. Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Latvia, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan - are songs I just have to turn off/skip immediately.

  58. I usually quite like his voice, but I find the falsetto bits really... unpleasant. And that's not just for Brividi, but his other slower songs as well.

  59. I do my best not to listen to live performances before the show but I accidentally heard him singing it live and yeah... it might not be in my top 5 on the night lol.

  60. I agree with 3. It's probably more fun to not think it's a one horse race, but I think Ukraine are 90% winning if they perform.

  61. Cornelia came 2nd in the televote because first place was the equivalent of swedish Simon Cowel and ppl like him as a tv personality.

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