1. But there is something wrong with that chart. Even the US curve is slowing down on that chart. How is that possible when there are still more and more cases day for day in the US??

  2. Yes, the overall response is part of it, but the US has like 5 different epicenters while the other countries basically had one. Showing a graph for each state might be a more apt comparison.

  3. But The US has a much larger population. In all fairness the curve of US also seems to bend, which is good news. Let's all hope we can get this global pandemic over with as quickly as possible.

  4. Also known as doing more tests, this chart is useless, deaths are a more accurate tracking of growth or decline of virus.

  5. Us has a lot more people than Eu countries and if you could have Chinas numbers everyone would look tiny. If you take popular percentage us is well below average.

  6. Does it not look like almost all the countries’ curves are going down? It looks like most of these have shot up fairly rapidly but are now slowing down - is the curve actually beginning to ‘flatten’?

  7. We are a much larger country. Our general trajectory given population size hasn’t been much different than Italy or Spain. The problem here is that it will peak in some states and decline while others are still on the way up.

  8. The US has 340,000,000 people. Comparing it to one country like Spain or Italy is odd. Compare it to the whole EU and then see how it looks. I don’t think there’s much left for the EU to be proud of, it’s terrible for everyone. Don’t mock Americans for getting sick, that’s fucked up.

  9. Meanwhile, OP reports China's numbers like they're real. Stop enforcing China's lies by reporting their numbers. We all know they're full of shit, and OP reporting them on graphs is only proving their lying is casting them in an impossible light.

  10. not to argue data, but do you guys realize this isn't as a percent of population? To make a valid comparison, add all the European deaths.

  11. The United States population is fucking huge compared to Italy. Don't be daft on purpose just so you can throw shade at the USA.

  12. I wonder how high the Official Italian Death toll is going to spike once they count all the cases in nursing homes and the like that couldn't be tested post mortem due to limited resources.

  13. The estimates I've seen (for Bergamo and some northern regions) show the number of deaths will be about 5 times the usual ("natural") mortality in the given period, so about 4 times the reported Covid deaths.

  14. Gotta correct you man testing here is super available and can be done whenever and delivered directly to you if needed, I live in a region with 2.5 people over 65 for every 1 under 20 (oldest region in Italy, 25% older than average value of Japan) and here old people are doing great, the deaths are pretty remarkably low and rather there have been quite a few mislabeled ( had covid in their system but died of other illnesses) source : 3 different doctors working in the frontline, one is my uncle.

  15. South Korea radically lowered infections by mass testing and quarantining the sick,so they didn't have to completely shut down the economy.

  16. My guess is that your country simply does not have the tests available. Heck even Switzerland has problems getting the tests. I think we are up to ~6k tests a day. Last Friday the government said they tested around ~100k people so far. Still +8 million to go.

  17. It would be great to know who has recovered as well. If I found out I had antibodies I'd go volunteer at a testing site. Recovered doctors and nurses could be the ones in higher risk for exposure settings.

  18. Same in mine. Politicians will actually go on angry tirades against anyone promoting wider testing. They basically want to do nothing and make a virtuosity out of it.

  19. This graph is meaningless since countries that test less fare better. Deaths is what ultimately counts - and is a more reliable indicator of the problem.

  20. Two problems. China already got caught trying to hide the epidemic violently, cheats and manipulates data systematically since decades ago, and confirmed cases depend on how much testing is done. Therefore this chart has little to no value.

  21. It's not just China who have stats that aren't representative of the truth. Here in the UK they're only testing cases that require hospitalisation. People who are able to recover at home, those with mild symptoms etc, aren't being tested. So the mortality rate is not accurate. And of course there's probably at least a million who have the virus. I hope they get this antibody test soon, so we can all find out who has had it, and who has developed immunity.

  22. I mean these numbers are sketchy anyways. Spain reports 1.4 times the cases but 10 times the deaths of germany. And I highly doubt Germans are somehow more resistant to the virus than spaniards. The Netherlands have like 17% of reported cases but 1.3 times the deaths of germany.

  23. So is Japan. They have a deceptively low amount of reported cases but that's the thing - the Japanese government is choosing to ignore the pandemic and keep numbers low, mainly in a futile attempt to still hold the summer olympics.

  24. Am I the only one that thought this was a badly edited parody, re China’s line, until realising that it wasn’t? Bloomberg put out an article questioning whether or not China’s stats are real, the British and American governments have questioned them, and only last year the FT proved that China had been faking their major data consistently for a decade. We all know they unquestionably did prior to that, even more so.

  25. I personally don't believe any stats or information that come from authoritarian governments like China, Russia, North Korea... etc.

  26. American here. I am skeptical of China’s numbers, but I’m honestly pretty skeptical of ours as well. Think about how much our dear old president needs to make it seem like there’s nothing wrong with our nation. I know from a friend living in Florida that their reaction to this crisis has been less than adequate, and even though my state of NY is doing a very good job of dealing with it I’ve seen the pictures of the temporary morgues in the city. We had to recycle pieces of plastic we usually use for school projectors into face masks because we don’t have enough supplies, and Trump just admitted we’ve almost used up all of our emergency medical supplies.

  27. That's the nature of population curves for viruses though, once they exhaust the available hosts (either because the herd immunity threshold has been immunised by exposure or vaccination, or everyone's been put into lockdown) case numbers crash because the virus has nowhere else to go. We wouldn't expect a gradual decline. You even see a second wave as restrictions are lifted.

  28. No countries are showing their true numbers, either because unwillingness to publish them or unable to test.

  29. As much as i agree with you about Chinas number being useless indicators, this post was about Italy. And seeing like 20posts and hundreds of comments about Chinese fake numbers even in irrelevant posts is starting to get annoying.

  30. Do people really believe official Chinese statistics? With their enormous number of smokers and catastrophic air pollution meaning millions of people with lung problems, coupled with population density and living conditions they had less deaths than Spain and Italy? It seems obvious they just rolled back testing, so they could open up economy. No testing- no coronavirus.

  31. China has a population of 1.4bn and their "official" infected total is 82k over SIX MONTHS. It's almost as astounding as North Korea proclaiming 0 infected among its 25.5mn people.

  32. "Only" 3k official deaths, yet witnesses describe the arrival of tens of thousands of funerary urns in Wuhan. Not suspicious at all.

  33. I think no one really does, but all numbers are an approximation. Also, China did build specialized Corona hospitals in days, more IC is more change to live.

  34. don't get me wrong, as a country, I knew American was fucked. But if anyone still believes China's numbers, youre too gullible to have meaningful dialogue with

  35. Don’t go by cases go by deaths or even deaths per million people as deaths are they only thing they can reliably count.

  36. Even number of deaths is misleading, not every country tests dead, Italy does, I think. Does Germany?

  37. This graph should really be never shown again or updated. It's totally useless. 1) infected people is only people that is tested. We in Italy have not enough people in laboratories to do all tests after tampons are done. 2) 50% or more infected people have no syntoms. 3) each country has different approach to Covid.

  38. We cannot see any outliers in the first 40 days except Japan and South Korea. If you made up an impossible curve without knowing the reality, then it must be very different than all others.

  39. Confirmed cases are not infections. Graphs like this are useless without knowing whether testing has increased at the same pace as confirmed cases or not.

  40. I'm over here wondering if the numbers are normalized based on population and I don't think it is, whole thing is almost useless.

  41. Good to see, problem is that this graph really doesn't tell us much and is probably the least important. The amount of deaths is the one we should all be keeping an eye on, that's the one that shows the truth to whether or not we're slowing the spread

  42. This is a very typical spread curve for a disease this infectious. Its spreads exponentially, extreme containment procedures are put into place that slow down spread. Once they are relaxed things start spreading rapidly again. This cycle will go on until most people are immune to the disease.

  43. My takeaway from this is Japan and South Korea have a fundamental understanding of how shit needs to happen when you live next to China.

  44. I'm really worried about Turkey. They have a massive increase in new confirmed cases per day and a pretty bad healthcare system. Plus they are already on of the top countries of total cases and show no sign of slowing down.

  45. Why even bother putting the Chinese numbers on there? Does anyone seriously believe that the COVID-19 virus spreads to literally each continent of earth, but not to other provinces of China? HOpefully they will soon send independent monitors to the region and verify these numbers.

  46. because people of the epicenter were not allowed to leave the city.. as simple as that... Actually, they are still not. The travel ban will be lifted on April 8th.

  47. I wonder how high the Official German Death toll is going to spike once they count all the cases like any other countries do.

  48. Does it make sense to put Canada (population 35 mil) and China (pop 1.4 bil) on the same vertical scale (the number of people infected)?

  49. Yes. Lots of Chinese actually do believe their BS, which is the more important part for them and certain actions by the CCP indicate they do not fully realise how low their credibility is outside of mainland China.

  50. The USA is actually still very far behind. This graph shows deaths since 200 cases in a week, but doesn’t anchor it to the total population. The USA has more people by far than all the European countries on the list. Of course it’s gonna have a lot more cases.

  51. Ah the completely meaningless graph that does not in any way track the number of covid-19 infections in a country shows a slow down, that's very good!

  52. Testing has been proven to be inaccurate. (death toll)/1.5% is what gives you, in my opinion a more accurate measure of infected people. Especially if you consider Spanish authorities are not testing the general population but only those who arrive at the hospital showing symptoms.

  53. And poor Spain recorded almost 1000 new deaths over the past 24 hours, and are in line with the number of confirmed cases as Italy now :(

  54. Sadly, this is the only metric that doesn't really matter as it depends on the amount of testing being done. Good news nonetheless

  55. The Chinese numbers are bull shit yet everyone keeps sharing them as if they weren’t. China just shut down all movie theaters again while claiming there are no more cases

  56. lol ol following China’s footsteps. Way to go china, really showing your prowess on the world..... oh wait never mind China is completely full of shit

  57. Considering the US is over 5 times larger than Italy, even with a competent response, you'd expect to see numbers higher than Italy's.

  58. I'm always amazed at how well Asian countries like South Korea & Japan react to situations like this whether it be natural disaster or an international pandemic.

  59. Literally the most pointless graph. My friend who had the symptoms couldn’t even get tested. And if I know one person, there’s got to be thousands out there.

  60. Why the actual fuck is china on there? Anyone who believes anything the ccp says about the amount of cases they are are honestly idiots.

  61. “China’s” footstep. Yeah right...their line doesn’t remotely look similar to other countries.

  62. I am still worried about India. Being the 2nd most populated country and the sheer number of people below the poverty line, i feel we are yet to see the real damage. The main reason for my speculation is the less amount of testing that's happening across the country. Of course, we are in lockdown since 24th March midnight and things are being taken care of, I still feel that there are only 2 possible outcome of this. 1. We are in denial and we will not be able handle the surge in cases when it happens or 2. We have been successful in containing the situation. I so bloody hope the latter is true. Also, I am an Indian. Stay safe everyone!!

  63. china lied about the great famine, about tens of millions of people. for years and years and years. how can we trust this 80k number is beyond imagination

  64. Considering the population of the USA is 300M+, and the population of most of the other countries are around 50M I would actually say the USA is looking alright. Obviously China is the outlier on this graph, which in my opinion is probably because of inaccurate testing, and a more authoritarian style lock down.

  65. How strange.. The largest population in the world only has 90k cases where as the US alone allready achieved it a week. Seems really credible, also the death numbers. 3k deaths 80K+ recovered.

  66. In the US deaths by heart attack etc. or things not even related to COVID are being counted as a COVID death even if the patient didn’t die from COVID related issues. Because the patient is a carrier or something of COVID (even showing no symptoms). But didn’t even pass away from COVID issues. There are also articles circulating around stating that so and so died from covid and their family members are stepping up saying it’s complete BS and that they didn’t die from covid complications. So.... the numbers aren’t accurate. But also, I do believe that people need to take the stay at home order more seriously. It’s just prolonging it for everyone.

  67. Lmao China’s numbers are such BS. Anyone who tells you otherwise is rubbing their last two brain cells together.

  68. China's numbers are bullshit. The Financial Times should know better than to post these unconfirmed bullshit numbers. Quit posting this crap.

  69. Not following in chinas footsteps, likely blazing the trail. China has been lying about their numbers, nothing they report can be seen as trustworthy

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