1. Gentle (lol) phase transitions where the boss ups the ante or aggression (Margit and Rhadan, Twin Princes, Isshin kinda) seem to be becoming the norm. I like it.

  2. I don’t understand how Maliketh could be considered “milder” than the Beast Clergyman - Maliketh is ridiculous and has many moves that will oneshot you (or close to, which is enough due to the HP drain) while BC is pretty sleepy in comparison.

  3. Definitely agree. Beast Clergyman is quite okay if you learn its attacks and dodging isn't that big of a deal. Yes, he deals a lot of damage and is very aggressive, but he's ridiculously slower than Maliketh and his attacks are mostly close-range.

  4. Personally I never had too many problems with Maliketh. You have significantly more room to strike and the pillars can interrupt many of his attacks.

  5. This is my first fromsoft game - I'd say Rennala's two phases were the best. Visually stunning, the first part is a puzzle and the second is significantly more difficult. I also really thought I was done after the first half - the second phase came as a surprise in this fight.

  6. This is my first From game too, and I agree with you here. I love the BC/Maliketh fight personally, but that really has more to do with me just absolutely loving the Maliketh look and fighting style. If we only take into account the mechanics and presentation of the two phases, I'd have to go with Renalla's fight too. It's a pretty easy fight, but the fact that the first half is more of a puzzle and the second half feels like a legit boss fight makes it far more interesting in my opinion. Malenia's two stages are too similar in my opinion, so while it IS a breathtaking fight (both due to visuals and her stabbing you in the lung), I don't think it was a necessarily interesting fight. That's not to say she was easy by any means, just that they only slightly modified a few of her moves and only added 2 new ones (Aeonia and shades), so I didn't really have to modify much to be able to beat her after I figured out the first stage. Same with Godfrey/HL. His fight was mildly entertaining, but HL didn't feel all that different from Godfrey aside from the pace and grab attacks. I despise the Radagon/EB fight due to EB constantly moving a crazy distance away and us not having Torrent, but I actually REALLY enjoyed the Radagon fight itself. Idk if Fire Giant should even really be considered a 2-phase fight. I mean, technically it might be, but that fight and his 2nd phase just felt unnecessary to me. I haven't struggled with him much after my first 2-3 tries where I was learning his attacks, and the whole thing just felt like an afterthought to me 🤷.

  7. agree it's very good the first time, but then the first part only becomes a meaningless chore once you understood the gimmick, there's no more challenge, so no more point in running around killing the pupils.

  8. I hate Rennalas phase one. Imo good puzzle bosses can essentially be skipped/shortcut once you figure out the gimmick because otherwise it just feels like wasted time when her second phase can one shot you.

  9. I don’t like multiple phase bosses, I just want to fight the boss once and that’s it. They are pretty annoying to me so.

  10. I think there is definitely a place for them and they can be extremely satisfying to fight. For example I though Friede was too much with her 3 phase fight but now looking back on it I think it is one of the coolest most satisfying fights.

  11. I like bosses with multiple phases couched within a single health bar. Like, Iudex Gundyr, who grows a black snake from his back halfwayish into the tutorial boss and completely changes the fight.

  12. You know what sucks the most? Godskin duo. Especially because they aren't easy individually and by the time you encounter them you'd have beaten both of them individually probably

  13. Honestly , i was kind of disappointed by ER's lack of three phase bosses , we had a few in ds3 and a lot in sekiro but none in ER

  14. I like multi phase stuff, but for stuff like Elden Beast and Radagon, or Sister Friede, where you fight a new boss, it should stay dead for the next fight. Maybe it’s too easy, but to me it’s a time thing. I don’t wanna waste ten minutes fighting a boss just to die to a whole new guy and have to start over

  15. From a storytelling perspective I really like most of the 2-phased boss fights in Elden Ring. Their changed states really added to the story and my experience. Like the Fire Giant or Malenia.

  16. I don’t mind multiple phases in most of the bosses. Can’t decide which is bigger bullshit though a Glock attack or Orphan screech up your ass….both are still my most favorite fights ever but come on a Glock and electricity literally everywhere?

  17. Tbh I already felt like Friede and Gael we're pushing the balance to it's limit in dark souls. Like if you give them just a little bit more strengths or removed a little bit of their weaknesses, they'd be slightly too strong. Not enough to make it a bad fight, of course, but still.

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