1. Not a wrong answer for many, I think lots of transfems feel like they have an unexpected item in their bagging area.

  2. The feeling when queer plague doctors time travel to the future, adopt a bunch of sad lonely trans kids and go on adventures in different universe together, with a lot of angst and heartwarming moments too, +ink. Mix it, then add the graphite used during sketching in class, roll it in silver glitter, add smell of the morning after a rainy night, bake it in sub-zero temperature, and that's it. Gender.

  3. First, you need a warrant. Then, when you inevitably have a warrant, I'll share that info by a procedurally gender, custom fit to ~my~ liking at that moment

  4. My gender is the feeling you get when you wake up abruptly in the middle of a vividly surreal dream and you can't quite remember what you're doing lying down here and the fabric of reality feels dizzyingly malleable and also boy

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