1. The problem with that, especially with a brand new pixel that has no previous purchase data, is that your Conversion campaigns are not going to be fully optimized. That's why you run traffic so the pixel can track more events and thus lead to better results.

  2. You could use applications like hotjar, lucky orange, or MS Clarity to see how your users interact with your landing pages.

  3. I already have 2 apps set up for this: Hotjar and Reactflow. They're not recording any data though, even though we're receiving. Really weird, I contacted the support about this and I guess we re just waiting now

  4. If your page is taking more than 2 seconds to load, you're above the sweet spot. 15s? that's an eternity and I would bounce. I would bounce at 5-6s on a click that I wasn't loyal to.

  5. I completely agree with that. I would do the same as well. We already hired a developer to look into this and hopefully further optimize it.

  6. Don’t run traffic. Definitely a waste of spend. You’ll get clicks that won’t even view your page. If you want to warm up your pixel run page views instead that way you’ll get people who at least wait for the page to load and see your product page

  7. This is really good, I have not thought about this before! I would say that's a better warm-up than a traffic goal for sure. I got to make a few changes to my campaign

  8. UPDATE: The Traffic campaign is now replaced by Conversion - Content View in order to warm up the pixel. I can tell, it's better traffic already. It's all thanks to you!

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