1. I'm pretty confident he's not a bad HC, but there's not enough time/data to determine whether he's good or just average.

  2. Top 20 to 15. Took a team that was projected to be bottom 5 to the playoffs with young QB. He deserves a ton of credit.

  3. I agree that he’s my favorite coach we’ve got right now. I dearly hope Rivers gets canned after this season, regardless of whether the Sixers win it all or not.

  4. He was given a turd sandwich and got us into the playoffs somehow. I know we jacked up shit teams but Sirriani deserves a lot of credit for how he’s adapted our offense for Jalen’s glaring shortcomings.

  5. I think Jim Curtin beats him out, but I’m probably one of the few people in here that watches the Union.

  6. That’s a pretty low bar, considering the Flyers don’t have a HC, Glenn is Glenn, and Girardi looks worse and worse by the day.

  7. I really only follow the Eagles and Sixers, so as far as I’m concerned, Sirianni is the best coach in the city by light years, unless you count the recently retired Jay Wright

  8. He hid a bad QB so adequately that some people in here think he's the league's next superstar, so I'll say he's at least pretty good. Lower top half with a chance to climb.

  9. I don't see anyone saying Hurts is the next "superstar", I see people saying that he has room to grow and there's a likelihood that is higher than 0% that he improves to a better-than-average to good QB.

  10. Ask me again when he coaches a full season with a real quarterback. Not that minshew is good, but the offense looked a lot smoother in the game he played. Because coach can run any play he wants when he has a capable quarterback. I don't believe we have seen the full offense Sirianni wants to run and won't as long as Hurts is the QB.

  11. He’s doing what he can with a limited quarter back, defense and skill positions. He’s mid of the pack as far as I’m concerned. Just as we placed this season.

  12. Nick is a good players coach, and a nice guy but he needs to work on play calling a bit more it improved in the second half of the season but ho boy that philly special against the niners is burnt into my brain. I'd say top 15.

  13. His playcalling was not the issue having a QB who has serious shortcomings in the passing game was the problem early in the season guys were running wide open and Hurts just didn't see them, that is not on the HC.

  14. I’d say around mid to high teens. He started to turn it around towards the end of the season. Play calling was trash with the constant screen plays, would like them to play more to the strength of the team more. Towards the end he turned it around and ended up as a team in the playoffs. Still can go either way if he’s good or bad. Best thing he has right now is being a players type of guy.

  15. 16-10th haven't seen enough to go any higher, but he did have an overachieving season. We also had dozens of wide open big plays that weren't noticed.

  16. Not sure on a number but we kinda need to just see more. In no way do I want him gone but I want to see how the scheme changes and improves with a full off-season and year 2 of hurts in the system. Were young and a lot of the guys can improve so seeing that will really tell you where he is.

  17. I am a big fan of Sirianni. On tape he had guys running open all season with his play design. Early in the season when people were blaming play-calling they should have been blaming Hurts. Hurts routinely was making the incorrect read and keeping the ball on RPOs when it should have been handoffs to the RB. Hurts also was seeing receivers who were running wide open. Sirianni and his staff then completely changed their offense to be a run first offense with minimal reads and developed a passing game that was heavily leveraging high/low routes to overcome Hurts shortcomings as a passer. I am excited to see what the guy can do once he gets a QB who can pass.

  18. Better than Rivera too. Ron Rivera has 3 winning seasons in 11 years. Easily one of the most overrated coaches today.

  19. Bad take. The first step to becoming a successful HC is beating the teams you’re supposed to beat. Not only did Sirianni do that, but you’re not giving him credit for being adjustable. I’m not sure how you can look at the culture that he built just last year, the way he interacts with the players, the way they respect him, and come to the conclusion that he “didn’t do very well at all.”

  20. I like this take. However I think he has so much upside and potential he can became a good HC in the next few years when he has more experience.

  21. Hated him for the first month of last season and wanted him fired. He eventually won me over but in true Philadelphia fan fashion he has to do it again this year. I’m pulling for him though.

  22. I think he failed, i say this because there was little to no improvement against top teams. Each time we played a solid team we performed terrible, yes we got lucky and made the playoff but the season was a failure not a success.

  23. He seems solid, adjusted well to adversity, thought the flower stuff was corny but the players loved it, kelce said he felt like he kept his career going so that speaks volumes. Also sirriani was the key reason we made the playoffs with his scheme change(HE RAN THE BALL!). Felt like the first time a eagles coach realized something wasnt working and didnt keep doing the same dumb shit.

  24. I think you can't judge him after one season at all. I have notes, but I'm not willing to say he's a good or bad coach until another year or two, and most likely after another QB.

  25. I think he has potential to be a top 10 coach. What impressed me with Sirianni more than with any other coach in recent memory for the Eagles is his ability to adjust. I'll always love Doug for winning a Super Bowl, but dear god the guy didn't know when to admit he was wrong. Sirianni changed his whole philosophy when what he did wasn't working, and he made the team better. If the Eagles win the division this year, it'll solidify it.

  26. Top 15, arguably 10. The production he got out of this roster was nothing short of incredible. Not many coaches can do what he did, and it was only his first year. Got the whole team to buy in and was vital to our locker room. He also was able to adjust his entire offensive scheme mid season to match the rosters strengths. Very impressive

  27. He’s a downgrade from Doug but he managed not to completely screw the pooch on the easiest schedule we’ve ever had… he just doesn’t come across as intelligent. I worry the guy is going to be our Jason Garrett.

  28. He’s not running the ball because he’d prefer to do it instead of passing, he’s running because Hurts can’t read a defense.

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