1. No it's not. Without them it's just a cover band. I say this because Phil's voice has been shot for a long time. Maybe he got it back somehow but I still don't call this Pantera without the most important dudes.

  2. I forgot about my dislike extreme dislike of Phil Anselmo and his bs back tracking on the whole I could had dime killed interview. Of course this douche would choose to cash in on his legacy I appreciate that he knows the music Is important but fuck dude seriously You’re going to go out on tour as pantera with maybe Rex? Like a memorial tour yeah cool

  3. True, but unless everyone who shows up to these shows has been in a coma for 20 years, I don't think they're going to be surprised when they don't see Diamond Darrell on guitar.

  4. Yeah. His racism won’t fly with casual fans and the diehards who don’t care about that will hate that this is a cash grab. I wonder how this’ll play out.

  5. Honestly Sublime seems to be one of the few bands who do it right. It’s always “Sublime with Rome,” which is literally what the group is.

  6. Anselmo cashing out on what little credibility he has left. Really surprised Rex is on board with it he must be hurting for cash.

  7. I’ve met Phil. He lived around me and we ran with some of the same crowds in Metairie,La. I went to school with Joe Fazzio,a former band mate. The last time I saw Phil, I didn’t think he would make it out the year alive. His “demons” were that bad.

  8. I need sleep. I read Panera was going on tour. And I was like wtf does panera need to tour for? New bread debut?

  9. Hard disagree. The brothers were definitely the musical powerhouses, but Rex was a great fucking player, and Phil was largely responsible for the heavier direction of the band. I loved Pantera so fucking much as a kid, lol, it's a fucking shame that this is where it's at.

  10. I’m a black dude who loves metal and didn’t know about this for the longest time. I know the stereotype but man Pantera was one of my favorites from the beginning and this one felt like a personal fucking betrayal when I found out. The first metal song I really connected with was “I’m Broken”

  11. It's cute that people think Vinnie & Dime weren't. They were right on stage next to him when he was tossing out n-words like crazy & talking about white pride. I suppose Phil forced them all into branding themselves with the confederate flag.

  12. I saw Pantera on their last tour before they broke up. I would love to see them again but they don’t exist! Do not want to support Phil in any way so this is a no from me dawg.

  13. “Well, I guess you took my youth And gave it all away Like the birth of a new-found joy This love would end in rage”

  14. 2023 is going to be the best year ever. Panters on tour and a cure for herpes all in the same year DAmn dude we are living in great times

  15. Nope. Nope nope nope nope. There is no Pantera without Dime and Vinnie. I saw them in the mid-late 90s and it was fucking amazing. You couldn’t pay me to see this cover band.

  16. Only ever thought that Zakk Wylde would be an acceptable replacement for Dime but, idk, I feel like they’ve waited too long to do this

  17. Of course dimebag and Vinnie were the heart of Pantera. But you still have the voice and the literal backbone (Rex on base) that gave Pantera that signature sound. I've seen Phil and the illegals do a tribute to Pantera twice now. He killed it both times and his voice is on point. Rex still plays awesome bass. Throw zakk Wylde in on guitar and find a good drummer and it's as close to Pantera as you are gonna get. I was fortunate enough to see them live 3 times back in the day. I'm a huge Pantera fan. I know it's not the real Pantera but for me it's all about the music. And it's gonna be fucking great.

  18. To borrow a joke I’ve made about Metallica many times, the wrong ones are dead. Why the fuck is Phil still here and both Abbott Brothers dead? Fucking disgrace.

  19. Man I’m so torn. On the one hand I feel like this is kinda disrespectful to Dime and Vinnie, but on the other hand Pantera is one of my favorite bands but I was too young to see them on tour pre-breakup, so I would love the chance to go to a Pantera show.

  20. I’ll still go see them, almost every other band from that era don’t have their original members either, but the music is still good, and I’m sure that’ll be a pretty good show.

  21. Different era but Lynyrd Skynyrd recently came through my area… I think there’s literally one original member still in the band

  22. As a big Pantera fan, hard pass for me. Pantera can not be Pantera without Dime and Vinnie. I like Charlie well enough, but Zakk is a racist piece of shit who encouraged people to beat the shit out of homosexuals at Ozzfest.

  23. I saw Pantera multiple times, they are by far my favorite metal band. I can not wait for them to tour again, so I can not go see a fake version. FUCK YOU PHIL.

  24. I mean, this is as “real” of a version as is possible. The only two living members of the band are there.

  25. A lot of Phil hate….the Pantera music everyone loves didn’t happen until Phil joined the band…Anyone listen to Metal Magic, I am the night, Projects in the jungle when they wanna hear Pantera?? Nope…You could take Kerry King out of Slayer before you could take Phil Anselmo out of Pantera.

  26. Man, I don’t know about this. No Dime or Vinnie… no other guitar player is going to be able to play those riffs the same. Vinnie really pounded those drums, too. I’m glad I got to see them several times before they broke up. One of the greatest bands of all time!! They changed the heavy metal game! Legends!

  27. Missed an opportunity to see them at ozfest. Luckily I was able to see damageplan and watched Dime and Vinnie do what they do best. And then a week later Dime got murdered by some fuck who was convinced PanterA stole his music.

  28. I know it’s not their own tour but they were touring with a few other bands. I saw them a couple months ago. It was everything I dreamt it would be

  29. The only reason Phil and Rex can do this is because Dime and Vinny aren't alive to say no. This is spitting on their graves. The wrong members died.

  30. For fuck's sake... whatever you may think of Darrell Abbott, Gale also murdered three other people, including a fan just there to watch the show. Their deaths aren't a punchline.

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