1. I had the same thought! Missed the braaaaap, but after tipping it in a river (more of a glorified stream) I loved that I could just pick it up and go, without having to start it or gear down or anything

  2. Rode one of these in an indoor MX track, it was amazing fun. I can’t wait for electric motorbikes to be more affordable then I can swap my petrol bike for one.

  3. There's definitely some chain noise, but it reminds me of the sound of a traditional bike running downhill dead, like the sound of the chain and compression.

  4. It weighs about 250 lbs, so not significantly more than an ICE bike. I could crawl up rocky hills in mode 3 pretty easily. Plus, in mode 1, you can do regen going downhill, which was SUPER useful on big hills

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